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Roommates.. friend or foe?

posted 8/7/2007 1:27:09 PM |
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tagged: rant, roommates

K…. so I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY need to rant and let off some steam here, and I am also hoping to get a little validation and help from the community.

I have roommates. Pigs. Of the human variety. Nasty, filthy pigs. I just spent THREE hours cleaning the full bath in our townhouse. THREE!! I deep cleaned it. I clean it every week, but it needed the walls and everything done this time. Somehow this task has fallen on me. On occasion, if I bitch loud enough, one of them will clean their filth out of the tub. And I do mean FILTH. One of them works in a heat treat facility and comes home absolutely BLACK with soot every day. For some reason he can’t seem to see the black crud he leaves in the tub, on the shower walls, on the walls and door of the bathroom, on the walls in the hall, up the stairs, around the front door where he leans to take off his work boots… basically EVERYWHERE. The other one works in a factory setting and comes home pretty dirty too. Somehow he can take a shower on Friday after work, make the tub dirty from that, then take a bath Saturday morning, after not doing anything and leave a six inch ring of black scum in the tub. Am I wrong for being mad that I have to clean up their filth before I can take a shower in the bathroom?

Then there are the cats. There were two when we moved in, belonging to the roommates. One male, one female. I’ve asked repeatedly that they get at least ONE of them fixed. We moved in here in November. The female got pregnant immediately, and had a litter of 6 in January. We estimate she was about 7 or 8 months old when she delivered. One of her babies died the first day. I suspect because she was not physically mature enough to be pregnant to begin with. She had a second litter of 6 in May. Three of those died within 48 hrs of birth. Her body was definitely not ready to produce another litter 5 months after the first litter. From that litter, we still have 2 of the babies, which are now about 11 weeks old. The father, Thomas, is blessedly gone from the house now. Regardless of that, we only have 2 cats on the lease, and the roomies are in no hurry to remove the 3rd cat. These cats are tearing up the house. They claw everything, shed everywhere and piss wherever they want. Anything of any value in this townhouse is mine, yet they seem to think it is CUTE that these hell cats rip my things up. Half of the mess I cleaned off the bathroom floor today was cat pee and cat fur. Am I justified in being FURIOUS about this???

Then there is the issue of the teenagers that the one roommate brings in all the time. They spend the night, eat MY food, make a bigger mess in the bathroom and it’s just plain creepy to have them here when I am alone. I’m not their mother, and I can’t think of any justifiable reason that these kids are here in the house when the roommate is at work. Isn’t it strange enough that a 44 yr old man is hanging out with teenagers to begin with? Is it weird that I am upset about the violation of my privacy having them here all the time? I don’t even know these kids NAMES, let alone anything about them, but I am supposed to be happy to wake up to strangers in my home? WTF?

I’m not even gonna get into the issue of shared food, beyond to say that even when I pack things away and tell them it was bought for me, and not to share, they eat my food anyway.

Sorry to rant so much, but I’ve about had it with the situation here and I could really use some advise on how to handle things. I’ve been blunt. Told them not to eat my food if it is in a bag. Told them they need to get rid of the cats, that I am sick of it smelling like cat here, that we only have 2 cats on the lease and if we get a violation over this I am gonna be pissed. Told them then need to clean up after the cats and themselves. What more can I do without starting WW3 here? HELP ME PLEASE!?!?!?!?

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Aug 7 @ 1:40PM  
Move to England! There you have it.. in a nutshell.. either that or spray starch in their undies.

Aug 7 @ 1:48PM  
maybe you should invite ME to visit..........

*switches personalities to visit Kissy's roomates*

Aug 7 @ 1:59PM  

Run don't walk to England and the man who loves you.
Or kick out the room-mates and get female room-mates.

Aug 7 @ 2:02PM  
Wow! I feel for you. I would have already lost my mind. The only thing I can think of would be to get a little revenge by doing something to them that they absolutely hate. I can't imagine what that may be since they sound like they are total slobs. As far as the teenagers go, hanging out in your place that is totally uncalled for. If only you could get rid of them and find cleaner room mates. I wish I had an answer for you. Maybe someone else will. Good luck.

Aug 7 @ 2:33PM  
Itch powder.. sprinkle it on their beds and wait.. Do it at least one time a week and then it's allergies.. EVIL LAUGH...

Then there is the take the cats to a no kill shelter.. They got out sorry guys... Also when there are teenagers in your home whom I am assuming are not the children of the guy you have every right to kick said teenagers out.. If one of them gets high or drinks alcohol, or has sex with said 44yo guy you my dear are responsible and you are the one to go to jail.. Kick their asses out, this also needs to be addressed because if he is bringing in teens for over night WHY... Teens only come over to see old guys. (sorry guys) for about three things Money, drugs and alcohol.. Especially if they are not related and if this is going on then more than likely there is an exchange of some kind sexual favors or drugs.. Bad situation in either case..

Go to your local kick em out place and evict them.. It takes 30 days sometimes but it is worth the money in the savings to your stuff..

Aug 7 @ 2:49PM  
I have to agree with redbronze Crissy. It sounds as if the teenagers are up to no good or the roomate is one. Either way if your name is on the lease you will be in trouble for whatever happens or goes on there. I would make their sorry asses do the cleaning since they are so dirty and have the damn cats. Now for the cats can you say Smith & Wesson or Remington.

Aug 7 @ 2:55PM  
Another reason why you shouldnt have roommates.....

Compliments of Nutrisse

Aug 7 @ 3:12PM  
Well, I have had many roommates, mostly female and there is not usually any major issues. There is no excuse for what you describe and you can certainly blame them and possibly their parents.
But I blame you.
Hear my out. Why have you let this situation go on for ten months? Hell, I kicked my own daughter out as roommate (when she was 17 and long on her own) after a steady ongoing parade of things like you describe after three months (she had a job, she could afford to move).
I realize that I am stereotyping here, but men are used to women bitching and just tune it all out. Why? Because when all is said and done, often much is said and not a damned thing gets done.
I don't know that many women who put up with that much crap, that long, from their kids.

Aug 7 @ 3:44PM  
I'm sorry PK... nothing I can think of will let you have revenge AND keep you out of jail. So... kick 'em out if you can or. get Ynot up there to "talk" to them.

Aug 7 @ 4:13PM  
YEAH! What Pudge said!

Aug 7 @ 4:34PM  
If it is your house it is time to lay down the rules and make them abide by them. if they dont' want to then do as any parent would do and kick thier asses out. Seems they think you thir mother and that you should pick up and clean up after them as they take advantage of you. Don't let this happen any longer. You can always find new roommates that will respect your stuff and your space. So set down the rules and the second one breaks them kick him out and the other will know your serious. Good luck and if you need a new roommate let me know.

Aug 7 @ 5:01PM  
Are they on a Lease? It sounds like time to have a chat with a lawyer that will do free consultations and see what your Legal rights are. if you have a leg to stand on you can sit them down and tell them that you're taking legal action. if they still don't it.


Aug 7 @ 6:26PM  
Damn this is simple Crissy!!! Take the Cats to a Shelter!!! Tell the Teenagers to get the Fuck Out of Your House!!! Tell the Roomates to Clean Up or DIE!!! Or start charging them like a cleaning service would!!! And get a small fridge for your room or a cooler for you Food!! If you can' t do the Fridge or cooler, start charging double the cost for the food the Idiots Eat!!!

Aug 7 @ 6:31PM  
Since they won't leave their hands off your food, make brownies. 2 big batches. Feed the roomies and the young'uns. Don't forget to lace them with Exlax. Before you add the Exlax, pour some batter into your own liddle pan. That way, you can enjoy them with the victims.

Aug 7 @ 6:42PM  
give the cats away , they are of value to them, but if they dont take care of them, it should not be your problem, can you do that and still live with them? I mean will it be hell to pay if you give em away? As far as the food goes, heres a suggestion .... you know how they mark food down in the grocery store, with a very visable x or lines drawn thru the bar code? Well do that , to the good stuff , make them feel like its about to spoil, crack the seal on some of it , and put an x or some sort of determent on the container.......

Good luck sista......

Aug 7 @ 7:28PM  
Well PK, i agree with the ones that said take the cats to the shelter. And i wouldnt say anything to them let them figure out the cats are gone I wonder how long before they noticed.

I would get a cupboard in the kitchen and put a lock on it. if your handles have holes in them, you can get a rope lock from any hardware store and put it on there the only problem is if your cupboards are not seperated from each other.

and i would call child services and report these kids hanging out with this 44 yr old man, There is definitely something going on there no teenagers want to hang with someone thier dads age, and most single men dont want to deal with teenagers let alone hang out with them. of course by the time child services is done you may be one roommate short.Make sure that they keep your name confidential.


Aug 7 @ 7:34PM  
I like the Exlax idea.

Aug 7 @ 7:58PM  
One comment to the "roomies" GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE . that should give them the idea then call "Y" to make sure they do You don't need this shit from anybody

Aug 8 @ 12:26AM  
Sorry, I am no help. I'm still rolling on the floor from the video clip Ash shared...

Aug 8 @ 12:05PM  
Shoot the cats. Tell the teenagers to get the fuck out or you will shoot them too!

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Roommates.. friend or foe?