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Sniffing panties =)

posted 7/28/2007 7:08:28 PM |
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tagged: kinky, fetishes, panties, straddle

I have done this kind of blog before, but Looking4fun's week in review blog this week inspired me somewhat to talk about this one again. This time I would love to know how you guys like to sniff womens panties as far as while her panties are on the bed, her wearing them at the time, in the laundry basket, and so you like to sniff her panties while she's not watching, or would you prefer for her to watch you sniff them? Would you still sniff them if they had a skidmark or stained skidmark in them? Is it a turn off if she had holes in her panties after she took her pant's or skirt off? Also, is there a time frame as far as when you wouldn't sniff her panties, say like after two days, three days? Ladies, would you prefer to watch him sniff your panties, or do it behind your back?

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Jul 28 @ 7:15PM  
I like to sniff her panties while she's wearing them.
This way, I am close to her cunt too!

Jul 28 @ 7:39PM  
oops..... no one could ever sniff my panties!!!.... I NEVER wear any! as a matter of fact.... I don't even own any!

and oh yeah..... when you say hole in her panties, do you mean like...crotchless, or do you mean a hole from everyday wear and tear (no pun intended)!!???????? but now that I think about it, if they were crotchless, you wouldn't have much to sniff now.... would ya.....

Jul 28 @ 7:54PM  
Wordsofwit, I deleted your coment like you asked me to.

Hopon, yeah, I was referring to the holes as everyday wear and tear in panties. lol

Last night I had Kim straddle my face with her panties on for roughly 5 minutes as she gently grind and rode my face rubbing her scent into my face. Mmmmm Every now and then I have her do that. A lot of other times she's on her back with her panties on and I'm sniffing her. I do get interupted a lot however as she wants me to lick her clit.


Jul 28 @ 7:54PM  
I like to inhale a womans aroma on her panties while they are on her and as I remove them. But I am not really into going thru the laundy basket etc to sniff a pair. It can be erotic at the moment especially when she is turned on and starting to get wet. That's my take on it. I do enjoy a woman wearing different ypes of panties but not all of them at once...LOL

Jul 28 @ 8:45PM  
This reminds me of the pre teen years when you would accuse someone of smelling girl's bycycle seats.

Jul 28 @ 10:04PM  
Also, is there a time frame as far as when you wouldn't sniff her panties, say like after two days, three days?
i have never worn the same pair of panties for more than 1 day!!!!!!eeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!!

Jul 28 @ 10:17PM  
You gotta pay the toll Honey If you are going to put your head between my legs of course I am going to make ya lick

Jul 28 @ 10:24PM  
This is how to take them off when you are done sniffing them

Jul 29 @ 12:15AM  
Looking4fun's week in review blog this week inspired me somewhat to talk about this one again

I'm glad I inspire someone, but i still dont want to have my panties messed with they should be off and kicked in the corner by then. LOL

Jul 29 @ 2:27AM  
Down at Borty's panty emporium...we prefer the scratch and sniff variety ...however the Blinky panties are quite popular....

Jul 29 @ 4:16AM  
The kinky review! Strad of old ... good times ... good times.

Jul 29 @ 10:37AM  
Oh hell the old straddle is back....Kim must of left you alone to long, you been thinking again. This can be scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry...

Jul 29 @ 11:41AM  
The Tale of Two Panties?

I've asked two on-line acquaintances (at seperate times) if they'd send me a pair of their panties...

The first willingly obliged without much fuss...

and the second...well, she thinks I should be locked away for being a depraved pervert. *sigh*


Jul 29 @ 1:06PM  
Absolutely sniff those panties.... the bodily and/or sexual scent of a woman is precious.... and they must know how much this means to us....

Jul 29 @ 7:06PM  
some sohlud just be thrown out once they are worn lolol not sure if somne women know they really smell bad lol come on not all so dont get down on me come on now guys you know you have came across a woman that you wonder what the hel is goinbg on down there that it smells so damn bad? lol but when you get a clean woman it's very nice

Jul 30 @ 8:05AM  
Not of any interest around here to the big dog (yours truly), but a definite irrestible fetish by the four legged ones as scented undies, along with socks and shoes, are targets of considerable interest. Unfortunately, they play rough and the garmet is destined for destruction in the backyard.
Reminds me of a funny story from about two and a half years ago. I had two lesbians living with me (no, this is not bullshit) and one was buxom, perhaps a 46DD.
I heard Manfred, the full grown 100 pound rottie, and Deirdre, then a 15/20 pound puppy, playing in the backyard. It was getting a little too loud and I decided to check it out as I didn't want her getting hurt.
I looked out back and they we playing with this monster bra in a form of tug of war and crack the whip.
Deirdre would pull on one stretching it out, then Manfred, at the other end, would turn and shake his head to one side resulting in the puppy becoming airborne, flying out about six feet but still with a grip on the bra, only to snap back.
It was great fun for us all until the wire protruded out from it and I decided it was time to put an end to the giggles and grins.

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Sniffing panties =)