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Why are we fighting in Iraq!!!

posted 7/25/2007 1:27:41 PM |
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Don't take my word for it. Go listen to a leader of the greatest generation. I posted it on the videos.

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Jul 25 @ 2:05PM  
I know exactly why we are fighting in Iraq. George W. Bush just isn't that bright and he's a big coward. He has probably been a dissappointment to his dad all his life. I suppose he hoped to make his father proud of him by finishing what his father started. 911 gave him a great cop-out excuse to start an assault against him.

Now that we find that Iraq was indeed honoring the UN's wishes to not produce weapons of mass destruction, it has shown that George Bush is yet again a blunder and a dissappointment.

I suppose he keeps the troops in Iraq because he doesn't want to admit yet again to his dad that he has once again failed. Stupid people have egos too.

Jul 25 @ 4:53PM  
Cause George Bush loves for idiots to hate him and this way he can get ALL the online inbred redneck idiots to say/post bad things about him (Like as above) and his administration!!

Jul 25 @ 6:17PM  
I see George Bush likes to control "old idiots" above....I can tell you exactly why we are still in starts with an O and ends with an L....I mean where were we when his dad was controling the country...In a economic ressession and extremely high gas prices...guess what we are experiencing with George JR..economic ressesion and high gas took Clinton two terms to clean up "Dad's" mess...I think it will be even longer to clean up George's mess...oh and by the way...Gore did win the first time around...just votes happened to be lost in Florida...a state where his bro Jeb was running at the convienient..

Jul 25 @ 7:05PM  
tuna?--and gee I was so impressed by the redhead(actualy one of the few redheaded women I've ever known who were that ill-informed)(notice I didn't say "just plain stupid)----lady--just go and pick up any old generic history or economic book and you'll see how really stupid you sound.--You can even run to the Harvard Group(and they don't come much more left wing than that)-----and yoou might find you didn't get even remotely close to a fact.----fact----economy was fairly strong until Jimmy the Peanut got in there---by the end of his term--he had tripled inflation--run the prime rate so high it was causing rampant bancruptcy---and the unemployment rate was higher than the depression.----Took the best and the brightest under Reagan to get it under control.---And the elder Bush?---hmmmpretty much responsible forsome rather "horrible" things----such as the dismantling of the cold war----primary responsibility for the tearing down of the Berlin Wall----forcing the dems to double the spending on aids(public record cutie!----they voted it down 4 times)-----hmmmmm solid economy---and what high gas prices?----the last time gas prices went to the moon was under Mr. Peanut---who also caused wide spread gas rationing----(only seen in this country during WW2). hmmmmm--let;s see--------if you are really stupid enough to spout that nonsense about Gore winning?---you might want to read good ole Hillary C's report----lol===seems like the Miami Herald kept on counting---of course the left wing CBS--ABC--and NBC di all it could not to report it---finally the Herald quit----Bush just kept moving on ahead---and of course ledt's not forget the slaughterhouse win in his second term---along with destroying the dems in the senate and house-----LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS---oh my!----oops!--lest I forget---Clinton cleaned up what? hmmm---ok--He won with a plurality---lowest in recorded history---but!--he went in with the dems having a majority in the senate--the house--and in governorships-------oops again!---two years later-----alas!----lost the senate--the house--and the governorshipsto the republicans-------YESSIR---one and all---he certainly helped those old dems out--didn't he? 2yrs later--lost some more----(we won't mention the debacle with Hillary's med proposal---which is still being used in many universities around the country to show how NOT to do things-----)----oh sweetie---our economy?---------hmmmm----SIX record breaking years-------more money than God back into people's pockets-------yep--even those great welfare folks are making out like bandits------first time in history that the middle class is investing that heavily into the stock markets---OOPS---geee-the market set records never imgined-----oh rats!------and we are all sooooooo poor-------Miss---you really are an idiot!(please let us know if you have any more "facts")


Jul 25 @ 8:17PM  
Yeah a die hard republican you are right? Thinking straight and narrow. Give me a break, he has done nothing but ruin us. Outsource all our jobs overseas because it's the "cheaper". He slit our throats. I'm sorry you and all your books and Harvard Studies can convince me that any of the Bush's were any good. The Republicans take from the working class and give the breaks to the rich. So really I honestly think you are stupid for thinking George W. is a good Pres.

Jul 25 @ 8:23PM  

I didn't view this video, because some right-winger's opinion matters little to me.

We're in Iraq, because we were told that it would be anti-American and unpatriotic to not support this war.

Then again, if some other country did what we have done, then it would have been something along the lines of Germany invading Poland in 1939. Oh wait, they already did that. And it took 52 other nations to stop them.

Who is going to stop us?

I hope the American people will, come November 2008.


Jul 25 @ 8:27PM  
One more thing...when the Democrats took over Capitol Hill this past year...(CNN, CBS, NBC, every damn broadcast you can think of if you want facts)....Rumsfield desides to resign...imagine that....looks like a crumbling cabinet. His on lovely Republicans turning against them.

Jul 25 @ 9:07PM  
Q: outsource ? wasn't that a part of NAFTA? Who signed NAFTA into law?

Jul 25 @ 9:30PM  
Businesses are outsourcing lots of technical stuff to India and I don't think that's part of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), whose mambers are the United States, Canada and Mexico. It's a world economy now......China is our biggest supplier of what is in Wal-Mart, K Mart and discount stores.

Jul 26 @ 4:11AM  
well miss monogamy------once again you (like many other Jerry Springer sideshows) have managed to look even worse----shame you wouldn't put your e-mail to me into these blogs---lol---however----like most who have nothing to contribute---you flap your arms---and scream----and for all that---gee---you still can't find one iota of truth in any of youir rantings-------as one person on there said---who exactly formed NAFTA/------well gee------outsource?-------hmmmmm----let's see---right -wing(or conservative prick as you put it in your e-mail)----lol----I can see your knowledge of global economy is severely lacking----straight and narrow?---seems to me I ammuch more open minded ----after listening to your rhetoric------you scream and rant the same small minded things over and over-----with no facts---no experience --absolutely nothing to even form an opinion on-------ahhhh --but still she shrieks---------same old tiredsong and dance ---give to the rich and take from the poor--------even the hard left non-thinkers seldom use that------when all you have to do is look around------and ---OOPS---again----gee--4% paid 51% of the income tax?----Bushes tax cuts pulled 45,000,000 folks off the tax rolls-----hmmm that means they pay 0 income tax BUT they receive huge refunds-----yep=====he shore did give all them rich folks some large breaks-------and just took all that money from those poor people who are getting all that free--oops----I guess I don't mind signing over chunks of my money to complete strangers--------all that "free" money"---------oh----to the gentleman(and I use that term loosely)-----as an ex ranger with2 tours under my belt-----I have run into both military and ex military who are anti-war-----which would be great if everyone else wasn't always making us a target---courase the redhead is seldom out of a party scene --so she wouldn't know about all the death and destruction created by all these nice folks----but we are the bad guys---so in a nutshell --I've never heard anyone compare us to Germany---------except the extreme left-----and as for your pic--well there are a lot of army-navy stores around---makes wonder if the uniform is the real deal----oh and "red"--it's people like us who put ourselves out there time and time again so youcan run up and down the streets and bad mouth your country and all the great people in it--------try that in 70% of the world-------and you'd find youorself locked in a some deep dark hole---------OOPS!---I'm sorry---China and Iran and Syria and most of Russia aren't third world -----why my goodness ---they'd filet youfirst-----then throw you in a hole--------------------------

Jul 27 @ 6:59AM  
Yeah sdtrmp....My hair is real and my pic is real. No I don't watch Jerry Springer because I am better than that. I am also better than your kind, the kind that look down through your nose at people. Take your education and shove it up your ass. Most people with an education lack from street smarts anyway. So don't think you are intimidating or making me feel small, because I hate George Bush. I don't need books or education to tell me what is going on in the world. I see it in the news. The polls have even spoken clearly, President Bush has the all time lowest rating of any President (CNN poll...there's your fucking facts) I think there are a lot of working class people that will agree with me. By the way I am going to college and my vocabulary does expand farther than "See spot run."
I have my political opinion and I will voice it. However because I voice that I think Bush sucks. You think I'm "small minded" and "un-American". Guess what? I am more American than you. I voice my opinion which is my right. But because of that I'm "small minded." I yell at you privately because I have more respect to not do it in front of people. Let me guess? Are you even getting laid? I bet you have to pay for it because you are too uptight to meet someone with a personality, even on here. By the way I date a German, and he thinks the same, the world sees Americans as imperialists. Sadly, I might tend to agree with him. We are no different than Nazi Germany at this point, and Bush is just using 9-11 as a cop out to raid Middle Eastern Countries. Now we've got Pakistan stirred up. They are about to overthrow the President there and the anti-American tribesmen are about to take it over. (NBC news...another fact). So all we are doing is stirring up a hornets nest and in the meantime men are dying. Does the name Vietnam ring a bell? And does the name Crusades ring a bell? Yes I do know my history. But I know enough to not make the same mistake as the people before me. That is the whole purpose. So go back to your conservative small minded way of thinking, and stop trying to force your beliefs on me.

Jul 27 @ 7:12AM  
Oh and my Uncle was a Green Beret in Vietnam and is still in and out of mental hospitals cause he went and fought a war. He saw horrible things and it still bothers him to this day. So I'm unimpressed with your army "Ranger" tours. My uncle thought he was doing the right thing by serving this country and fighting that war. Only to come home and be spit in the face and be called a "baby killer" Oh and Bush is spending "Billions" on this stupid war, instead of helping out the disaster victims of New Orleans and Gulf Coast. Pretty messed up I think. The world economy? Well the Euro is worth way more than the American dollar, one Euro is $1.32 of one of our dollars, so really what makes you think our economy is better than theirs? Again, off to glory and fight a war that has no enemy and good men and women die senslessly.

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Why are we fighting in Iraq!!!