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Hershey Bars!

posted 8/5/2007 10:32:57 AM |
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As some of you know I try to only be uplifting when I blog I recieved this in the mail this morning and had to share it with everyone!! Piss me OFF

A sad story for those of us who remember
growing up with Hershey bars, and just as sad
for the generations of today. What will be
outsourced next?

Pennsylvania is a big state, but it amazes me in
this day, how some news doesn't make it over the
mountain to the front page of our papers or the top
of our news hours in Western Pennsylvania.

Some of you may not know that Vicki's dad makes
Hershey's Kisses for a living, so this hits home for us.
Milton Hershey, this year, will be joining H. J Heinz
in rolling over in his grave. Hershey Chocolate is
moving to Mexico...whoopee! They're even closing
down Hershey Canada. Don't buy any more Hercia
Bars. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite and
they are made by Hershey. But, I will not purchase
another one!

M.S. Hershey had a dream... I will buy my OWN Sugar,
Milk, Cocoa beans, (all natural mind you!) and make candy...
(no tariffs etc..) EVEN during the depression...HE and the
Company made money...NOW some Corporate big wigs are
ruining the name... AND the product M.S. created... Please
pass it on...What a bunch of college educated "idiots".

Thank you M.S. for all the things I have and all you have
done for me and my family..."I" do appreciate it... as for
"Dick" Lenny and Company...good luck you greedy, money
loving are ruining the name, the company,
and MANY lives in centeral Pennsylvania.... read on...
Enough is Enough!

So Hershey executives are closing plants in the US ,
laying off over a thousand people, and destroying
Mr. Hershey's dream, all to cut labor and material costs.
The company will save about $170 million a year,
all on the backs of the American people. The top
executives will still make their mega bucks and the
laid off workers will have to find other jobs, some
probably at minimum wage due to their age. All this
to take their jobs to India, China and Mexico, So
WHAT part of the "GREAT" American Chocolate
Bar is left?...NOTHING! These countries are no
doubt laughing at the Americans, who they don't
like anyway. How long are the American people
going to sit around and let big corporations do this
to us? We must all band together and let them know
we won't take it any longer!

Please, do not buy any Hershey product! I pulled EVERY
dime of my stock, retirement and my HEART out of Hershey...
(it does hurt me to say that). If the company wants to take
the work to these countries, then let those countries buy the
product. We don't need it!


Please pass this to everyone on your email list so it gets all across the United States.

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Aug 5 @ 10:38AM  

Aug 5 @ 10:38AM  
Damn and I love Hershey Kisses!! Gonna have to make my own for my Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies now!!!

Aug 5 @ 10:46AM  
Ironically, companies like Toyota set up shop here in the states while American companies go to Mexico. I agree that companies need to stay competitive, but that's biting the hand that feeds. I'd like to do my own research though before spreading the word that ....Hershey's Chocolate gives you cancerous hemorrhoids!

Aug 5 @ 11:03AM  
"Made in America" no longer exists. Reminds of me when my husband had put in 15 years with a division of Mattel Toys only to find out he could "Move to Mexico and resume plant operation" or look for work when the plant closed.

Well, we didn't move to Mexico but Mattel did where their employees now live in cardboard shacks all names MATTEL. I started my boycott of Matel products that day. There is/was a LOT more to the story of Mattel going offshore to Mexico and Asia. Gee...something about the investing of the retirement funds? Hmm....precurser to Enron!!!!

Aug 5 @ 11:11AM  
I don't do chocolate

But it is sad they take what little jobs we have in the states away from us

Aug 5 @ 11:31AM  
I have been American citizen for fourteen years. This I have seen time and again. American companies moving to other places of our world. Very sad it is to see that people value money more than the American dream.

Aug 5 @ 11:32AM  
Thanks Lisa I'm gonna have to look for another chocolate co. now

Aug 5 @ 11:46AM  
OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How will I ever survive with out my chocolate Hershey candy????????

Aug 5 @ 11:52AM  
It's mainly the suits don't care what the working man (woman) has to go through just to make ends meet. Please don't take this wrong, but the ones the high Execs are looking out for are -besides themselves- are the profits so the stock holders are happy. I do IT work, and you know what all the moves did for that industry. Unfortunately we can't write any laws protecting jobs - the lobbyests have seen to that.

Companies close up here in the US, move somewhere else putting people out of work, there is no money for us to buy the product, and so they move again to keep the profits up, etc. Any wonder the stock market had been making advancement records and people have been losing jobs?

Sorry about the rant, but the outsourcing has hit many in my family who lost their jobs being skilled tradespeople.

Aug 5 @ 11:53AM  
For anyone wondering..., this is actually true...

Aug 5 @ 12:22PM  
Fortunately I now work for a Manufacturer where we pride ourselves in "Being Made in the USA" but it's tough. Our particular industry, as many are, is confronted with they imports from overseas and we are finding it very difficult to remain competitive in our pricing.


Aug 5 @ 12:22PM  
How much you want to bet they don't lower the cost of candybars after saving all that money?

Anyone else annoyed that the cost of a small chocolate bar has risen to nearly a dollar now? FFS... no WAY does it cost that much!!!

Aug 5 @ 12:41PM  
and WHY would lisa be eating Hershey ANYTHING

Aug 5 @ 1:01PM  
and WHY would lisa be eating Hershey ANYTHING

Aug 5 @ 1:23PM  
Sorry to hear that another company folds to the pressure to make the buck more important than the product!
Fortunately I now work for a Manufacturer where we pride ourselves in "Being Made in the USA"
Don't get too comfortable! My mom was a union president for many years for H.D. Lee, makers of Lee Jeans. In the 70's it was all about pride and look for the union label, is it made in the USA?? Well in the next two towns over that pride went to hell when they shut down both plants and move the operations to Mexico and Belgium, putting over 400 people out of work in a town with a population of 2600, and over 800 in the next town over with a population of 26000. These days I'm not sure you can ever feel totally comfortable in your position or secure with any company!

Aug 5 @ 1:26PM  
and WHY would lisa be eating Hershey ANYTHING

but hon ummm ummm just talking in general??

Aug 5 @ 2:35PM seems the only thing "made WELL in America" anymore..
are movies.
It's all about money...BUT then these idiots FAIL to realize...if WE stop buying their products...then they LOSE money.


Aug 5 @ 2:42PM  
Hmm, maybe we should all say "Thanx" to Bill Clinton for passing NAFTA ?? I think it was Ross Perot who said IF that was passed the sucking sound you'd hear was all the jobs leaving the country..........well, look around.

Aug 5 @ 4:45PM  
agent05949 hit the nail right on the head, that sucking sound isn't Hoover who god only knows probably outsourced with the rest of em. Corporate America doesn't give two shits about tradition, people, their jobs or livelihoods. All they give a rats ass about is how to make MORE MONEY not so the company runs more efficiently, but so there's MORE MONEY for the CEO,COO,CFO and all the other C__ whatevers. Wake up AMERICA, understand that these assholes don't care about you or anything else, they don't care if you boycott their product, they'll sell plenty enough in other countries to keep themselves in BMW's, multibillion dollar homes and the finest scotch. Get used to it folks, it's the new wave, the new world order and it's here to stay.

Aug 5 @ 6:18PM

Check this out, it may help!

It's sad to see another US company the mexican made Ford mustangs and so many others...that's why I drive a 1972 International Scout II and all the replacement parts are OEM / NOS (original equipment manfacturers / new old stock) so every nut, bolt, wire ect. is made here, although at least 27 years ago. It's hard to find tires that are made here but if you look hard enough it's doable. Remember Cannondale bicycles are still handmade in the USA and they're awesome! I could go on and on and on about this stuff so I'll shut up now.


Aug 5 @ 6:23PM  
a couple other links for ya...(i knew i couldn't shut up for long lol)


Aug 5 @ 8:19PM  
I'm all down for the boycott, but if people can't even boycott gas, then who the hell is gonna boycott chocolate???

There's alot of women out there who depend on that stuff ya know......

I will proudly say I an NOT a chocolate this will be easy for me.

Aug 6 @ 10:42AM  
That sucks!!

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Hershey Bars!