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"Blog Blockers"..............Fairness

posted 7/30/2007 6:27:45 PM |
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Do you think all comments should be automatically approved, or do you
think the person posting the blog should have the right to pick the comments
that he or she likes best to make the blog look much better than it really is.
Fairness is fairness, a comment is not worth a damm if it can't be used.

What do you think?

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Jul 30 @ 6:34PM  
Privacy is a RIGHT! But there is very little of it on the Internet, lol.

If you read teh "terms of Agreement" on most public web site, to get on them, you give up all your rights...READ THE FINE PRINT. But I should be able to pick and choose!


Jul 30 @ 6:42PM  
I think ALL comments should be automatically approved. I agree that everyone has their rights but by God if they can dish out some shit then they should be willing to show ALL comments good or bad but instead alot of these little pricks come in here and bad mouth the women or get some shit started and then don't have the balls to show ALL the comments.

Jul 30 @ 7:12PM  
I can't say how I feel about this subject, but this pic should give you a fair idea.

Jul 30 @ 7:20PM  
I believe they should all be approved automatically and I have never deleted one unless requested, usually for typos or some such thing.

I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me, even to the point of passing personal judgment upon me including a few terms inappropriate for use in a point.

But if somebody goes too far, that comment will remain, but the offending party will never do it again as they are blocked. If anyone cares, that is two guys at the moment.

Jul 30 @ 7:35PM  
Well i have said many times, everyone has the right to allow comments or censor them, this being said as i have also said many times, to me when you censor comments you only want the ones that agree with you so its a control issue. But to be honest I could care less, if I try to comment on someones blog, unless they are new and dont know about setting it for autoapproval (which i usually email them and tell them how) i dont even try to comment on thier blogs cause personally I dont want to converse with such people. I also dont bother reading their blogs cause i figure they are just as much horse shit as the person who is censoring his/her blog. But thats just my opinion.

Jul 30 @ 8:12PM  
In agreeing with some of the other commentators, I do want to add that if my comment requires approval, it is highly unlikely I will read or comment on anything by that person again.
You can sort of split things, and some folks do, by adding people to your friends list. Comments by that group are automatically approved, plus you can send a form of blog called bulletins to that group only that the general public does not see.

Jul 30 @ 9:36PM  
I like it when comments are automatically approved. True, any idiot can say any idiot thing, but then we get to verbally berate him/her until he/she is so distraught with anger and envy that he/she never makes a fucking stupid comment again.

Just sayin'.

Jul 30 @ 10:54PM  

I feel any blog should be open to comments and not screened.
If your affraid of what others might say, then why write it in the
first place.
But heir are certain people who never have anting good to say
about anyone or anything. In a case like that ? You should block
the user not screen comments. Some people block comments
just because your to old, or you do not fit in their age group, or
between the ages they've picked on their profile.
I can understand them blocking people that do not fit their re-
quirement on their profile from emailing them. That is fine. But
that just doesn't seem right on a blog. My Opinion, but that's
how I see it.

Jul 30 @ 11:20PM  
Personally I don't understand the point of anyone censoring the blog comments as it defeats the entire purpose of a blog.

Yes, some will make idiotic comments, some will rant, some will disagree with a vengance and some will simply smile and wave a Kudo as bait.

This is wha makes a blog enjoyable, the input from all 4 corners with the idiots meeting in the center of the ring.

Jul 31 @ 12:07AM  

Jul 31 @ 1:00AM  
Some people just want to make statements, they don't accept any comments.

Some write good blogs but only allow friends to comment, and maybe others on approval, they can pick and choose and your comment may show up days later.
All comments automatically approved.

Jul 31 @ 1:22AM  
I think .........ummmmmmmmm.......... its a great option to be able to choose.........

Jul 31 @ 1:48AM  
*addition* to my previous comment

I find usually that someone does not allow a comment if they think it will stir a ruckus , or cause pain to somenone else, is this what you found?

Jul 31 @ 6:30AM  
Let's just say I respect people's right to cherry-pick but I do not respect cherry-picking.

Some self-advertisement: my blogs are auto-approved and open to decent people and assholes alike. Nothing is deleted unless requested by the commenter.

Jul 31 @ 6:36AM  
One more thought: maybe it's not such a bad thing to give people the freedom to pick-and-choose. Those who choose to do so write themselves a death warrant in the blogging community. I'm all for giving small-minded people a convenient way to accuse themselves in the court of public opinion.

Jul 31 @ 6:49AM  
I for one have said in the past that censoring blogs defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Now if there is stuff that is inappropriate and has nothing to do with the blog, that's different. As a rule No Censoring. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Jul 31 @ 8:35AM  
I find usually that someone does not allow a comment if they think it will stir a ruckus , or cause pain to somenone else, is this what you found?
If someone writes a hurtful comment it only makes them look like an idiot. I don't believe half the stuff people write here, and none of what some people write. Usually it stirs up a ruckus when someone is not allowed to comment, comment isn't approved or approved days later. Then then there comes an angry blog about a blog they can't comment on, and what can you do about that other than report it?

Jul 31 @ 10:14AM  
To copy and paste wordsofwit: I also agree to THIS way of thinking...

I do want to add that if my comment requires approval, it is highly unlikely I will read or comment on anything by that person again.

Jul 31 @ 3:20PM  
Yeah, even though I don't like my comments not being posted and I've got my blog set to automatic approval I reluctlantly agree that it is up to that particular person to to do whatever it is they want to do with their blogs. Reguardless of what I think.

My only recourse is to totally ignore that person for evermore - whatever else may be said, written or otherwise communicated. For whatever reason you choose to not post my comment or comments, I can play the same game out of sheer vindictiveness or even better for my own peace of mind. They may control what is written and or commented in their blogs but they can not control anything else on this site. If they need that comfort then maybe should have it afterall.

Just let's me know which ones to avoid, lol.

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"Blog Blockers"..............Fairness