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Is it just me?

posted 8/8/2007 1:36:39 AM |
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Do you ever feel like you are on the outside, looking in? Just an observer (and not a participant) in the game we call LIFE?

I think I have way too much time on my hands here at work tonight. Too many weird thoughts bouncing around in my head....

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Aug 8 @ 1:39AM  

Hope one of them is me

Aug 8 @ 1:46AM  
Yeah ... like when I'm with a big group of people I can't identify with. If you're not the life of the party, you fall to observing the party making notes to yourself.

Aug 8 @ 1:58AM  
I am with bentan
OR if you go to a party with a date or something.. people you have never met before, and suddenly your left alone by said date..
I mean yeah you sorta expect it because they have people to say hey too, but you feel awkward and like an outsider

Aug 8 @ 2:02AM  
Yep. Ever feel like you're made of potatoes? I've had that one, too.

Aug 8 @ 2:14AM  
Yep. Ever feel like you're made of potatoes? I've had that one, too.

Oh, gawd! You do understand!

Aug 8 @ 2:29AM  
You mean to tell me that this thing called LIFE is a GAME!! Jesus, if I'd known that I'd have picked the race car token instead of the jackass. Now you tell me.

Aug 8 @ 2:52AM  
Ever think they just want you for your panties....I do ...and I don't wear pantiies....

Aug 8 @ 2:55AM  
how bout helpin a youngin out ....hehe....I'll be more than a 1 nighter

Aug 8 @ 3:02AM  
no doubt.In my case it really is passing my by and will likely stay that way.I have a pain problem.Gotta find me a woman with some similar restrictions so we can watch life pass us by together.Not so easy to find.meanwhile....pass....pass......boring....bla....I want a new spine for xmas!

Aug 8 @ 3:12AM  

To be honest with you I feel out of place here on AMD. Like I'm just looking in,making comments that don't belong. Like I'm scratching and feeling, trying to find out if there is a place for me here or if I really belong. I try to be nice to everyone and make friends, but I still feel like I do not belong. Like I'm on the outside looking in. Wishing and hoping for something, but I'm not sure what.
Does that make sense ?

Aug 8 @ 6:25AM  
There are times when I think everyone feels this way. I know I do, but not always. Like Bentan wrote, I too have been at a party and just watched and took notes, but have anything to share. I left early!

Aug 8 @ 7:17AM  
Its bud time fer you then....

Aug 8 @ 7:39AM  
I agree with night of old.
Yes, we all feel that way, but some times it's everywhere, like all the time.
Ode to a Loner would be the title of my autobiography.
I guess some people are like maganets, and things just fall thier way, and then there are loners who find themselves alone no matter where they are..

One is a lonely number.
Two can be as bad as one, but one is the loniest number....

Oh that's "Three Dog Night" for those born after 1970. A 60 rock group.

I try to do positive things to bring positive things my way.
It works alot of the time.
But not always, especially via the net.
A square peg trying to fit in a round hole world.
See You aren't. alone after all.

Aug 8 @ 9:53AM  
Sometimes, when I'm out of phase with my body I feel like I am on the outside looking in at myself.. that's an odd thing.

Aug 8 @ 11:01AM  
Yeah, and I can't find the remote.

Aug 8 @ 3:53PM  
I'm not sure i do fit in here anymore. I'm not looking for anything, and want to keep in touch with just seems like there isn't enough time in the day to talk to everyone that i'd like. I feel a little out of place where i'm at too. I don't really go anywhere, so i don't know very many people. I don't know, i've been thinking that maybe this isn't the place for me. Then again i don't really have much of a choice seeing that i have no where else to go. Eh maybe i'm just having a bad day......Hope yours did.

Aug 8 @ 5:02PM  
I'm toldaly with you on that one I'm too much of a thinker sometimes

Dec 23 @ 11:31PM  
Happens quite often. Actually, I frequently find myself wondering if I'm invisible; I see the world around me, but I'm completely unnoticed. Sounds kinda sad, but it's not so bad. I've found that it's really easy to lift peoples valuables at such times. HEY! Maybe I AM invisible. Next time I feel that way I'm gonna go down to the bank...

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Is it just me?