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When you get mad

posted 8/10/2007 8:46:33 AM |
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tagged: hot, male, female, temper, phone

whats the first thing you think and do ? Do you wanna lash out, do you cry, make your heart beat fast, face turn red? Do you grit your teeth?Do you call them just to slam the phone down?

I used to be so high tempered, make me mad and I was all over it in a hasty flash , now I just think "you are so stupid" and say it outloud alot of the times ....... lmao ..... yes I talk to self and to the pc screen sometimes, dont act like yall dont.

Tell us how you handle yourself in situations of this nature.Curious to see whos got the hot temper going on .......

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Aug 10 @ 8:51AM  
First I get really really quiet. Which is totally unusual for me. G says I stomp. I don't think so but he says so. I cogitate on it for a few minutes to an hour and then.. figure out something scathing to say and say it.. If that don't work doors get slammed and people get hurt.

Aug 10 @ 9:06AM  
At my age I learned it is not worth it to get upset,,,,just makes you sick and the other person just moves on,,,,when I have to deal with negative people,,,,I just try to void them,,,even if it is family...good one


Aug 10 @ 9:07AM  
I get quiet, say something sarcastic and then usually won't say anything at all for a while. I just think and think about things I could say. Usually I never say anything, but if they piss me off again soon.... they get double barrelled... they hear it about both things they did wrong.

Aug 10 @ 9:47AM  
It isn't very often I get MAD. I get hurt, or upset but not mad. However when I do, I get silent--passive aggressive.

Aug 10 @ 9:50AM  
I pretend it does affect me and start planning revenge (ie alibi, calling Willie the Torch) then Wham, One night their house burns down or they disappear with out a trace.

Of course that's just me and I'm a pirate.

Aug 10 @ 9:51AM  
I don't get "mad" often when I do I cry then that makes me madder cause normally the reason for the cry ain't worth it.

Aug 10 @ 9:54AM  
I think Teddy Roosevelt said it best.....Walk softly and carry a high powered rifle....

Aug 10 @ 10:18AM  
I think Teddy Roosevelt said it best.....Walk softly and carry a high powered rifle....
a big stick is much quieter and draws less attention!!

Aug 10 @ 10:24AM  
Well...... my big stick draws a lot of attention....but that is......

Aug 10 @ 11:08AM  
Well, for me I get quiet and withdrawl. Once I've had time to think it through I want to talk about it.

Now, if I get really really pissed off, then we are going to go at it right then and there. But that doesn't happen often, which is good because when I get that frustrated I cry and that pisses me off even more.

Aug 10 @ 11:41AM  
I've tried two approaches; I used to respond immediately, full force, get it all out. Sometimes i would simply scream out, regardless of my surroundings, to try and release the tension.

Later i tried to be more adult about it, stepping back and holding things in. Which is really hell on your insides, and makes things fester into more than they need be.

I prefer the results of the first approach. Way more fun, and tends to keep the friends list trimmed down.

Aug 10 @ 11:45AM  
My ex always wanted sex after he had a fight with me... got me mad...

Learned not to get mad...

Then learned that life is too short....

Angry is just masking pain.... so acknowledge the pain first....

I just smile now because it means another person is trying to control my emotions by making me mad... and it rarely works...

though I will admit to having the most vicious temper... when I let it loose... maybe once a year........ it can mean hours and hours of yelling at someone non-stop... I try to avoid doing this...

If is really bad... beyond the yelling... I get quiet..... my sons fear this the most.... they are terrified of me if I stop talking and get real quiet....... this is when I am very lethal... there is no discussions or compromises at this point.... very, very calm....
if I get this way.... my sons disappear in fear......

there are great techniques to deal with anger.... screaming and yelling in a pillow works great..... smashing old dishes in papers bags is nice.... flattening empty and clean tin cans with a hammer works too....

As well, there is always writing... writing a story or whatever works...


Aug 10 @ 11:54AM  

Sorry I have no temper unless someone messes with my loved ones.

Aug 10 @ 12:19PM  
Hot tempered here.....

Stomp around........

......then cry

Or get spanked for stompin' around.....

......then cry

Aug 10 @ 1:56PM  
When I'm upset I just make life unbearable for everyonelse;mines is of an introverted nature lately,but don't talk about when I was a teenager.Two words:Tasmanian Devil.Pretty ashamed of how I was when younger,but with age comes wisdom...sometimes.

Aug 10 @ 6:45PM  
I don’t like being mad so I tend to avoid or end things that will take me to that point prior to getting there. Though I’ve been told I have one of those wonderful back off shooting daggers out of your eyes types of looks when I’m getting close. So I guess I’m more of a slow cook’en kettle…

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When you get mad