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Tonight you shall give me your virgin ass...

posted 7/29/2007 9:07:57 AM |
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tagged: sex, slave, anal, erotic, master

Up until tonight, you have given of yourself to me. I own your mouth, pussy, and entire body. However, you have not given your virgin ass to me, but tonight that changes.....

I roll you onto your stomach, pulling you up by your hair. I demand..."Up on all fours my little bitch, hand me your chain as well." You hand me the ring of your choke chain over your shoulder as I instruct you. I release your hair, pulling the chain taut. I slip my hand between your legs and slap your thighs. I command you to spread your legs for me. You slide your knees further apart. I run my fingers over your engorged outer lips gently, teasingly. I then roughly grab your small patch of pussy hair, pulling downward, and twisting a little. As I hear you let out a little cry, I give your chain a tug as I grab at your clit, pinching it between my fingers. "Now spread your ass for me!"... I command! You do as you're told, and rest your chest on the pillows and you reach back to spread your ass open for me.

I command..."Wider!" I smack your wet cunt in short stingy slaps. Your clit hardens, your lips getting hot, and every inch of your pussy is dripping of your juices. I slip a finger in deep, saturating it. Then rubbing your juices over your tight puckered asshole, slowly sliding my finger deep into your tight ass, and out again. You begin moaning out loud, and half panting. "Mmmmm, you are such a hot little bitch." Your juices are running down your thighs. "You like it when I play with your ass, fingering it deeply. I bet you are wishing that was my cock in your tight little ass, stretching it wider and going deeper" You moan loudly at the idea. "Yes Master, please take my ass!"

"Not yet." I say to you, as I smack your ass firmly. You put your hands back up to balance yourself. You cross your arms under your I yank on your chain to raise you back up some. I place the tip of my rock hard cock at your pussies entrance. I begin sliding just the head in and out, teasing you, while fingering your tight little asshole. You scream out..."Oh, my Master!" ..... "Yes my little slut? You want your Masters cock don't you?" I ask... "Oh, yes sir, I want it, I need it, please bury your hard cock into my wetness!" You moan gently..."I bet you do. You want to be fucked good and hard don't you? You want me to treat you like a little slut, huh?" ..."Yes sir." ... "You do?" ... "OH, Yes sir!"

I don't think you really want it, you better ask me right. Beg for it bitch, beg to be fucked hard and treated like the useless slut you are!...

Oh please Master, fuck me, fuck me hard. Treat me like your little slut, ram it deep into me. Only you can please me Sir. Please fill my cunt with your cum, I want to feel you cum inside me. My pussy is so wet. It's craving your big cock. I need you so much. I'm such a fucking slut please Sir, I need you to treat me like your slut!!

Maybe I'll go to the bar, and get a guy to come over so we can both fuck you. Let you suck us both hard. You can get on top of my cock while he slides his dick in your ass. I want to watch your face while you have two guys fucking you, stuffing you from the front and back. Do you want both holes to be used!?

Oh yes, Sir, I would love to have both holes filled. I want to feel full. I want you to use my body to please you.

I slam it into to you, to the hilt. I pull almost all the way out, and slam it in again. Your body lunges forward with each thrust. You scream in ecstasy. You are almost in tears from the pleasure of it... as I continue this pattern. I pull out unexpectedly, smacking your super wet pussy hard...several times. I then retrieve several clamps, and I attach them to your slick outer labia. The flails of the flogger wisped across your back, ass, and thighs. You moan loudly as the intensity increases. Your mind starts to spin as the pleasure sweeps over your body. You can feel me pulling your cunt open wide with the clamps. You cringe a little at the sharp pain shooting through your genitals. First I slip in two fingers, then all four. I pump them in and out of you, yanking hard on the clamps. You let out a moan, and a light scream as the orgasm explodes throughout your body. I begin to start fucking you with my ridgid cock again... harder and faster, slamming it deep into your juicy, nasty cunt.

You hear me grunt and feel my body stiffen as I erupted inside of your aching, wet pussy. I rest back on my heels for a second to catch my breath, as you sprawl across the bed onto your stomach. "Did I tell you to lay down slut?" I asked sternly. "No, Sir," replied...getting back to your knees.

"Now turn around and face me!"... I command! You move quickly to comply, as you don't wish to displease me. You're surprised to notice my cock is still stiff and rigid. You kneel up like a good slave should, knowing full well what pleases your Master! And you shove your mouth onto my hard shaft. "Now, lick it clean bitch....suck our juices off of it!" I command, grabbing your hair for leverage.

You hungerly lick around the edge of it's head, slowly licking the sides, and then sucking it deep into your mouth. You meticulously slurp the jizz from my member, careful not to miss a drop. Moaning, you lapped up the small puddle at it's base and down my balls, gingerly sucking them into your mouth for a thorough cleaning.....

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Jul 29 @ 9:09AM  

"That's right, don't miss a drop. Oh yeah, that feels great. I love your well-trained mouth." I say to you in soft words.....

You flicker your tongue up my hard shaft and take the full length deep into your mouth again, moaning around it. My cock grows harder in your mouth. I slam it down your throat several more times... before pulling it out with a loud pop. Grabbing your neck, I push you down to the mattress and position myself behind you. I ram my hard cock deep into your pussy several times, I then pull it completely out.....

You then feel the head of my cock at your anal opening, my thumbs on either side, spreading it open for my invasion. Using your juices as lubrication, I gently slide in, stretching the tight ring around my thick mushroomed head. You moan as I fill the canal, digging into your body. I begin to slowly pump in and out of your tight virgin ass. You buck back against me to meet my hard, deep thrusts. We both pant and moan, as the friction and heat build. I grab onto your hips, my fingers digging into the flesh of your ass, as I begin slamming my cock into your tight virgin ass. I grunt as I pull all the way out, then again I plunge back into you, harder and deeper this time! You moan and scream into the mattress. Your pussy and ass convulse as your climax rips through you. "Turn around here and lay down," I gasp, as I begin stroking my slick shaft. You're stretched out, watching me straddle your stomach, while I continue stoking it. My stride quickens and my loads splash across your chest and face. I rub it into your chest playing with your nipples. "You are a good little slut," I tell you with a smile...

Now it is time for my shower. Go start my water.

Jul 29 @ 9:20AM  
Wow! Sounds like fun!

Jul 29 @ 10:22AM  
Damn WilldCraveman.....

Jul 29 @ 10:32AM  
"........Yes Sir."

**kisses him softly on the lips**

Jul 29 @ 11:04AM  

Jul 29 @ 11:18AM  
ok that did it yall happy now ??

Jul 29 @ 12:09PM  

Jul 29 @ 1:17PM  
*notation to my previous post* Just to clarify*

made me yearn ,very good blog, just wakes up feelings I cant fill .......hence the

Jul 29 @ 1:21PM  
made me yearn ,very good blog, just wakes up feelings I cant fill .......
awwwwwwww maggs
Wanna come live with us???

Jul 29 @ 4:35PM  
I am so glad you didn't name names...I didnt want anyone to know.

Jul 29 @ 5:45PM  
Is it HOT in here???

Jul 29 @ 11:27PM  
woooooohoooooooo gonna go live with Ash and CC .........

Jul 30 @ 4:55AM  
Holy Shit I have read some good erotic stories before but CC you have written a masterpiece.
Just what I needed to read when I woke at three in the morning. Now I won't be sleeping for quite a while.
A million kudo's to you if I could.

And Ash can I cum too??

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Tonight you shall give me your virgin ass...