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Be your boyfriend?!?!?!?

posted 7/24/2007 8:37:52 AM |
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Why is it that when I sleep with a women, she instantly wants me all to herself? I would suppose the most obvious answer is that I'm choosing the wrong women. But, I assure you its the fastest and strongest of the heard that get away. I'm am left with only the ones that I can trip and cage quickly.
This is a bit of a farse, I don't truely prey on the weak of heart. But I will admit, the ones I take home to meet the sheets are more likely to have thier hearts on their sleeve than others.
Why is that??? Because I don't usually chase women. I get approached 90% of the time. It takes a special women to approach a man and whisper dirty thoughts into his ear. Such is the case recently.

I frequent a watering hole nearby. I'm not a lush nor a drunk. I enjoy a few frosty beers on friday evenings. A quaint little place. A resturant by day entertainment by night. Its served the locals at its current location for longer than I have been alive. Most in the area know of its existence and its neighborly atmosphere. I like most, know the names of ever bartender to have graced its hallowed stench over the years. Its the "Cheers" of my little town. Where everyone knows your name and they are all friends. Most often I need not ask for service, it is ready for me when I get to the bar. They know me well enough to understand what mood I'm in and what I'll be drinking that night, as I appoach. I either have a beer or Rum, they always know which to serve. I like being easy to read.
On one particular evening, I was being my usuall self. Just sitting, sipping, and watching. **Sidenote; I have never taken anyone home from this bar. Ya don't crap where ya eat!** The barkeep took it appon herself to play match maker for the evening. She picked out a women, whom she felt was "for me". Never once did she ask me if I wanted to talk to her. She began telling this women of my timid tales of interest in her. Apparently, this was just the thing the women wanted to her. A phone number inssued which I took and just stared at for way longer than anyone should. So long, that when I looked up the women was sitting next to me.
So we'll skip the part that we already know.
I took her home the following morning. Which began the jolts of addoration from said women. It hadn't been 12 hours since our meeting and she's asking me to be her boyfriend. Now, I can be a nice guy. But in such a situation, I err to the darker side of nice. I reply with a, I've know you less than 12 hours, do you really think I'm going to commit to you right now???
I know what your thinking, or what you should be thinking. This women is a nut job. Well, every women has done this very same thing to me. ALL OF THEM! I'll admit, that they have all had issues. But nothing worse than any other women I have known.
So, I sit in my day wondering how it is that "I" can be such a catch. I know this isn't true. I wouldn't be single if it were. More over, how is it that I can't catch the one that I want for all time...
So my answer to this question can only be one thing......I'm an idiot.
Ah well, at least the sex is really good.

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Be your boyfriend?!?!?!?


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Jul 24 @ 8:51AM  
*smile* I know the feeling and for me, it's quite terrifying -- last thing I want to hear is commitment and that is without having sex with the guy.

It's probably the comfort factor, people are comfortable with us. That is a talent, a gift so to speak.

As for women, we can connect with a guy after only one night of sex..... that's how we are wired.

You as a guy, it takes about 12 dates or 3 months... with no sex to connect to a woman...

Now the question is, are you willing to hold off on sex to be able to connect to a woman to have a relationship?

Interesting predicament huh *smile*


Jul 24 @ 9:03AM  
You're just in the wrong location...

**Chuckles evilly** C'mere, I know where there's a lake we can go play in.

Jul 24 @ 9:08AM  
I would have to agree with you Seli. I am in the wrong location. I should be in someones bed waiting for them to finish thier inspections.....

Jul 24 @ 9:18AM  
Fckme is right on the money when she says that 'women are wired differently'. Few women can actually go out and have meaningless sex and feel good about it. I know I can't, and therefore I don't, but, every once in a while, it would sure be nice to do that. So yeah, at times I do envy those ladies who can. For me to truly enjoy and let go, there has to be a bond already in place before sex enters in the 'relationship equation'.

Jul 24 @ 9:41AM  
I guess its just cuz you are a rocking stud


Jul 24 @ 10:04AM  
Well what are you looking for??? If your just wanting meaningless sex say so up front. But how will you know if she is "the one" your looking for??? just wondering???

Jul 24 @ 11:05AM  
I should be in someones bed waiting for them to finish thier inspections.....

I can't inspect if you won't come here...

Jul 24 @ 11:19AM  
how is it that I can't catch the one that I want for all time...

Now i could be way off, but could it be that with the women that approach you, is the reverse of what your heart is attracted to? Let me say that in english, lol. Alot of times women want the bad boy image but whereas its the nice sweet gentle men that would treat them good and keep them forever, but like the excitement of the bad boy is attracted more to the bad boy,but the heart is still waiting for that special man that is going to treat her like a rare treasure, and that isnt what she is attracted to but her heart is. Now you get women throwing themselves at you, yet there isnt the one that you are going to love forever. Perhaps although you are attracted to those bad girls, its the one you would have to persue, chase after, is the one your heart is attracted to.

Jul 24 @ 12:30PM  
Trust me on this one.......women are not the only ones that behave this way....

Jul 24 @ 1:42PM  
I once met a woman through a chat site that a friend owned and ran. We talked for a month or two, but not very often, and then New Year's Eve rolled around. I was invited to a friends house for a party and was told I could bring whoever. I asked her. After the party, her and I went back to another friends house and we sat around, talked for a while and then had some great sex. Afterward, we're laying next to each other and she (this is no lie) asks me, "Would it scare you very much if I said I loved you?"

After the initial shock and flight instinct, I said, "No offense, but hell yes it would scare me."

I definitely know how you feel and all that I can say is...don't let it get to you. Obviously there's something there they feel is good enough for them. Granted, they may be psycho, but it's not the end of the world. I've dated and/or slept with a number of psychotic women and now I have the love of my life.

Never give up, but don't go looking. It's when you least expect it that the right one will sneak into your life and you'll wonder why you ever worried about it.

Jul 24 @ 2:41PM  
i'm guessing you pick women with a self esteem problem.i have never been inclined to latch on to a man i've only known a few hours even if we have had sex.

Jul 24 @ 2:49PM  
Funnygirl, you very likely to be right about the self esteem. But, how would you explain them having more than enough guts to walk up to me without an invitation.

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Be your boyfriend?!?!?!?