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Smelling Pussy vs. Licking Pussy

posted 7/31/2007 2:39:35 PM |
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tagged: pussy, straddle

Okay, now be honest guys, which is truly better, smelling pussy or licking pussy? For me, it would be smelling pussy, gets my juices going more than the licking part. Now to women that would be another story since they get something out of the licking more than the smelling part from a guy.

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Jul 31 @ 2:42PM  
OK, I'll be honest...not a problem!

I would much rather lick a woman's you see SMN...when I'm licking her pussy, I'm also getting to smell her sweet aroma as you see, I get the BEST of BOTH worlds!

Think about it...

Jul 31 @ 2:45PM  

I have to agree with CC. He's got it right.

Jul 31 @ 2:46PM  
when you get past the smell, the problum is licked

Jul 31 @ 2:46PM  
no comment!

Jul 31 @ 2:58PM  
CC and Chuck, I knew someone would say you get the best of both here. lol The question is though, which is truly better and more of a turn on to you?

Jul 31 @ 3:06PM  
As I said...licking it of course! Once again, you get the BEST of both world', think of it this way...

Smelling it, well, you only smell it. However, when you're licking it, a woman's pussy will give out other aroma's from her arrousal. In other'll smell many more sweet aroma's, rather then just one.

But seeing how you want only one or the other...I'll still go with licking pussy! As there is NOT one thing in life I'd rather do than going down on a woman!!

Jul 31 @ 3:12PM  
If I'm licking, my nose is planted right in there. I don't just play around with it. Oh no, I dive right in, full face, lips on my cheeks and lick her like I mean it. So yeah, I get the smell as well.

Jul 31 @ 3:15PM  
Good explanation why ya like licking more on your second comment CC!

Jul 31 @ 3:37PM  
Well all i have to say is that most men will probably say

I could be wrong tho.

Jul 31 @ 4:07PM  

Jul 31 @ 4:34PM  
I saw the photo above before I saw her posted it... but I knew who it was. Never, ever a truer depiction of life than that captioned photo. Ashinatrix, you KILL me!

I'm going to go out on a limb here... that the va-jay-jay secretes a certain amount of Phermone which is actually picked up through a gland somewhere near or around the sinus area which would lend itself to the belief that the smell of pussy is itself what draws humans to it so much. Hey, it's not Isaac Newton shit but it sounds good to me.

I can't decide on an answer except to say that being able to smell one but not be allowed to lick it... then I'm going to be disappointed. Not to say I wouldn't be grateful!

Jul 31 @ 4:43PM  
he said "va-jay-jay"

Jul 31 @ 5:07PM  
It's fun to say Ash... say it with me... C'mon Everybody!

Jul 31 @ 5:09PM  
I vote for licking pussy. Ain't nothin better than a sweet tastin pussy. The wetter the better.

Jul 31 @ 5:11PM  
I have often wondered the answer to that very question...........Well what does it taste like..........wanna sample............ ..........?

Jul 31 @ 5:12PM  
Doesn't matter what you like anyway What matters is what I like so stop bloggin and get over here and lick it

Jul 31 @ 5:15PM  
Well what does it taste like

Anyone who says "Chicken" is exposed as a Cunnilingus Virgin... or I've just never had a decent piece of Chicken.

Jul 31 @ 5:17PM  
THat still begs the question..........What does it taste like?

Jul 31 @ 5:21PM  
Lick em !!

Jul 31 @ 5:25PM  
THat still begs the question..........What does it taste like?

Honestly... I could use a refresher course.

Jul 31 @ 5:38PM  
........I know what mine tastes like

Jul 31 @ 5:50PM  

1st ya smell it.....if it smells like FISH its a tasty dish!

2nd if it smells like colonge, leave it alone!

If it smells like fish......friggin eat it until her brains fall out!


Jul 31 @ 5:56PM  
When I'm cooking steak on the grill, it sure smells good..... but I'll be darned if I"m going to stop there.

I guess I'd have to ask you......... can't you do both? It's called multi tasking.

Jul 31 @ 6:00PM  
My pussy does not.....nor has ever smelled like fish!!!!!!!

I have many nose-witness accounts........

And as for you Play.....I prefer to call it my HooHoo......



Jul 31 @ 6:15PM  
Ahhh... delicious cream-filled Hostess Hoo-Hoos. A great after school snack!

Jul 31 @ 6:26PM  

You're killin' me here!!!!!

Jul 31 @ 6:26PM  
Slohand, let me repeat the question I asked in my blog again. I asked guys which they truly enjoyed more, smelling pussy or licking pussy. That's a simple question. lol Where do you get the notion I don't do both anyway?

As for Chocolatemilf's comment....I'm a little surprised no one has taken her up on her offer.

looking4fun and Ash, I love the pics in your comments.

Jul 31 @ 6:30PM  
As for Chocolatemilf's comment....I'm a little surprised no one has taken her up on her offer

I have submitted my resume. I'm a people person. I work well with people.


Jul 31 @ 6:30PM  
Licking is better. I don't care too much about the smell, as long as it doesn't smell bad.

Jul 31 @ 6:42PM  
Definitely licking it!! Smelling it is great, but like a salad with your dinner, you can skip it , but the main course is what keeps you from starving and its more satisfying.

Jul 31 @ 6:42PM  
as long as it doesn't smell bad.
Honey........if you wit a woman, who's thang be stankin'....then you wit the wrong woman

Jul 31 @ 6:55PM  
THat still begs the question..........What does it taste like?

Since they do vary in taste, yours is where I should start...and work my way through all the bloggin' ladies here and give you a very thorough answer! I'll tell you...been dyin to know myself!

Jul 31 @ 7:30PM  

Jul 31 @ 8:29PM  
licking, smelling, teasing sucking the wife's pussy. She has the best smelling and the best tasting puss i have ever had...think i'll dive right in... and get another sample...cya fella's


Jul 31 @ 8:31PM  
It usually smells like the shit house door on a tuna boat!

Jul 31 @ 9:22PM  

Aug 1 @ 12:20AM  
It usually smells like the shit house door on a tuna boat!
It's okay hon....I'm sure other homosexuals feel exactly the same way....

Aug 1 @ 7:08AM  
Well there are different possible outcomes between the choices especially if you spend a lot of time on either...
...One can lead to you getting laid
...and the the other can lead to you getting arrested.

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Smelling Pussy vs. Licking Pussy