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Fuck Strip Clubs

posted 7/25/2007 6:10:25 PM |
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Now first of all I wanna say that I love the dancing and I have always fantized about a women doing a strip tease for me but I have never had the urge to go to a strip club. To me its like being really hungry and going to a buffet and seeing all this wonderful food and instead of getting to eat u get it waved around in your face and then u go home hungry with no money lol does that sound like a fun time to u . The thing that really turns me off the idea though is the money and business part of it, it really would cheapin the hole experience for me and I can't stand the thought of a girl pretending to like me and work me for money fuck that!!! Who wants to be treated that way and as for the girls if there turned on by just the idea of stripping and the money is kind of just a bonus that sounds all right I would feel alright about watching that but something does disturb me about girls that hate there jobs and have to do that to survive I really feel for them.

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Jul 25 @ 6:20PM  
When you go to a strip club, everybody is looking at the dancing girls. But what happens when you shift your attention away from them? Just try sitting at the bar and focusing on the stuff happening elsewhere in the room.

The line-up of sad men who are trying to balance how much money they want to spend on tipping a girl who only likes them because they have cash, and how much they need to get and keep drunk.

The off-duty girls that are trying to study so they can stop working in places like this.

The guys that have a little cash so they are going nuts, fooling themselves that if they just holler and flash the dollar that they can somehow get a girl's attention.

The really rich asshole that knows he has so much money he can target desperate strippers and treat them like prostitutes.

The bartender who's just trying to ignore it all because having the girls there pisses him off as it takes away from his tips.

The bouncers who are dating the girls, getting silently angry at the men who's flirting seems to be working.

I can't stand going into strip clubs. It's great if your one of those people who keeps blinders on all the time, otherwise it's depressing as all get-out!

Jul 25 @ 6:26PM  
there are men who are addicted to making sex and sexual fantasies a financial thing.
There are such things as "Financial Mistresses" or "Financial domination"
It's a power trip... think about what I do... not much better. LoL More expensive... LoL


Jul 25 @ 6:56PM  
I agree with Dom on that 1. I have 3 clubs in a 2 mile radius of me. 1 high dollar joint and 2 sleeze bag joints. When ever I am really down and depressed I go to them. It makes me feel better to know that I dont have to take my clothes off and pretend to like you in order to pay my rent and feed my kids. I just drink a beer (1) and ignore the efforts the dancers make to get my hard earned dollars out of my pocket. I know some of them make more in a day than I make in a week or even 2, my ex had some stripper friends. I will leave the doctors and the lawyers to shower them with money, cars, and jewlery, cuz I just dont have that kind of disposable income. And even if I would still stay in my pocket.

Jul 25 @ 6:59PM  
i pretty much agree. i'd much rather be a participant than a spectator. :)

plus, i have better things to do with my one dollar bills :)


Jul 25 @ 7:21PM  
I'm not into throwing money away. It's pointless and pathetic. The only thing that it seems that I'm good at is pissing people off when they can't have their way/complete control of a situation. I learned my lesson a long time ago why I don't date strippers. Most of them are pathetic. It seems as if they always have to have your attention at all times. The second other women start looking at you; They can't handle themselves. When you aren't wrapped around her finger; She shows you just how possessive she can be. Then when you show her how easily you can live without her she flies off the handle and throws all her other ambitions to the side to make sure that she can get her revenge on you because; How dare a man do that to ME she says.

There are some strippers that are good and down to earth people. I'm not bashing all of them. It's most of them that I'm mainly referring to here.

The only fun involved in going to a strip club is in a case where you sit in the back, watch the dancers and have no interruptions with more beer being the exception. Don't give the strippers money. You're just throwing it right down the tube. Don't have any concern about attention either. Just drink, sit back and enjoy the sights.

Jul 25 @ 7:22PM's the same way when I'm broke.....fuck it if Im gonna go "window shopping"!!!!! What's the fun in that???

Jul 25 @ 7:27PM  
I feel the same way! What? Women go see strippers, too! And I think it's a waste of time and money. I would much rather pull a man - oh, we'll say mrknowuwell - on to the dance floor and do some dirty dancing with him...a good old bump-n-grind, backing up into him and making sure I get a cheap thrill.

Jul 25 @ 7:41PM  
One thing I noticed is all the guys I know that go to strip joints are married. They tell me i'ts the closest they can get to a naked woman other than thier wives without actually cheating on them. So, they drop a bundle of money to watch girls flaunt their stuff in their faces, they get all worked up and then go home and fuck thier wives...while they have images of strippers in thier minds...they're not being unfaithful technically so it makes them happier people. Some of their wives want them to go because they know when they get home they'll be ready for a roll between the sheets. I guess that's one way of keeping marraiges together...

Me? Not a chance I'll go unless they drag me out and pay for everything.

Jul 25 @ 7:42PM  
JJ I have a stack of 20 dollar bills for you, can we go in the back for a private dance? Oh hell...I will even buy you a bottle of champagne

Jul 25 @ 8:08PM  
i had 2 girlfriends who stripped for a living about 15 years ago. Both did it support thier kids. Neither liked it at all...they said it was humiliating. Both of these girlfriends have finished college within the past 2 years. Good for them eh? There are things we do in life that we arent proud of, but they are sometimes a neccesity.


Jul 25 @ 8:10PM  
haha that was pretty funny by the way mrknowuwell

Jul 25 @ 8:24PM  
before this starts anything...i know kris didnt mean this as any kris...

Jul 25 @ 8:47PM  
thanks pooh I appreaciate that even though I can't spell appreaciate.

Jul 25 @ 10:12PM  
it really would cheapin the hole experience for me

Jul 25 @ 10:27PM  
I find it hard to believe that after all of these responses, not a single person had a single positive thing to say about strip clubs.
If you're married, take your wife and buy her lap dances until she's drunk. THEN go home and tell me that money was wasted.

If you're single, umm...yeah. Skip the titty bar and go get some titties.

Jul 25 @ 11:27PM  
I can't say that I have ever been to a strip club.
I have never the bars were (and are) out of the question.
I haven't been to a bar since 1988!

Jul 26 @ 11:25AM  
TattooedRawkStar I think its cool if u have a different point of view I wanna here what u think a person opinion can't be wrong.

Jul 26 @ 11:50AM  
I've never been to a strip club, and I have never had any desire to step foot in one. Growing up there were about 10 within a few miles of where we lived, and as a kid I was always a little curious about them. I never really understood (at that time) why men liked going there so much. Now that I am older, I really don't see any reason I would want to go to a strip club. I am not attracted to women and I don't see myself getting anything out of a lap dance.

Jul 26 @ 11:20PM  
It's entertainment, what's the harm in tipping a dancer a couple of dollars, you guys the ones that have been in those places, spend way too much on the overpriced drinks. Strippers are people too, trying to pay bills, at least they are working.

Aug 3 @ 12:51AM  

I've known a few strippers who loved thier job(teasing men)& lots of men enjoy being teased! Hell hubby is a cuckhold&wouldn't be happy any other way!!

Aug 3 @ 12:52AM  

I've known a few strippers who loved thier job(teasing men)& lots of men enjoy being teased! Hell hubby is a cuckhold&wouldn't be happy any other way!!

Aug 25 @ 7:59AM  
I have a couple of friends who are strippers and I'd like to get into the business myself just because being a tease has always turned me on. I think if you have the frame of mind that this is just a fantasy and you don't get anybody who really thinks they're getting somewhere with these strippers; then you're doing ok. If you have the money and you want to give it to me to see me shake my titties in your face; that's all right with me! I like doing it; and you'll enjoy the sight.

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Fuck Strip Clubs