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posted 8/12/2007 11:59:40 PM |
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Did you ever run across someone that just totally rubs you the wrong way? Someone that just emanates hate from every pore of their being. Or even someone that just doesn't like what you have to say no matter what it is. Granted I'm not so self important to think that every single person on the planet is going to like me. I've made plenty of enemies, gave several a good reason to hate me all the way down to my core. Those you just expect in life. But then along comes someone that hates you for reasons you're not sure you can comprehend. Ok granted I still smoke a little, closer to quitting than I was yesterday, yep, never hid that from anyone, well maybe my mom when I was a teenager. But I haven't hid it from her or anyone else since the tender age of 15. I realize that smoking is bad for you, that would be the reason I'm trying to quit while my lungs are still clear (and yes, they were recently checked and they are clear) so if the fact that I still smoke 3-5 cigarettes a day offends you, then you obviously have too much time on your hands to worry about something as trivial as that. Oh and yep, I'm overweight, don't think I ever tried to hide that either, not like it's something that you can hide. I am losing weight (42.6 pounds down as of last night) but I didn't gain it overnight and short of a miracle it's not going to fall off overnight either. So if my being overweight again is a reason to hate me, feel free. Oh wait, I'm bi-racial being Cherokee, Souix and Irish. So I guess if you're a reallly racist type of person that might be bothersome factor for you too. I figure the mixing happened long before my time, nothing to be done about it even if I could. Then there's the fact that I have a job that allows me the freedom to play online some during the day, on some days, so yeah, I play in forums and blogs a bit, if you're just so damn jealous that I can do that on my job and you can't......maybe you should find another line of work. And that brings me around to my friends on here. Yep got some good ones, have more that are good friends that may not be on my list, may never be on my list but they know who they are and they know me, so if my having friends bothers you, maybe you should try being one and then you will have friends too. But then it would seem there are some that aren't the friends I thought they were, but that's ok too. Now this brings us full circle to my outgoing, smartass bitchy attitude. I can see where that would bring out the worst in quite a few people. So if you have a problem with me being an outspoken, still smoking, overweight, bi-racial, take up for her friends bitch........feel free to hate me all you want.

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Aug 13 @ 12:10AM  
Damn stormy the fact that you know how to be a friend and willing to stick up for them is part of the reason I love you and am glad your my friend. I am fortunate to say your my friend, and like I said in my blog the other day which was:

If someone attacks someone I care about (i.e. my family, my friends, my cats) I will be your worse fucking nightmare. I don't give a royal fuck if you are popular here or not, and I will take any shit you can hand out, but lie about someone I care for and I will be in your blogs defending him or her.

And thats what its all about, supporting your friends when they are attacked, standing with them in thier beliefs, and kicking them in the butt if they are wrong but love them anyways.

Good Blog!!

Aug 13 @ 12:16AM  
seems to be some myths here..........I for example do NOT stick up for my friends cause they're friend.... BUT i DO stick up for them when i agree...........BIG difference...........and i'm sure PLENTY here hate or dislike me as maybe the ones who like me............and purdy much like you ..........i don't give a fuck one way or the other cause atleast they're liking or not based on REALITY and no bullshit..................i'm foward and yup sometimes fuckin abrasive....take me or leave me............all a choice............

Aug 13 @ 12:18AM  
stormy i feel that you are my best friend her at A M D, also if i had my way we would be even more,,i may be an ass hole but i am LOYAL to my friends,,
so count on me being there for you, your sam

Aug 13 @ 12:24AM  

Aug 13 @ 12:26AM  
Does anyone wanna fuck?

Aug 13 @ 12:27AM  
Does anyone wanna fuck?
Pick Me Pick Me.........its about time you ask.

Aug 13 @ 12:37AM  
my outgoing, smartass bitchy attitude.

Really? I had never noticed............. LOL Honestly, that's just how I have always been so I expect others to be like that. I've learned that life is not a popularity contest. You have to be true to yourself.

But then along comes someone that hates you for reasons you're not sure you can comprehend
Exactly........Especially when you did nothing to cause it. But sometimes it's not worth the effort to even try to figure out. They just hate because they are so miserable and just because they can. Usually because their hearts are so empty to begin with, and hate gives them something to fill it with.

Aug 13 @ 12:52AM  
Dayna, you know we are gonna write one hell of a book someday! I luvs ya!
Steve, you know you are my not just my "boss" but my hero as well.
Thanks Sam, I appreciate the thoughts! But I thought you had your hands full now??
Oh Ash, someday we'll be in Tulsa or OKC together and then they better look out!
Borty if only you weren't so far away!!
and Trease, we've gotten to know each other better lately from shared experiences of being in the same boat so to speak........we both will survive!!
Hugs and love to you all, now I think I'm gonna take my fat brown, smoking, bitchy ass to bed!

Aug 13 @ 1:53AM  
Take it from me babe, someone who's smoked for 40+yrs. and now has emphysema and cancer of the vocal chords, quit now before you wind up like my dumb-ass. Btw, I'm still smoking half a pack a day. It's an insidious addiction. I've kicked a heroin addiction, 3 cocaine addictions and a really bad alcohol addiction and they were nothing compared to nicotine. It's the worse addiction on planet Earth, bar none.
Now to the subject of "hate," I hate the word itself. If there were less hate on this planet there would be no reason for wars. Humans are the only species on this rock that invest both inordinate sums of time and resources on new and improved methods of killing our fellow man in the name of hatred. Hatred of religious, cultural, racial and ethnic differences. If not for hate 30 million Jews would have still been alive, but did humanity learn from that debacle, no because we still kill those hate because we feel they are inferior. So you see why the concept of "hate" is so abhorrent to me. We can disagree with another's, habits, quirks, kinks, ethnicity, race, religion, creed or accent, but that doesn't give us the right to "HATE," so let's put that word and all it symbolizes to rest. "Can't we all get along," {Rodney King}.

Aug 13 @ 3:21AM  
Boots for a moment I thought Red came back ... lol. I have always taken the view that no two friends will be in perfect agreement on everything. And as I was telling another good friend on here, if you are not close enough to annoy someone once in a while, you're not close enough to rate as a friend. Besides, differences can be used productively to help each other grow and expand our horizons. As the saying goes: if two people think completely alike one of them is redundant!

My philosophical blabbering aside, Boots you've got a good head on your shoulders and you care about your friends. That puts you head and shoulders above many others in my book. Regardless of any differences we may have in approaching various situations I'm glad to have you for a friend.

P.S. Dayna and Boots many thanks for mentioning my fingers in that other long blog.

Aug 13 @ 4:47AM  
Boots you've got a good head on your shoulders and you care about your friends. That puts you head and shoulders above many others in my book
Yep boots that is true, unfortunatly dont stick up for any of them or allow them to stick up for you or you will be preached at and given a lecture of morals. I wonder when this site became the Church of AMD instead of a fucking sex site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 13 @ 9:02AM  
Know what I like about you Boots? Yup, pretty much everything.

Aug 13 @ 9:19AM  

WHAT the fuck people? LBS rubs you wrong? Is that her problem? NO. That would be YOUR problem. Some of us happen to like her very much the way she is. If she goes changing to suit some of the rest of you.. she wouldn't be herself.. and frankly no one should be asked to change who they are to please someone else. Y'all wouldn't like it if she asked you to change who YOU ARE? Now wouldja?

You don't like somethin or someone? figure out what in YOUR life needs fixing and move along.. damn you.

Aug 13 @ 9:50AM  
Church of AMD instead of a fucking sex site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it became a church site since we aren't gettin fucked dayna!

So if my being overweight again is a reason to hate me, feel free.

And LBS I totally agree with you! BUT Gotta admit there are some men out there who like a woman with something to grab on to

Aug 13 @ 12:06PM  
WHAT the fuck people? LBS rubs you wrong? Is that her problem? NO. That would be YOUR problem. Some of us happen to like her very much the way she is

You got that right, Nacho, some of us LOVE her just the way she is!!!

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