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Physicians, Healthcare, & Predjudice

posted 8/5/2007 12:27:17 PM |
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tagged: baby, nurse, doctor, prejudice

Sigh. Most of you know that I am pregnant and counting down the days (20 now to be exact) until my scheduled C-Section. I honestly hope I can make it that far, I really do. We're scheduled to deliver on Friday, August 24th and that would be fabulous, since my husband has another week of Vacation coming up starting that Monday. So we're crossing our fingers that I will make it. But my previous delivery history tells us that we won't.

According to ultrasound we are exactly 36 weeks and two days today. According to LMP (ladies and some men, you know what this is) I am thirty nine weeks and two days. They say ultrasound is the most valid means of predicting your due date, but I don't know. I gave birth to my first son at 36 weeks (according to Ultrasound) and he weighed seven pounds and three ounces, didn't need a single day in the NICU, although he was considered premature, and didn't need any additional sustenance due to my gestational diabetes. He was the picture of health. I delivered B at 37 weeks, and it was the same story. However, 37 weeks is considered term. Anyway, let me get to the point of this whole blog.

Friday night I was having some extreme pelvic pressure, accompanied by some contractions. I lay in bed twisting the head off of my daughter's Build-A-Bear, Maggie, hoping that if I actually tore her apart that I could sew her back together enough to make her look like an actual bear - with an actual bear head. I woke Dan up and told him I was going to drive to the hospital, just to get checked out. It was the middle of the night, so someone had to stay here with B. I wanted to make sure that the contractions weren't causing me to dilate at any alarming rate. I have to have a repeat C-section due to the C-section I had previously with B- due to a pelvic fracture from a previous accident that will really never heal. If there's one thing I don't want, I don't want to be unable to walk for several weeks due to a re-broken pelvis. After all, I have a toddler, and I am going to have a newborn. I called the doctor and waited for him to call me back, but I never got an answer. My doctor is on vacation so I'm having to deal with his partners at this point. At this point the contractions were at the stage that I was having to actually breathe through them. I've been through this rodeo three times. I know what Braxton Hicks are, and if these were my 'practice' contractions, man, they were really trying to get me in good shape. (Ha,Ha) Anyway, according to my doctor, there are no such things as "False" contractions. Just contractions. But, as I said, he is on vacation. I decided to go on in and get checked out, just to be on the safe side.

I arrived at the hospital, in obvious pain. Asked for directions to the labor hall, although I should really know by now. No one offers me any assistance to make it up there. I DO make it up there, however, sit down and register, even though I am obviously not feeling well, I manage to get the paperwork sign and basically throw my insurance card at the lady behind the desk. They usher me back into a room and put a monitor on me. A nurse comes in and tells me to put a gown on, then disappears. Another nurse comes in, and doesn't say two words to me, just gets me in the bed and straps me to a monitor. The previous nurse comes in and the mute nurse asks her to check me. She has me scoot down and does so, saying that I was dilated a fingertip and my cervix was thinned, but closed. Um... Hey, I am over here, how about you tell me that?!

The nurse who doesn't really want to talk to me is left alone to adjust the monitor on my belly, and she informs me that they've had a rash of twins tonight. She asks me if I am having twins. I said No, I am not, and thought... "And your name is?" ...

She tells me they are going to monitor me for a while and then leaves. Now, I am in here all by myself. I am scared, to say the least, although I don't know why. I've been through all of this before. Their attitudes have made me feel as if I am in the way, that they were too busy to deal with me and my silly inclination that something MIGHT be happening from these contractions. I've also been experience nausea and pelvic pressure and just in general, feeling horrible.

The mute nurse comes back in after severeal moments and asks me a whole list of questions. She goes through them as fast as she can and then she gets up to readjust my monitor and asks me if the baby was breech the last time. At this point the other nurse is in there looking at the monitor and I inform mute nurse that, No, the current baby is curved around - thinking that is why she is asking if the previous baby was breech, because she can't get a trace on little G's heartbeat. The other nurse says "I thought you had a C-section because of a pelvic fracture' -

I did. What, you think I am lying to you? I told the other nurse that G is curved around so she can find his freaking heartbeat.. and I tell her so. They leave and I start to cry. I really wish I had Dan with me at this point. It shouldn't be the case, but it really is true that they treat you better when you have someone else with you- in particular, a man.

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Aug 5 @ 12:28PM  
I guess some people don't understand that Dan and I like to take care of our own responsibilities, and didn't want to call his mother out at midnight to come to our house and tend to B. who was fast asleep.

After a few minutes both nurses leave and the doctor comes in, informs me that my contractions aren't doing anything to my cervix, offers me a sleeping pill (which I decline, I am driving and I will barely take a tylenol unless the pain is intense) and sends in another nurse with discharge papers.

They diagnosed me as being pregnant.

No kidding. Today I am feeling just as bad, as I did Friday, as I did yesterday, but at least Dan took B swimming yesterday and let me rest. I'd call the doctor but I'd be afraid he'd ask me to go into the labor hall again or blow me off. I think it's pitiful that I am afraid to seek out medical care because of a couple of nurses & doctors who have bad attitudes. I was informed that if I ever had any questions or ever had any doubts I should call or come in. Now I find that is not the case. Now I find I should only come at their convenience, and I'd better bring my husband if I want to be treated with any kind of decency.

If I didn't have to have a C-Section, I'd switch at this point and go to a birthing center. They always seem to be so respectful of everyone there.

I hate Hospitals.


Aug 5 @ 12:36PM  
Sadly, after having gone through almost 4 weeks of a high risk pregnancy, lying on my back in a hospital bed, I can relate to the lack of compassion of most nurses on the maternity ward. Not only are we as women worried about our own children, but we are worried about our babies as well, and the nurses are so uncaring it seems because it's just another pregnant body to them!!

Aug 5 @ 12:51PM  
I feel for you Kris! When I had my son, my doctor wasn't on vacation but had gone on life flight with a sick child to Denver, so I had to rely on his partner! Whom I hated with a passion! My mom swore that was the reason it took me over 20 hrs to deliver I was trying to hold out until my own doctor got back! I was treated fairly well by all but one old nurse and the quack (partner) who nearly lost me and my son by not doing a C-section when he should have! Hang in there, it will be over soon and once you're holding him, all the bullshit of getting him here will fade away! Best of luck to ya!

Aug 5 @ 1:30PM  
honey that is why there are offices upstairs! complain!!!! you should have been made to feel secure and welcomed not afraid and an inconvience!

NOW CALL or at least look up all the numbers

Aug 5 @ 1:41PM  
Just remember there are a lot more stupid people in the world than smart ones

You know your body.. Period.. I do not care what freaking machines they have or make or what ever. you and you alone know your body.. You are the one living in it... If you feel something is going on you need to be firm and you need to make them listen..

My last daughter.. Supposed to be vaginal birth.. I knew she would be c-section she moved to differently. Smile I know my body.. She was breech and tied cord around her neck at the top of my uterus.. If she had been born vaginally she would have been strangled.. It took the doctors a week to hear me but I kept on and on.. They even induced labor which I rode out and did not even try to think of delivery.. Finally a sono and yeppers the next day a c-section..

then the nightmare began.. ACK..

Needless to say I did not try to get pregnant again.. Love love love the two I have and am thankful.. But nope I would not try to have a kid again even though I could/can..

Aug 5 @ 2:06PM  
Ooh, this makes me so angry!

You, my dear, are so right to feel the way you do! I don't get what the problem is with people in the so-called "helping professions"...It's not just doctors and nurses, social workers are often lacking in good people skills. People go to these folks IN NEED...not out of fun, not for a thrill, not because they love sucking up other people's time or running up bills...I just don't get why people aren't kinder and more considerate in these places???

I've been treated with the same disregard - have had doctors give me the "once over", declaring something other than what it seems to be is wrong as the diagnosis or - even worse - that nothing is wrong. For that bullshit, I had an IUD for 5 years longer than I was supposed to (meanwhile, the fucks are telling me that it fell out and I need another one...yeah, it was there the whole damned time but no one bothered to really look); I had gall stones that were sending me to the hospital writhing in pain - but they told me it was labor (like you, I know the difference between abdominal pain and a contraction; once you've had a baby, you KNOW the difference); what else...Oh yes, the pain in my back shooting down my legs was because of my weight, not the bulging disc or heel spurs that were cutting into me...and that little pain in my belly button that was supposedly from not drying it out (yeah, that's what I was told) was a friggin hernia! That went a year untreated because doctors wouldn't listen to me.

YOU know your body, you knew something wasn't right - and it sounds like something still isn't right. I'm so sorry that you were left alone and scared; I would have been, too! I can't make up for how those pricks treated you, but hopefully you feel a little better being able to vent and get support from us!

Hang in there, hon...I had no idea you were pregnant or having problems! I'll be watching for updates :)

Aug 5 @ 2:55PM  
I spent 8 days in the hospital for gall stones because the Dr wouldn't believe that I hadn't been drinking or taking lots of tylenol. An ultrasound, nuclear scan, cat scan, xrays and scope down my throat later he finally figures out I have gall stones. But by this time it's to late to just deal with the stones he's let it go on too long, now they have to remove my gallbladder.

Long story short, that's the last time I didn't stand up for what I know to be true about my body. You know your body best and you have to fight for what you know is right or not right. If my aunt hadn't of done the same thing, she'd have died of cancer. Be strong, raise your voice, and like Lisa said, call the admin office and file a complaint.

Best of luck, soon it will be over and you'll have the ultimate reward.

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Physicians, Healthcare, & Predjudice