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Meeting...Part 2

posted 7/31/2007 6:26:32 PM |
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Falling asleep with your cock inside me...feeling it go soft....moaning softly. It must have been only a short while, but I finally wake up...your cock growing harder, pumping in and out. My eyes open suddenly. "Wake up, sleepyhead", you say to me. Leaning down to kiss me softly, gently...still pumping your growing cock in and out. My entire body responds...shivering. You slowly pull out, a devilish smile playing around your lips, sliding your body pause to bite my nipple and look up at me, eyes twinkling. You move your mouth downward, kissing just below my breast....slowly leaving a trail with your tongue.

My back arches as I stretch, sliding my feet up the sides of your body, knees falling outward...lifting my ass off the bed and rubbing my pussy against your stomach. Your eyes burn and darken. Your hands slide under my ass, lifting me up more and pushing me higher on the bed. Your move downward until your face is only inches away from my hot, wet pussy. Your tongue darts out and flicks at my clit...making my entire body jump. Suddenly your mouth covers my clit, sucking hard, nibbling with your teeth. I cry out your name. You slide 2 fingers in my pussy, hard and deep...still sucking my hard clit, swirling your tongue around it. Your fingers curve forward inside my a come-hither motion...making me cum hard. It takes me by surprise...I scream your name as my pussy tightens and relaxes around your fingers. You're relentless with your mouth and tongue, not even pausing as my body trembles and jerks. You add another finger and continue with the assault. My legs wrap around your head...pulling your face closer...grinding against your mouth. You feel my pussy begin to sqeeze tight around your fingers, knowing another wave is move away, grab my hips and pull me down on your cock hard in one smooth movement. I cum again, all over your hard push deeper and just hold your cock there, waiting for the spasms to subside.

I'm covered with sweat...breathing hard...not able to slowly pull out and crawl up the bed...touching the tip of your cock to my mouth, letting me taste my own juices. Your hands cover mine and pull them upward to the headboard, pinning them there. My mouth opens wide, inviting your cock inside...tongue running up and down the underside of your cock, then lips closing tight around your hard shaft, sucking hard. My mouth slides up so that only the head is there, curling my tongue around and sucking it in and licking on a lollipop. You look down, asking me if I like the taste of my own cum on your cock. Looking up into your eyes, I slide my mouth down the length of your shaft, tongue working against it inside my mouth...then slowly back until your completely out of my mouth. I smack and lick my know the answer to that question!

Your cock jumps at my mouth again, and I take it back in...your hips moving now, fucking my mouth. The rhythm slow and low moans vibrate around your cock, lips tell me you're ready. Forcing my throat open...letting your shove your cock deep down, surprising you as your hot, sticky load slides down my throat. Swallowing slowly, my throat gripping the head of your cock...feeling it swell and jump...almost gagging me. My throat relaxes and you pull out just enough for the rest of your hot cum to fill my me the sweet taste to enjoy. Staying in my mouth until your cock goes soft, then slowly pulling away.

You stretch out beside me on the bed, smoothing my hair away from my face and kiss me deeply. Gently I run my fingertips down the side of your face, cupping my palm around your jaw and pulling my face away from yours. With my eyes twinkling and a wicked smile, I tell you..."Ssssshhhh,'re going to need it"

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Jul 31 @ 6:34PM  

Jul 31 @ 6:39PM  
As if I didn't want you bad enough already!!!! Dayum!!!!

Jul 31 @ 6:43PM  
As if I didn't want you bad enough already!!!! Dayum!!!!

Well c'mere...I need some inspiration for Part 3.

Jul 31 @ 6:57PM  
and to think i just took a shower........and i'm sweatin so now i need another.......

Jul 31 @ 7:02PM  
amn girl that hot!!! You wimmins are starting to make us mins blush just a little bit...NOT. Keep up the good work. I have plenty of cold water.

Jul 31 @ 7:04PM  
*fans self* We're havin a heatwave.... or maybe it's just me..

Jul 31 @ 7:08PM  
dayum and i dont even have your phone number lol

Jul 31 @ 7:16PM  

Jul 31 @ 7:19PM  
*fills out application for Pt 3*


Jul 31 @ 7:36PM  
oooooooo yuuumy

Jul 31 @ 8:03PM  
My whole body convulsed when I read that...

Jul 31 @ 8:19PM  

Works for me!!!!!! Woooo Fucking Hoooo!

Its getting hard to type 1-handed here, lol.


Jul 31 @ 9:25PM  
Whew!!!! Part 2 is just as hot as Part 1!

Jul 31 @ 9:48PM  
Carry me?

Jul 31 @ 10:49PM  
Very good

Jul 31 @ 11:41PM  
dammmmmmmmm lin yourrr goodd an no cherrywhip cream tooooooo

Aug 1 @ 1:42AM  
very good.. kudo for you

Aug 1 @ 1:45AM  
Damn!!!!! Lin, that was hot!! only have one more thing to say LIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep it up hun

Aug 1 @ 1:50AM  
damnnnnnnnn lin that was fucking hot ya know if it give wood then it is very hot....can i help with part 3 got wood...

Aug 1 @ 2:05AM  
Thew kryys onn mii keubord ar stkin...tnkds llimpoooh

Aug 1 @ 9:47AM  
Very hot..... very. Keep writing ~ we want more! And we need more of this from everyone!

Aug 1 @ 10:26AM  
Linpooh you are delicious!

Aug 1 @ 11:16AM  
I need a cig. and give me 15 minutes - I'll be ready for part 3 then! Seriously, great bit. You must write professionally!

Aug 1 @ 3:53PM  
Daaayyyuuummmmmmmmmmmmm very hawtttttt linniepooh got me sweatin here

Aug 1 @ 9:25PM  
Lin can i keep in your mouth all day and night. Making you scream for more and cumming so hard that you make the bed shake. I would love to make your dreams cum true and make new ones too.

Aug 3 @ 8:50PM  
Another fine job lin ! I didnt count how many times you used the words head and strong this time .....but I did find a couple of things that um ....well I'll tell you in the lobby !

Aug 4 @ 12:39AM  
.........Ummmmmmmmm. I'll BRB.........gotta take care os something....

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Meeting...Part 2