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posted 8/10/2007 3:20:01 PM |
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tagged: friends, women, men, fun

pessimist or optimist? Are you always woe is poor ole me ? I can't have, I can't do, nobody loves poor ole me?

Well the news flash is folks do not find that attractive ........ nobody wants a whiney person all the time, if you do this pull yourself together, and present a better you and perhaps you might have better luck on the site and in life.

Optimist's well I love ya, if you can see the sun thru the rain AMEN to ya, if you can see what you have rather than what you dont AMEN to ya, and if ya ever need a buddy count me in ......

Wooooo that sounded like a rant , but it really was not, more like just a bit of irritation .......

Yall have a great FULL DAY ..........

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Aug 10 @ 3:23PM  
this by the way was not directed at any one poor ole pitiful me .... alas it was to the MASSES that seem to join amd daily ..........

Aug 10 @ 3:25PM  
The glass is not half full or half empty. It is an opportunity to add more.

Aug 10 @ 3:30PM  
Well the news flash is folks do not find that attractive

They don't?

Aigh! Now I have something worse to feel bad about!

Aug 10 @ 3:31PM  
nobody wants a whiney person all the time, if you do this pull yourself together

I seem to read blogs about this person on a daily basis. But that is okay everyone needs to vent or express themselves And maggs sometimes it is the only way they know so lets be gentle and caring with them

Aug 10 @ 3:32PM  
I'm a realist. Sometimes there is cause for optimism, sometimes there is cause for pessimism. In my opinion, expectations should always match reality. People should always be aware of themselves and their surrounding reality vis-a-vis their goals.

Aug 10 @ 3:40PM  
Lisa :perhaps your right,whom would be a suitable amd teacher , a guide if you will ?

Dominus are you telling me I pointed out something else to whine about?

Aug 10 @ 3:42PM  
I'm one of those disgustingly happy people.....


even out of bad things, good things happen...

though I do get the occasional blue day and I shake my head and think of everything I can be grateful for ... like breathing... and I clear my head...

good blog

Aug 10 @ 3:43PM  
I am a coatrack.... I thought we covered this????

Aug 10 @ 3:46PM  
Pudge I was not privey to that conversation but still better than woeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhh woe is me ...........

Aug 10 @ 4:06PM  
I'm a realist.
I see the cup half full and half empty and I see ways to refill it and I see when it can't or won't be filled.
Like every one else I have my optimist days and my pestimistic days.
I try to value each day, because we only have one life to explore, live, learn and to enjoy.
Yes there are times / days when I to forget or feel not to, value .
Have a great weekend every one.

Aug 10 @ 4:20PM  
I'm with Patrick, some days the glass is half full and some days it's half empty just depends on what was thrown on me that day. I don't think it's realistic to expect everyone to always feel the same about life everyday so when I find someone who has a bad day here or there, its tolerable. However, the glass half empty people who go through life always down....after a while I can't handle them anymore.

Aug 10 @ 4:20PM  
Closet optimist here.

Aug 10 @ 4:35PM  
pessimist or optimist

Neither. I choose to be happy, irregardless. Yes, there are times when I'm less happy than others, and there events that get categorized as Stuff That Happens that aren't pleasant.

I will endure, and remain happy. And grateful that there's something in my glass.

Aug 10 @ 4:42PM  

I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist. I'm just a horney old man.

Aug 10 @ 4:51PM  
I am happy yall noticed most of us are lucky to just have the GLASS.......

Aug 10 @ 4:57PM  
Is the glass half full or half empty?
I say the answer is yes.
I am with Ben, as usual. I am a realist. I get tired of whining, but I get tired of rose colored glasses too. Americans tend to see things as black or white when usually it is a shade of grey.

Aug 10 @ 5:25PM  
I am a coatrack....
I'm the doormat under the coatrack....

Aug 10 @ 6:01PM  
when I see my cup 1/2 empty I pour what's left out and fill it up with new stuff.

Aug 10 @ 6:09PM  
I don't know about anybody else, but I use a glass to drink from especially when I am thirsty

Aug 10 @ 6:21PM  
Opportunist more suits me The old saying CARPE DIEM take what you have and make the best of the situation be it good or bad. Good one as usual maggs

Aug 10 @ 6:51PM  
I do what ever makes me feel better at the time but I try hard not to complain to other people.

Aug 10 @ 6:52PM  
Hope for the best, expect the worst...never dissapointed.

Aug 10 @ 7:13PM  
I would say that I am a man which is not one or the other, yet both at times. I wrote a short blog today in honor for my late wife Vera. It was sad, but sad for me only. I meant not to shed unhappiness to others here. Only did I mean that we should charish what we have now, before lost it becomes. Generally, too busy I am with my work to find the sadness becoming the toll taker. Lost to me she is, but I can still smile today and positive I can remain. Good writing maggiemae.

Aug 10 @ 8:59PM  
"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.".

~A. Lincoln~

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