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posted 8/11/2007 9:34:42 AM |
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Ok I have a bit of a kink side as some of you know (aka severly warped)
I love having my nipples played with, pinched and lightly nibbled / bitten.

some one recently asked me if I ever thought if getting them pierced, to which my answer was no. I have joked around about it, but never fully considered it. I dont see it as a thing that alot of guys do.
I see guys with an earring or 12 (I have 1) and I see them with the nose, lip, eyebrow, cheek and other assorted holes, but rarely nipple and never once a belly button. Have seen a barbell through the foreskin (his wife thought it was awesome) and spoke to a guy in the navy that had his sack done (Afraid of leakage there myself)
Well now that the idea was put into my head I have mulled it over a bit. I understand that you have to keep it realy clean for 6-8 weeks, and with my diabeties, I have to be a bit more carefull at first. But after all is said and done, and everything is now healed what are the upsides? Downsides besides a shirt getting caught on it? And is it OK for a guy to get this done by social standards? I dont want no body thinking I am swinging from both side of the plate because I got the wrong side done or something!
So give me your inputs here, or in an e-mail, and let me know!

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Aug 11 @ 9:54AM  
If you had your nipples pierced, I couldn't nibble on them!!

Aug 11 @ 9:54AM  
my daughter's boyfriend has both of his done.. they both love it.. Smile.. I have my belly button done and I love it.. I have had several other male friends with the nips done and they think it makes them more sensitive.. So what ever floats your boat.. I would be careful in that you do have diabetes and go to a reputable place that knows what is what.. if you were here I would send you to one guy I know he is good his place is uber clean. But your not so look in your area talk to people and find a good place. Also tell them you have diabetes so they can either decline or place you on the right path to healing well.. Smile...

Aug 11 @ 9:55AM  
If you had your nipples pierced, I couldn't nibble on them!!
uh..........yeah you can........

Aug 11 @ 10:22AM  
I umm know someone who many years ago dated a guy who had his nipples done. She kind of got her earring caught on it one night. Although funny to laugh about later,it wasn't a fun situation and kinda ruined any other mood once it was unstuck.

Aug 11 @ 10:27AM  
I think it is hot when men have their nips pierced. But I also beleive that it is a to each their own topic. Does it make you gay???? NO..... just another stupid myth that someone made up.

Aug 11 @ 10:32AM  
I think guys are used to getting accidentally pierced by hammers, nails, screws, various power tools and such so the thought of intentionally doing it as body art isn't as big a draw for us.
I looked into it myself once and it can take up to 6 months for those nips to heal up and all the maintanence, cleaning, disinfecting,'s almost having to shave or wash but EVERYDAY!


Aug 11 @ 10:40AM  
I know several guys that have their nipples pierced. I also know guys with other piercings--including belly button. Anyway, personally I think it is sexy as hell!! However, with being a diabetic you may want to check with your doctor first.

Aug 11 @ 12:08PM  
My guy has his peirced and I LOVE THEM!!! He also has other peircings and those are pretty great too.

It's just a matter of preference but I see no problem with them. But like already stated, make sure it's a reputable person doing it with your diabetes.

And if you do...we want pics!!!

Aug 11 @ 12:17PM  
well Tommy to each their own personally it don't do a thing for me. So I won't be nibbblin

Aug 11 @ 1:14PM  
my boytoy has one nipple pierced...doesnt do much for me either way...

Aug 11 @ 1:15PM  
I will agree with Lisa46 they wouldnt do a thing for me either, I would also like to caution you about having anything like that done if you have diabetes, and you probably should consult your doctor prior to doing it. Just my 2 cents.

Aug 11 @ 3:16PM  
I had my nipples pierced several years ago. I did it on a bet. For the amount of time that I had them in it was amazing. After having them pierced something changed in my nipples. If someone pulled them with the piercings it got me off. I mean full blown orgasm. It was crazy and loved every month that I had them. Unfornately i got really sick with a full body infection. The infection reached the piercings causing them to swell and become inflamed. I had to take them out and nevr looked back. To much scare tissue to do it again. So I went a step futher and got my cock pierced. I love it and all the woman who have enjoyed rave about it. I know piercings are diffrent for everyone but mine have been nothing but postive. Good luck Tommy

Aug 11 @ 3:58PM  
I think they are sexy as hell. I don't see anything gay in it at all and all the guys I know who have them done say it increases the sensitivity of their nipples and they love it.
As all have stated though check with your doctor first about getting a piercing but honestly I don't think it will be an issue just keep it clean and you will be fine. Hugs to you and I want pics if you get it done. Hell I want pics either way.

Aug 11 @ 4:17PM  
This is, as always..

Just my humble opinion

(and HI, Tommy!)

Women have holes in their nipples for a reason. That's the spot where the milk comes out to feed our children. I see no good reason for a perfectly decent-looking man to go and put holes in his nipples. It's just not a big turn on for me, per say.

But, of you decide you would like to do it (and to each his own) MAKE sure you follow this tidbit of advice. Find out what kind of metal they are piercing with at the shop. I had my eyebrow done years ago (when I was young and stupid) and they were using stainless steel metal starters. I have VERY sensitive skin and can only wear sterling silver jewelry. I had an allergic reactiion to the metal and had to go to the ER to have the post cut out. Also, MAKE sure the piercer has experience. The girl who did mine was barely twenty and she managed to twist the post in the process, resulting in a small scar. It's just a small scar but it's one that never would have been there if I'd waited until one of her (less) esteemed (lol) co-workers do it for me. In other words, don't go to a TATTOO shop. Go to a piercing shop, or an Ink shop with a piercing shop inside.

Tattoo parlor=tattoo.
Piercing parlor=piercing.

Just a bit of advice, but personally from what I see your nipples look very nice without any holes in them. Something my mom told me when I was four or five (but eventually gave in) when I wanted my ears pierced..

"If God wanted holes there, he would have put them there!"

Rest her soul.

Good luck!

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Pierced men