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Life Insurance and Toys

posted 8/9/2007 4:53:22 AM |
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So you know how sometimes conversations just come from no where.....and you really wish they hadn't come up at all?
I had one of those the other day with my daughter........who by the way is married and has a family of her own. So she is old enough to be having this conversation with, just for the record.
We were having a discussion about term life insurance and the benefits and bad points of it. When she looks at me with this strange look ( you know what I mean, one of those that as soon as you see the look on their face you are thinking "this is not going to be good". But you still open your mouth and ask "What?" While you are thinking to yourself, Shut up Idiot.. But it's too late.)
So since I did ask.......she says "Well Mom, I was just wondering if maybe umm there is possibly anything that I uhh shouldn't be going through of yours."
I just kind of looked at her a little dumbfounded for a second. Again, "what?"
She says, "Not that I think it is going to happen for a long time, But when you die, is there anything that I should not look into? Like maybe a certain dresser drawer, a night stand drawer, uhhh well umm. You know. Anything that I am going to find and go Ewww, I didn't want to know that!! I mean I know and all, but I don't want to know specifics. Ya Know? Anything I should definitely make sure the kids don't accidently open and become scared for life picturing their sweet Grandma with?"
Speaking of dying....... I almost did. Right then and there, in her kitchen. Without even getting a chance to answer her question. Which would kind of defeat the purpose of her asking.
Last time I talk about life insurance with her........
Until that moment I had never thought about it. And never want to again! But we now have an agreement that any type of toy not able to be purchased at a Toys R Us, will be put in one particular place and marked "Not to be Viewed by the Weak at Heart, or Family Members." LOL or something to that manner.
Kids, they ask the damnest questions....... But they sure make you think.

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Aug 9 @ 6:55AM  
Hehehe yes Trease kids DO say the damndest things LOL.

Aug 9 @ 6:57AM  
I suppose she expected you to have a wide assortment of BOB's, and will need to be placed in that drawer?

Aug 9 @ 7:26AM  
When my parents died and I was cleaning out the house, I found my grandparent's wedding certificate. They were married 6 month, to the day, before my mother, their oldest child, was born. I laughed about it (but I'm weird) but I think it did affect my mother.

Aug 9 @ 7:37AM  
When we were cleaning my mothers personal effects out of the house she and dad shared after her death... I found Viagra. I really wondered why he needed it cuz he said that she hadn't put out in 20+ years. I mentioned it to him privately. He said he'd been slipping them to her with her other daily old people meds (prior to her getting sick with cancer which took her within 6 weeks of diagnosis) hoping to get her sex drive back. Good thing my husband had already quit putting out for me, cuz that woulda put me off sex for a while, LOL

Aug 9 @ 9:30AM  
My folks went to FL to visit my aunt and she had sent home some things for me that had belonged to my late Uncle. Dad said it was in a little suitcase in his closet so I went there and grabbed one and opened it up. OOPS.... wrong one. It had my folks toys, some slutty magazines, ky, etc. I grabbed the right one, took it out there, and NEVER mentioned the other one. Didn't tell my sisters either. After my dad got cancer, they got rid of the other stuff cuz I never saw it after he died.

That was 20 years ago and I still get weirded out thinking about it.

Aug 9 @ 9:34AM  
Dear Lord,

Please dont let me die before my parents.....

For what they find might kill them......



Aug 9 @ 9:59AM  
This is either the topic of a movie....... or a real web business...... I forget which..... (hell to get old)
Anyway, I recall that the function this business performed was..... you give them your name and address and a list of things you want found & destroyed in the event of your death.

HELP ME........ was this a movie.... or did I read it in the strange news about a real business??

Aug 9 @ 10:49AM  
At least yours was old enough... dear gawd.. I came home from work one day to find my then 14 year old daughter swinging one of my toys over her head at a bunch of her friends hollerin.. my mommy doesn't neeeeed a man.. she's got all this!

I'm still not out of therapy for that one.

Aug 9 @ 11:03AM  
My kids would just say wooo hoooo MOM if they found my collection of toys after I die, My worry is they may want to add they to the bouquet of flowers that sits on my casket!! Yep, they are as twisted as me

Aug 9 @ 12:29PM  
Hey Nacho I doubt if you'll ever get out of thearpy on that one! and L4F I'll make sure they are proudly displayed on your casket for you!

Aug 9 @ 12:40PM  
L4F I'll make sure they are proudly displayed on your casket for you!
Lisa, although I appreciate your consideration, can we hold off on that idea for at least a few more years?

Aug 9 @ 12:48PM  
At least yours was old enough
Nacho, when she was about 5 she accidently made a few discoveries in my nightstand. For which I blame 100% on her Dad. She to this day has never let me forget it. She has even brough it up in front of my son in law and a few friends...
No wonder we were talking about life ins., I think she's trying to kill me..... by heart attack of course.
Which reminds me, I keep journals, maybe I'll just get rid of them while I'm thinking about it.
Good luck with the therapy, Nacho.

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