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Profile pictures FOR ALL

posted 8/12/2007 2:45:15 PM |
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With my old account I posted a few blogs about guys and thier "member photos" as a main picture. But this is just as bad as this next rant!

Someone had a beautiful profile picture, one of her face. Absolutley stunning!
So we begin to IM and e-mail and I ask for other pictures and I get more of the same studio setup type pictures.. Plush lighting, fluffy background and professional work..
Just stunning!
Then she sent one that a friend took at a party or something.. I could hardly tell it was the same woman.. OMG.. Only way I could be sure was by zooming in on the eyes..
Not that she was ugly, but gone was the smooth skin and glowing complexion and so forth, replaced by wrinkles adding 10 years and lighting showing the extra pounds she admitted to.. Not pretty at all now

WTF! Ok maybe you dontwant that one as a main picture, but if your here looking to find someone more then a hookup, truth goes a long way.. Put a picture like that in your profile PLEASE.. My pictures are all au natural and I think I look ok leaning towards chubby with grey in my go-t.
But I am sure I could go spend the $$ and have some pro make me look GQ.. Now imagine seeing that profile ladies, muscles showing, well dressed, maybe a little makeup to high lite my better features , and proper lighting..
Now you get all hot and bothered and we meet, heres this frumpy chubby redneck with clumps of grey in his go-t..
Lets be real, sure post that glam shot, but then also, post that truth shot!
Sure some women are awesome looking no matter what, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but why bitch that some guy stood you up at the bar, when the truth is, he was there, and he saw that you look nothing like that 5 year old glam shot and he left because your a liar..
Yes, to me, posting only glam shots is equivilent to lying.. Women that post boobs and butts and whatnot, thats cool, because as long as it's your __________ then your being beyond truthfull.
And you guys with your cockshots.. Lets get real, because unless there something inthe water around AMD there is no way that theres that many freak of nature cocks meeting up on one website.. Now what happens when that ultrahot chick drops a note into your e-mail and you get a chance to meet.. You gonna hide from her? More then likley shes going to be expecting that thing hanging to your knees and here it just makes the back of her tounge and she laughs at you.. BE HONEST

I dont have a crotch shot. Thats not my good side.. Been told my eyes, smile and arms and thats what I stick with.. I am even honest in e-mails when one lady just sent me an email saying "I wanna go down on your big cock" (yes that was the entire e-mail) I responded with, sorry but I am not the guy your thinking of unless your referring to my rooster, and if you try that I will call PETA

Ok, someone give my short ass a hand down off this soap box.. Who's next?

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Aug 12 @ 2:51PM  
Have you been talking to Ash??? I knew it! Fine, I agreed with ya'll! I promised I won't post the pic from when I weighed 119 pounds and had an afro perm wider than my shoulders! Geez! Ya'll are a hard crowd to please!

On the serious side, I do agree with ya! And my face pic is nearly a year old now so it's past time to take some new ones! I hate it when you see pics and then possibly chat on cam or meet in person and realize that pic is waaaaay old!

Aug 12 @ 2:53PM  
Me too, I'm deleting all my pictures, then no one will have any idea what I look like

Aug 12 @ 3:02PM  

You know!! Your on the money-----But It seems like most of the guys(&girls) on line are looking for young beatiful people only so when a profile?essay states hot,good looking,beatiful,fit,Young, ect,ect,ect !Descrination because of age& looks is rampant& a lot of folks are loseing out of great sex&friendships because of unrealistic expections fueled by the meadia& so called friends!!!
It's no wonder folks are tempted to show only there best--Not what they nomally look like!!!

Aug 12 @ 3:03PM  
when I posted my pic it was only 4 days old and I was got on for looking younger than my age. can't please everyone so no more pics besides, don't need them anyway cause 9 out of 10 times they are just an idea of what someone looks like and good enough to recognize them in person.

Aug 12 @ 3:05PM  
well most of what I just said doesn't make any sence, oh well.

Aug 12 @ 3:41PM  
Gee, maybe - just MAYBE - people can start to see my point about why profile pics aren't nearly as important as people want to make them out to be? They can be total bullshit - an old pic, a "doctored" pic, a pic of someone else...or something not even remotely close to human. If that's what people are going to post, then I ask - what difference does it make if they bother to post one at all? I'll answer that...none what-so-ever.

My pics are all me, all current, and all undoctored; I might add lighting effects (framed or shadowed edges or "sun spots"), but I don't alter my appearance. I want someone to recognize me when they meet me - and I expect the same. Granted, I make sure they are good pictures - hair done, make up on, etc...I'm not about to post a shitty pic of me after I've just woken up or on a day I'm doing housework...but they are pretty much what you would see if you saw me at work or on a date. I met a man for the first time a few weeks ago..he looked pretty much like the pics he had posted; and he thought I looked pretty much the same, too (save for my hair being in a ponytail on the date).

That said...
9 out of 10 times they are just an idea of what someone looks like
anomader is right - a picture is an IMAGE of someone, not that person; depending on the day, the lighting, the clothes, and even how a person is feeling on a particular day, you may find that the person may or may not look like the picture you saw, even if it's a recent picture.

Aug 12 @ 3:55PM  
Now you get all hot and bothered and we meet, heres this frumpy chubby redneck with clumps of grey in his go-t

Sounds adorable to me

My pics are all me, all current, and all undoctored

Shit Noms we all know your pretty so hush!

Aug 12 @ 3:57PM  
Here is my grey Go T!!!!!

Aug 12 @ 4:04PM  
For the record, gray or salt-n-pepper goatees are sexy as all hell! Mmmm....The last 3 men I've met online all had gray(ing) goatees and they all looked sooooooo yummy! Don't knock it; some like it!

Aug 12 @ 4:05PM  
Oh, and Lisa...thank you! (but it's not always true...I'm heading to the pool in a few; no makeup and hair is a fright...NOT pretty, trust me! :)

Aug 12 @ 4:06PM  
I totally agree. My pics are less than 2 months old and one was taken by surprise sitting at my desk. If you have to pay to make yourself look good in a pic then there are gonna be some very disappointed people out there that meet the real you.

Aug 12 @ 4:20PM  
So sweetnsincere was the one pics of you holding the "girls" a suprise at the desk?

Aug 12 @ 4:22PM  
Your all lucky as hell. I look terrible WITH professional pictures. My high school senior pictures, taken in the summer of 1961, showed wrinkles, extra weight, and are down right ugly. Even my mother didn't want one.

Aug 12 @ 4:49PM  
Me too, I'm deleting all my pictures, then no one will have any idea what I look like
Whoa now!!!!! Easy girl.........

Aug 12 @ 5:18PM  

Aug 12 @ 5:39PM  
This is the third blog posted in the past 24 hours on the subject. In a nutshell, I want people to put a date on the captions of their pictures. I too have had that happen with the old pic and had to observe, I'll bet she was something Dubya's dad was in office, or recall Abe Lincoln...40 pounds and seven years ago...The point is that it is visual bullshitting and blatent deception, and the perpetrators are of both genders. I date my pics.

Aug 12 @ 6:09PM  
Oh geebus Krist on a Krutch.. can't we find something more interesting to bitch about? Maybe people just dont want you to see what they look like until they are ready?

Aug 12 @ 6:17PM  
hell i prolly posted the worst pictures i got ..........but does that make them less me

Aug 12 @ 6:50PM  
the oldest pic I have posted on here is of my feet, LOL

Every other pic of me has been taken since November of 06, and I put a new one up ever month or so, so they show different versions of the same me. Some with makeup, some without, but yeah I post pics that make me look the best I can, it's pretty much human nature to want to put your best foot forward.

Aug 12 @ 7:13PM  
Here's what I really look like~

Aug 12 @ 10:48PM  
VG ur SCARIN me.....

Aug 12 @ 11:00PM  
and BTW.......I dont have a pic up.....and refuse to put one up..........if you want can have one.........and if you refuse to respond to me cuz i dont have one.......both our loss......cuz i think i am a really great guy.......and my pic alone would never tell u a dammmmm thing about me........I have never thought about not responding to a woman because she did not have a pic.....could i get the same in return?

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