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Popeye Is Not Gay…

posted 7/28/2007 7:12:47 PM |
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…but many other classic cartoon characters are subject to scrutiny.

I love classic cartoons, largely from the thirties through the fifties, especially those that were designed for adults to run in theaters before the double feature. In the days of yesteryear, sexual orientation never entered my mind when I parked myself in front of the TV after school or Saturday morning, as I never knew that a sexual orientation existed. Now, serious questions arise.

The first two that aroused suspicion were Casper the Friendly Ghost and Felix the Cat. Something is not quite right or normal with those two, plus, what about Casper's fixation with children?

My mind began to wander with thoughts tumbling about that generated more questions than answers.

Names popped into my head, pairs of names. My eyes grew big as my mouth slowly fell open. You don’t suppose that…yeah, I do.

Yogi and Boo Boo
Chip and Dale
Quick Draw and Babbalooie
Heckyl and Jeckyl
Pixie and Dixie
I remain perplexed concerning Rocky and Bullwinkle as I don’t even really know what gender Rocky is! Thank god for Boris and Natasha!!

Counterpoints stemmed the tide of animated homophobia, alleviating the specter of pending violation of childhood memories.

Mickey and Minnie
Donald and Daisy
Fred and Wilma
Popeye and Olive
George and Jane
Not sure about daughter Judi, but in any case, would love to watch
Woody Woodpecker had a girlfriend
Goofy had a son
Sylvester had a son
Yosemite Sam would chase a skirt
So would Tom & Jerry
Foghorn Leghorn was always trying to bilk this widow woman
Pepe LePew was always after pussy

Relieved, the wheels turned towards another group as I tried to reach closure with some form of conclusions.

Tweetie is a flamer, Tweetie Pie, come on
Same for Yacky Doodle
Droopy, a closet dweller if I ever saw one
The Road Runner isn’t too far behind
Magilla Gorilla, yeah, him too
I will give Porky Pig the benefit of the doubt as I recall Petunia being around on rare occasions
Herman and Katnip, we all know who the top and bottom were in that relationship
I suspect my favorite black TV star, Daffy Duck, went both ways
Elmer Fudd, solo sexer; gay or straight, who’d want to
Wile Coyote, ditto
Taz, serial killer and rapist
Mister Wizard and Tudor Turtle are only exceed in depravation by Mister Peabody and Sherman

Then there is the biggest one of them all that I just can’t quite figure out, Bugs Bunny…he definitely kissed a lot of men.

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Jul 28 @ 7:36PM  
lol!!! one night a few years ago, my brother and I sat and drank and analyzed all the characters from Winnie the Pooh in the same kind of manner!!

Jul 28 @ 8:06PM  
Yeah, it makes one think.

Jul 28 @ 8:39PM  
My world is torn apart now...popeye gay???? Whats next????....twinkies are not really a sponge cake with a creamy dairy based filling....

Jul 28 @ 9:07PM  
Not shocked by your analysis on these as you know that Scooby Doo and shaggy were stoners,come on- constantly eating and paranoid,Shaggy's habitually unkempt appearance.Also Velma is a lesbian but thats incorrect to assume a plain,yet intelligent woman would be homosexual,but others have pointed that out,I didn't.Lastly Daphne and Fred were always knocking boots,because why was it they always left together when the gang had to split up? Y'know,since Scooby Doo was back in the 60s and 70s,it might of been covert propaganda for the countercultural movement in my theory and if that theory is true,thats pretty cool.One more thing,Olive Oyl wasn't anorexic,I'd like to think she had a "fast metabolism",lol

Jul 28 @ 9:40PM  
Bugs was Trans he liked boys and dressed as a girl.. LOL

Jul 28 @ 9:52PM  
I know Popeye is not gay.. cuz my daddy used to sing me the song..

"he's popeye the sailor man, popeye the sailor man.. he loves goin swimmin with bowlegged women.. that's popeye the sailor man toot toot!

Jul 28 @ 10:13PM  
do puppets count??

What about Bert and Ernie???


Jul 28 @ 10:43PM  
Ash..that is soooo wrong...everyone knows that Ernie is a bottom......

Jul 28 @ 11:36PM  
Ash..that is soooo wrong...everyone knows that Ernie is a bottom......

Wit,you forgot one..I forgot his name,but his catchphrase was: "Exit,stage right!"
Stage,as in theater....hmm.

Jul 29 @ 12:07AM fav...

Jul 29 @ 1:16PM  
and lets not forget the 80's cartoons--if the name didn't convince you that He-man was gay, the haircut did the trick!

Jul 29 @ 1:37PM  
What about "Top" Cat? oh and Tom Terrific? (was that his name?) The Hair Bear Bunch? enuff sed

Jul 29 @ 1:41PM  
what about Droopy???

We all know he was in the closet........

Why do you think he's so depressed???

Jul 29 @ 5:16PM  
Yogi and Boo Boo

Well, duh. They're bears, you know...

if the name didn't convince you that He-man was gay, the haircut did the trick!

Hey, now! He-man is merely a pioneering metrosexual. Of course, that doesn't mean he isn't gay, it isn't obvious. Now, if you told me that He-man and Man-at-Arms spent a long weekend alone in the woods...

Jul 30 @ 2:24AM fav...
Thats the one.I'll tell you one who isn't:Spongebob..come on.They say he is but he isn't,hes just....happy.

Jul 30 @ 2:38AM  
You forgot Bert and Earnie and in case you didn't know, for those who remember him, Mr. Snuffle Uppagas (Big Birds best friend, the hairy elephant thing) was a stoner

Jul 30 @ 6:00AM  
I did forget some that came to mind later, but I intentionally wanted to confine it to the era of the baby boomers.
Among those I forgot were:
Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har
Wally Gator (Holly caused me to recall him)
Snaggle Puss
Touche Turtle
Sherman and Mister Peabody
Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley
Little Lulu
and others

Jul 30 @ 10:28AM  
Heavens to mergatroid.................the first gay I remember seeing is the Cowardly Lion on the Wizard of OZ........and away we go............!!!

Aug 5 @ 12:54AM  
Popeye Is Not Gay…

Ummmm Are You sure?

Jun 1 @ 5:01PM  
what about batman and robin lol

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Popeye Is Not Gay…