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What does your username say about you?

posted 8/1/2007 1:40:13 PM |
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Just runnin through the "who's online" and saw some of the usernames. Normally I pay too much attention to that, maybe I should. Anyway... the assumption is that your username is the first thing people see, it's your first impression so to speak. Please explain to me where some of these people get their names?!? LoL So here's the deal. I'm going to explain to you where my username came from, or rather why it's still here... and yall can return the favor in a comment. Do it or don't I don't give a shit. LoL

LadieDarkStarr... for those of you who need some hooked on phonics that's Lady Dark Star. This goes back years, I was just over 18 I think. Anyway, back in the day, I was a wildchild, hellion, pain in the ass, w/e (yea so much has changed hu? LoL) Back at this point in my life I was what you would consider "gothic" (I prefer "stupid" now LoL) Long black hair (to my ass) piercings, black eye make up to my chin and forehead, black lipstick... did I mention BLACK? LoL This was also my 'experimentation' phase. I was into just about any drug you could feed me, but my favorite was Extasy/E/X yadda yadda. My deal was my best friend at the time, if you asked me when I was high. Tony. ::smiles:: Tony was a God among us men. He was BEAUTIFUL. Tall, thin, dark hair, facial hair, and the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen in my life. He had a smile that could melt any heart, with just the slightest evil glint in his eyes. (Can ya tell I miss him?! LoL) One night while we were 'rolling' Tony and I got to talking (like always) this huge looooooooooong (six hour) conversation centered around how much we loved eachother and why. (SHOCK!) He loved me b/c I was this beautiful soul who shined like a star, hidden beneath all this anger and depressing. Hence "DarkStar" was born. Nicknames are fun hu? Couple nights later, he opened a door for me and in his most impressive old english accent said "Mi Lady DarkStar" and introduced me to a new group of people. It stuck, and I haven't lived it down yet.
So there's my story... whats yours?

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Aug 1 @ 1:42PM  
Mine was my college nickname....I was a bit of a control freak

Aug 1 @ 1:46PM  
Mine is a very very old nicname to you... not sayin more till you give a shit...

Aug 1 @ 1:50PM  
I'm sexy and I'm a bbw. The spelling, though, I got from a license plate I once saw. :)

I think your name suits you very well, my dear :)

Aug 1 @ 1:51PM  
I just liked the song, dont know that it says anything about me

Aug 1 @ 1:59PM  
That one's easy, I taste good

Aug 1 @ 2:02PM  
The day I signed up to be on this site...I highlighted my hair...totally messed it up. The highlight product was Nutrisse...figured be a good name beings I would probably mess something up here too. lol

Aug 1 @ 2:05PM  
I was looking for fun at 45? found it too just didnt realize i would find it in the blogs, writing and reading them.


Aug 1 @ 2:16PM  

Mine is kinda a play on Knight Of Old. I just left off the K.

Aug 1 @ 2:28PM  
and for those of you that dont get it....

it's my name (Ashley)+Dominatrix

Aug 1 @ 2:39PM  
Well Ash... then spank me and call me Sidney.

Aug 1 @ 3:20PM  
well my name is lisa and at the time of joining i was 46 hence lisa46

Aug 1 @ 3:24PM  
Way back in the day, i worked at Pizza Hut, i think i was about 20, anyway one of my bosses started calling me christybelle (my first name and belle) then she just shortened it to when i was trying to come up with a user id for here it popped into my head, the 1010 is the month and day of my birth. Not all that exciting, but hey can't have it all huh??? LOL

Aug 1 @ 3:26PM  
I play dungeons and dragons with my hubby and friends. The very first character I created was a half elf houri called Jezzarae. I loved her so much and had so much fun playing her. I have used the name ever since. Lots of my friends have called me Jezz for years now and I think it suits me.

Aug 1 @ 3:31PM  
Lots of my friends have called me Jezz for years now and I think it suits me.

Aug 1 @ 3:34PM  
As by now... I served in Vet Nam ... my ships nickname was "The Galloping Gray Ghost of the Vet Nam Coast"

I ware this nic to honor my fallen mates

no more... no less


Master Gry

Aug 1 @ 3:46PM  
well my nickname has stuck with me since i was a tiny lil thing...thanks to my grammy Grace and my older brother. Pooh, as in Winnie the name is Wendy. I guess my brother couldnt say the D Y in my my name and he called me my grammy just started calling me Pooh..and so did everyone else since.

Aug 1 @ 3:54PM  
Mine is a state of mind ,,

Aug 1 @ 4:46PM  
Its my name as an acronym. ( =bacon, lettuce and tomatoe)

Aug 1 @ 5:22PM  
Heh it's simple.. I'm Not cho(your) baby

Aug 1 @ 5:44PM  
Mine came about because I have a pet dragon named Spike.

Aug 1 @ 5:58PM  
my screen name says it all raised in texas

Aug 1 @ 6:16PM  
aly(first 3 letters of my daughter's name) bai(first 3 letters of my old cat)42 is a number I use a lot on user names


Aug 1 @ 6:17PM  
Doodle came from my dad when I was younger because I loved to write on everything and my mom started calling me Doodlebug....Ive been Doodlebug all my life, of course 21 is now my age so Doodlebug21. I just thought it was easy to remember and kinda cute...even if my parents did give it to me...Im cool like that lol

Aug 1 @ 6:22PM  
The barks comes from my name and arkansas. it's also the first hot mail address i opened in 1999. it sounded silly enough for me to remember.

Aug 1 @ 6:44PM  
Mine is self explainatory - I was born on Valentine's Day, I'm a girl and that's Feb(2) 14. My Dad always called me Valentinegirl.

Aug 1 @ 7:22PM  
I have blue eyes that sparkle when I laugh or I'm in a good mood. It seems to be very hard for everyone to spell though. lol I think it fits me, what do you think?

Aug 1 @ 7:48PM  
Mine is sunshine because I always sing "you are my sunshine" to my girls. And 31 because that was how old I was when I signed up here.

Aug 1 @ 8:06PM  
Well, mine is self explanatory.........I am chocolate.... .(though I have been called caramel) but I digress....................where was I..........? Oh, I am chocolate and I am the only MOM I'D LIKE TO FUCK..........and do on lonely nights...... . ........nuff said............

Aug 1 @ 8:31PM  
Well Beautiufl since you have Asked I guess I will tell you...

I AM Ed 4 yoUR HeaRT It came from one of my first Girl friends that I had. She said and I quote that I made Love with my Heart and that I was for Her Heart... SO the Name I am ed 4 ur hrt has just stuck through the years...

Her point was to me that I couldn't Screw or FUK a woman if my life depended on it. If my heart was not into it It wasn't and isn't going to happen...

I hate being a decent guy a LOT in my life. I just hate not being able to be Intiment with someone special. Then again it is my Morals and issue's that I don't do the one night stand thing...

SO there you have it in a NUT shell...



Aug 1 @ 8:33PM  
I'm tattooed. And I'm a rock star.

Aug 1 @ 8:47PM  
Well, I'm VERY ticklish and I love fairies, sprites you name, Dom likes to call me "crazy little imp" . I am very mischievous by nature, so gigglsprite suits me perfectly!

Aug 1 @ 8:48PM  
riding this wave will send you into orbit...or the kozmos

Aug 1 @ 8:48PM  
Hm..."untapped" as in an untapped resource, so I'm under utilized, which alludes to my innocense, so to speak. "wrestler" because I wrestled in High School and still wrestling in college on the club team (as there isn't a varsity team). I also think wrestlers are appealing to women. I might be wrong, since I am untapped.
I am looking forward to having to change my name soon. But I am in no hurry

Aug 1 @ 8:50PM  
It is NOT because I'm a dominant, even though that's what everyone thinks. Its a shortening of another nickname Dominus Ausbilder which means Master Teacher. I have my M.ed. so the nickname was just descriptive.

Aug 1 @ 8:52PM  
Great blog! A kudo from me...

Also, an explanation of MonkeyWoman (30 is my age).

An old friend of mine and I went to the Cincinatti Zoo and we bought masks. He bought a lizard and I bought a monkey. On the way home, I wore the mask and we stopped at several stores. I went in said stores, with mask on, and asked them all where they kept their bananas. *Not just grocery stores* ... We went to a boot store, a bread store, convenient stores, Home Depot, and even Hustlers of Hollywood. The poor girl in there about had a coronary but then she directed me to a banana-looking dildo.

It was a hilarious day.


Aug 1 @ 9:25PM  
Mine is quite un-original - It is who I am! I have a huge heart, and I am told regularly how loveable I am! I know, silly! Good blog though!

Aug 1 @ 10:23PM  
Mine would take to long to explain. In order to understand you would have to know a lot of my background and sucesses and failures of my life.

Aug 1 @ 11:56PM  
When I was a child I was a big Transformers fan. everything I had was about the Transformers. It was all I talked about to my friends in grade school. I also had a friend back then who really liked the Transformers. My favrite Transformer was Ironhide. One day my friend jokingly called me Ironhide in front of the other kids at school. Everyone started calling me Ironhide after that and it just stuck. I do not even remember who his favrite charecter was.

Aug 1 @ 11:59PM  
Now that my children are gone,,,,it's all about me,,,and I love sex 69247...that's about it....

Aug 2 @ 12:05AM  
I LOVE oral sex the oral-sucker 247 (you already know what the 247 means right?) (24 hours a day, 7 days a week!).

I have since apopted the "Oral-Master", but as a free member, they won't let me change my username.

Aug 2 @ 12:27AM  
When I first got online almost 10 years ago, I used the name dduck in the chat rooms cuz Donald Duck has been a life long nick name of mine. Except, dduck didn't attract a lot of attention from the ladies, so I tried to think of something that described me, and would be appealing to the ladies as well, and I used the Pointer Sisters song...... I want a man with a slow hand.... as my inspiration. I dropped the w to personalize it.... and the 47 was how old I was when I first filled out my profile on this site......... 5 years ago.

Aug 2 @ 1:04AM  
I given this information before. An Ex g/f called me Argit which means A Randy GIT
Simple as that.

Aug 2 @ 8:58AM  
Francois Villon... medieval French poet about whom little is actually known. Made a hero in the play If I Were King and the operetta The Vagabond King. Filmed as both, also a silent starring John Barrymore called The Beloved Rogue.

Aug 2 @ 1:22PM  
Hmmmm.....well, I love the way I feel when it storms....rain makes me calm and alive and alert...and I prefer the milky moon and evening....

E S Rain


Aug 2 @ 1:54PM  
DeDe is short for Delicious Delaine hench, DeDe. And it has nothing to do with my chest.. A nick name i had for many years!!! ty for asking...

Aug 2 @ 11:20PM  
denotes an ynot .

77 n 69.......we gonna do this again lol...69 if i have to explain.........well no point......77 someone gets 8/ate more

Aug 4 @ 4:40AM  
Mine is cause im tall and husky build, and been told i have a big thick.... well u get the picture lol and i am in stlouis so added em all together

Aug 5 @ 3:54AM  
i have no clue where my name came from... but i have to say i like valentinegirls story

Aug 5 @ 1:13PM  
My nickname is pretty easy, Scrumptious (my ex thought I looked good enough to eat) and 55 is my favorite number so most names have 5 or 55 in them. Am I scrumptious to you?

Aug 5 @ 2:05PM  
Well, I was looking for long term love, also I like to make love for a looong time.

Aug 5 @ 2:22PM  
I've used Princess or Kissy as part of my screen names for 10 years since I got online... so I just combined em.
I have delusions of grandeur (Princess) and been told I am a pretty good kisser (Kissy)

Nov 5 @ 6:29PM  
Mine is pimpslap313 because i'm a pimp and I own ho;s and when they get out of line I slap em and 313 is the area code for the d.

Nov 5 @ 6:57PM  
I think mine is very easy to explain....I'm a sweet natured person with a bit of a "spicy" sense of humor. The 005...just a number I came up with..instead of 007 I used 005.

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