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What makes you decide to blog?

posted 7/24/2007 1:32:46 AM |
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Sometimes when I read a blog I wonder what made them decide to blog that... Was it something that just popped into their mind? Did they think it would interest others? Was it just thoughts going through their mind and they wanted to put them into words to help figure them out? Was it a look at me,pay attention to me thing? Was it a joke they just couldn't wait to share, so everyone else could have a good laugh too? Was it a question that would bring many ideas and different viewpoints into factor? Was it sharing with friends? Or was there any thought to it, other than just fingers on a keyboard typing out words that might make sense...or not? And I'm not talking about erotic stories, I think we all know the intent of them being written. BTW, we've had some pretty good ones on here. Kudos to all of you who can put those into words and warm the room up over a computer screen.

When you decide to do a blog, do you put thought into it? Or does it just suddently appear in your mind and you decide that it's something you want to share? Cause if we are being honest here, some of us have some pretty warped and maybe even twisted minds. Every now and then anyways........ No I wasn't singling anyone out. thinking maybe I should take the phone off the hook before I actually send this..I know a few people are going to be calling asking who I mean Do you ever post a blog and think wellll, maybe I shouldn't have put that out there? If so, do you leave it or pull it? Does it matter if anyone has posted to it already?
I know there are a few here who blog and I know I am going to either die laughing at their newest blog, I am going to learn something from it or it's really hard to tell what I am about to read......But maybe I should make sure I'm not drinking anything while I read it. There are a few I don't bother to read, for different reasons.

Whatever your reasons are for blogging, I'm glad so many of you do it. (for the most part anyways, there are a few I could do without) You give us something to laugh about when it's been a bad day, or we're just bored for the moment. Laughter is always a good thing. You test our minds. You make us think. You share somethings with us. You let us know that there are real people on here with real feelings, hopes, fears and dreams. I'd give you all a kudo for sharing, but I'm rather stingy with them and I only have five to begin with so you really have to earn them. Which many of you do, as well as my laughter and thankfulness that you are here and take the time to share a part of who you are with us.

And you do it, Why?

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Jul 24 @ 1:45AM  
I think for me it is a sick-little thrill to expose myself.....

Jul 24 @ 1:58AM  
I primarily do it to make others laugh. Secondarily, would be to rant, to get something off my chest and/or to ask others opinions on a subject. Last but not least would be my older blogs, which were mostly erotica.

I try very hard not to blog too often. I don't like the limelight too much, I'd rather be a supporting actor, posting silly comments on the blogs.

Jul 24 @ 1:59AM  
First off, if your not sharing your kudos with me, I am going to take you off my friends list, after all I am on a payment plan for free sex LOL Treas what a great a blog, I have often wondered why people blog (in some cases i wonder WTF but thats another story) For me I blog for many reasons. I am a blog hog, in other words i do like the attention, I blog because I like to entertain and make people laugh, and I blog because writing is a part of my soul that i dont seem to be able to shake. So when I blog i allow that part of my soul to be exposed. And where else could I get so many people read what I write? Where else can I make people laugh? I don't pull blogs unless in the case of not so long ago I wrote a blog in retaliation to a blog that was written about me. In a fit of temper, due to not being able to post on his I wrote my own, but pulled it later when I realized that I allowed myself to be lowered to his level. I dont remove comments from my blogs even negative ones because I think everyone has the right to comment, I will only remove at the request of the person who wrote it.

But what a good blog Treas I would give you one of my kudos but you know how i covet them. Oh hell since you are a friend and this was a good blog I'll give you one but dont expect this all the time.

Jul 24 @ 2:06AM  
I want to see my name on Dayna's review........

Jul 24 @ 2:11AM  
Why did I blog?
I'm still looking for the answer to that one.
kudo to you,

Jul 24 @ 2:16AM  
So when I blog i allow that part of my soul to be exposed. And where else could I get so many people read what I write? Where else can I make people laugh?
In that book you're going to write, eventually........

But what a good blog Treas I would give you one of my kudos but you know how i covet them. Oh hell since you are a friend and this was a good blog I'll give you one but dont expect this all the time
Ahh, shucks, I must be really special...
WooHooooooo I got one of Dayna's kudos. LMAO. Thanks, Dayna

Jul 24 @ 2:25AM  
My blogs are usually prompted by blogs and comments I have read. Many are commentaries and observations on human behavior, which I find fascinating and infuriating in equal measure. Most of my blogs are dashed off on the spur of the moment, but the ideas behind them have crystallized and had various kinks worked out over a long period of time. I try to add humor because that makes it easier to get a point across without overtly causing offense. And if it does cause offense I'm still safe from flames 'cos nobody likes to be seen as one who can't take a joke. No, I don't give 'em any satisfaction ... mwuahahahaha!!

after all I am on a payment plan for free sex

Yeah you're due in two days ... pay to play!

Jul 24 @ 2:33AM  
Yeah you're due in two days ... pay to play!
How many kudos were you charging me again, Ben?

Jul 24 @ 2:35AM  
I want to see my name on Dayna's review........

Jul 24 @ 2:41AM  
How many kudos were you charging me again, Ben?

I'm milking ya for everythang ya got lady!

Jul 24 @ 2:46AM  

I want to see my name on Dayna's review........

All this attention for me, I am so embarrassed!!! NOT!!! lol

Jul 24 @ 2:47AM  
I'm milking ya for everythang ya got lady!
Baby, are we still talking about kudos?

Jul 24 @ 2:53AM  
No, I don't give 'em any satisfaction ... mwuahahahaha!!

Umm, Ben you were just talking about in the blogs, Right? Because I'm thinking that mentioning not giving any satisfaction on a sex site might not be the best thing...... I'm just sayin'
Carefull what's he's charging Dayna...... lmao

Jul 24 @ 5:52AM  
I blog because Dayna threatens me!!!! Yes, the TRUTH IS OUT!! She says if I don't she'll remove me from her friends list!!! Actually Dayna CRIES TO ME, THEN BEGS!! Please BLOG Sandy Please!!

Jul 24 @ 6:08AM  
Good question, good topic.

The long and short of it is that I like to see what people think on a subject. It can serve as a reference point for a person. Plus, it provides dialog on a subject that may not be possible with friends, family, or coworkers due to the nature of the site.

But I have noticed changes in how it all functions over time. When AMD as we know it today came to be about a year and a half ago, it was a radical new concept. Posts were often placed without too much thought IMHO. For example, there were many people that just copy/pasted song lyrics into a blog. You don't see that too much anymore, thankfully.

At that time, there was a lull in projects concerning my journalism pursuits. So I used the opportunity to tune up my skills a bit in a form of spring training on some essays, about parenthood and dating generally, that I had always wanted to write. There are about ten of these and they are permanent blog posts, starting with "Gump the Chump" and working backwards. I got very favorable comments on them at the time and more than one person sincerely appreciated them.

These are actually almost an expansion of my profile essays (as if my profile essays are not to damned long in and of themselves). You never know when somebody might take a genuine interest in getting to know you and the blog posts can provide that person with insight.

Since then, I usually just put up surveys that I encounter through monitoring press releases that are just for casual conversation. Sometimes there are several that are interesting in a week, sometimes there is a drought and it can be over a month before I see one. I delete these after a bout a week or so.

I have actually written a couple of posts in the last week. That is very rare. The motivator is to see what people think and get a bearing on how my thoughts align with others on a topic with a wider view.

But one must see what is shown and I have concluded that people don't view things with a wide view very often but rather with a perspective of themselves and how whatever it is relates to them personally.

For example, my most recent post was on how many people (read that women) as a whole I have known that had kids that were accomplished versus disappointments. No one talked about Gen X or Y in general or society, but rather only about their kids.

The other involved something I see as comical, people choosing screen names that have no resemblance to them to the point of symbolizing the Emperor’s New Clothes. I put in a hypothetical male and female example. At first there was some mild agreement in the comments, followed by extreme anger that steadily rose in intensity to the point that I felt one woman may have been a pit bull mistaking me for Michael Vick. None of these people had a screen name that was inappropriate to them, but they took it personally as a personal insult just the same.

The chain of comments is not unlike a river in that it finds its own course. It seems to me that people tend to often comment on the other comments more than the actual blog post, particularly if they know another commentator fairly well. Sometimes this results in a run of very good intriguing points. Other times (at least to me) a good blog post turns into rapid fire short missives that are long on boredom and short on substance.

Jul 24 @ 8:55AM  
Why do I blog? Different reasons on different days.

Some days it's because I have something to say and I don't want to hijack someone else's blog. Sometimes it's because something funny happened in my life and I just need to share it with people. Sometimes it's because I want to share an erotic story. Sometimes just because.

Most of the time, I take my time writing them. I rarely post more than a couple of blogs a week. More than that and I will run out of emails.

Jul 24 @ 9:03AM  
I do it for the shameless self-promotion.

Jul 24 @ 9:57AM  
1) To make Dayna's weekly review, of course.

2) lets the closet stand up comedian in me express myself.... where nobody can throw drinks at me. lol

Jul 24 @ 10:13AM  
I do jokes because I don't think I have a way with words. But I love reading others

Jul 24 @ 12:24PM  
a lot of reasons; to stop the noise in my head. for shameless self promotiom. to (hopefully) make people laugh. to make, again hopefully, people think.

there's part of me thinks i'll never get to be a better person, if i don't expunge some of the bad memories; and i'm sure i have to get some of it out, in order to get to the deeper ones.

the reason i've been trying harder, lately, is i felt i was just taking, by reading and commenting. i wanted to try and give as well as get.

Jul 24 @ 1:14PM  
I blog because Dayna threatens me!!!! Yes, the TRUTH IS OUT!! She says if I don't she'll remove me from her friends list!!! Actually Dayna CRIES TO ME, THEN BEGS!! Please BLOG Sandy Please!!
Ok Sandy, guess what I dont care how good your blogs are now I'm not going to review it but you have a good point. I have begged and cried to you to write a blog when the blogs are just the same repetitive bs or the SEE ME blogs unless of course I have writtened it (just took Bentans advice ). But since you are good about giving me kudos I may just have to go ahead and review your blogs.

Jul 24 @ 11:13PM  
Well, first off, great blog!!

I don't post many blogs myself, but what I have posted I've put a lot of thought into before I did them. Mostly to share what's going on in my life and get feedback.

But I do comment on many, and read most, and no matter what's going on I laugh a lot, think a lot and feel much. It's pretty much why I keep coming back every day!!

Jul 30 @ 12:45PM  
What's really great is when people meet, get together and grow. Sometimes they save all their emails and publish them as a diary. Their thought process and inner souls are laid open for the world to see. It's a cleansing of sorts; a way of sharing and thinking which many years ago was discouraged. Ah, can you say evolution?

I started with computers in the 80's. Back then these methods of communication took forever. Today it's part of our culture of instant gratification. In some ways that's good in others it's scary. I' sure we all have experiences with each.

I find great courage in those who open themselves to all forms of response and haven't we all learned what that entails?

Educators told us for years we were loosing ground to the written word, that as a culture we were becoming illiterate. Well guess what? Pigs flew and thus here we have arrived. Now with powerful tools aiding us in human development, we've been gifted with a connectivity which in turn sets us free. I see the medium as tools for healing, growth, honesty, truth and opening ourselves to the the light of day. Mind you darkness can be fun, but it's the balance of both which centers us in turn reminding the human spirit to shine.

Ah, but my question....when do the Borgs takeover and make us assimilate? Like it or not human created technology is making this stuff happen. Humans are the ultimate machines...yes or no?

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What makes you decide to blog?