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Describe your parents(dont be shy about it)

posted 7/29/2007 11:03:28 AM |
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Curious to know who was the dominate one and who was the one to dole out the punishment,

Now for me Daddy was Dominate, but in a quiet sort of way , you just knew where he stood, and where you belonged.

Mama however would do the discipline, one smack on my shoulder would shake my whole body ........ felt like tremors for hours afterward.

Having said that though we did not recieve alot of punishment,we had the fear instilled in us,I think thats whats missing today.... and I dont mean fear "he's gonna kill me " fear of disappointing him or her was worse than any whipping I could have gotten........

Another thing about them was they shared the same birthday ten years apart,and when fathers/mothers day came they both got presents....... Never seemed right to give something to just one ....ah finally a reward for having 6 girls....

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Jul 29 @ 11:20AM  
BOTH were/are domanant............all out war when the shit hit the fan

Jul 29 @ 11:23AM  

I'll avoid a lengthy comment by just saying that Dad gave "the look"....and Mom carried the stick. I spent a lot of time with Dad.

Jul 29 @ 11:24AM  
My father was/is the kindest man of all takes A LOT to get him to raise his voice.....not weak mind you.....just very controlled.....He worked all the time....never at home much.....forcing mom to the the raising on her own....we never got along too well, never really close.....although we have been the best of friends from the day I moved out

Jul 29 @ 11:35AM  
I had the greatest parents in the world. They never had to discipline me because I never did anything wrong. I was the perfect child.

I also have some oil well stock to sell you.

Jul 29 @ 11:36AM  
I was lucky, I never saw my parents have fights. My dad did keep us in line when we were young.
Women seek men who are similar to their father, even if he was a total asshole. That is how much influence fathers have on girls. That is what I have seen, and from what I have read.

Jul 29 @ 11:42AM  
Well in my family my mom was the one we were all scared of, don't get me wrong there was never no yelling and definitely never a hand raised to any of us, and there were 7. My mom just had to give you that "look" and you knew you were pushing it. And loveyou if I ever found a man like my DAD I would be the happiest woman in the world!!


Jul 29 @ 11:52AM  
oh shit it was MOM!! I"m 47 and she still makes me jump!!! Didn't matter what she hit you with back then it was whatever was in her hand...Hey shadow you remember those days don't ya???

Jul 29 @ 11:55AM  
I received both the look a spankings when growing up by both parents. What can I say, they were both teachers. On the farm, after the discipline, you always received extra chores. I can give "the look" with ease, and my ex always said when our girls get old enough to date, the boy had better be careful!

Jul 29 @ 12:26PM  

Dad did both, Mom was the protector.

Jul 29 @ 4:56PM  
My father was psycho one never knew when you had to duck under a table or chair to avoid being hit with things he threw during tantrums.. He would backhand you sitting at the table eating.. My brother got the brunt of most of his rages as well as my sister I hid a lot and when I could manipulate things I would calm him down.. The only one in the family to be able to do so... There was never any peace and the house was always on edge.. My Mom was the protector but just barely we kids actually stood up for one another even more.. Mom checked out when I was about 5 and my sister who is 6 years older took care until about I was about age 8 then she too checked out.. I stayed a lot of time home alone or with my older brother then he became the parental figure.. Ha ha ha what a joke.. With him I was smoking cigarettes and pot by age 10.. Smile.. But I could cook a mean steak and fried potatoes....

I can say as a parent my kids lives are absolutely nothing like my own was.. But I can give the look LMAO....

Jul 29 @ 5:26PM  
My Parents were equal partners. One Threatened and the Other Had to Dole Out The Punishments!!! My Mom gave the threat "Wait til your Father Gets Home"! And Dad always wondered what was happening while he was gone!! I can count on 1 hand the spankings I received and I know I deserved more, but I was Daddy's Little Girl!!! My parents gave us the choice of being grounded or a spanking, all four of us always took the spanking as my Dad never spanked us hard. His reasoning for this was because he didn't see us do the crime!!
I miss him so!

Jul 29 @ 6:49PM  
My parents are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much..... I remember getting exactly three spankings when I was growing up, and I deserved each and every one of them. Neither my father or my mother had to protect us from the other. My mom was vocal sometimes when she got angry at us, but we always deserved it.

After reading the other post, it makes me realize just how good I had it growing up, and how much I have to be thankful for.

I am 33 years old, and I am proud to say that I call home to my Mom and Dad every single day to check on them and see if they need anything. I live 700 miles away from them, but if they needed even a loaf of bread, I would be in that car in a heart beat.

Jul 30 @ 1:11AM  
I never really knew my mother.... she was mentally ill and was removed from the house for the protection of me and my 4 siblings....

My father was an emotionally and sometimes physically abuse man who would hit. His favorite was across the face. The constant verbal put downs were the worst..
That and never knowing what might set his temper off....there were no warning signs.

For the most part, raised by just my dad...
he was rarely home.. didn't care much about his children...
he was mostly out drinking and enjoying himself with gals.

I have on-line male friends that are better to me that my father ever was or is to be truthful. We are kinda close but almost strangers.

Lady J

Jul 30 @ 6:35PM  
Odd couple, divorced after the last kid left the house. They never fought but the personalities did not match at all...John Wayne and Edith Bunker. I could never to this day see how these two people got together.
When the old man warned you, it was not a threat, it was a promise. He was a HS football coach that retired as a principal. In the sixties when ties and belts became fashionably narrow, one belt remained from around 1956. It was my belt, not for my waist, but for my ass. I was never abused and deserved virtually every "lickin" I got.
Mom was a syllable slapper and as she bitched, she whacked you and you hoped that she didn't have much to say.

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Describe your parents(dont be shy about it)