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posted 7/23/2007 3:45:40 PM |
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tagged: questions, men, dating

Why are guys so scared to post a pic???

Why are guys just not honest enough to tell you when you are a dog???

Why do guys only look at the outside of a woman and not at the heart ?????

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Jul 23 @ 4:16PM  
I am not scared, I just prefer it after the pic I submitted got denied. I least i am not scared to sent ya one if you want it. And someone recently got a pic of mine and graciously said I was not a pooch (u know who u r) I prefer to read to a profile rather than just look at pic. What you got between your ears turns me on more than how you fill up your bra, or showing off the junk in your trunk

Jul 23 @ 4:21PM  
The world would end if we had all the answers, did you know that, Red? It's fun trying to find out though..........

Jul 23 @ 4:25PM  
Hate to say this...but women are just as bad. At times, I think maybe even a little worse. Of course I'm sure I think/feel that way about women because I'm a man, just as you do about us men.

However, I assure you...not ALL men think the way you think/feel we do.

Why do guys only look at the outside of a woman and not at the heart ?????

Why do both men and women do this?!

Jul 23 @ 5:13PM  
who knows why some guys do that. but ultimately, does it really matter why? LOL. i'm sure there are plenty of guys on here that are more in line with what you are expecting. so instead of asking why?....just ask where? :)

have fun ;)


Jul 23 @ 5:28PM  
Pics? Same reason some women are too scared, you tell me!!! (What I'm saying is...we are all individuals and to know you must ask the individual)

Honesty... Some of us will, then you read another blog about us not having any "sensitivity" or "common courtesy", it's impossible to please everyone.

Not at the heart? First you must have the key, which is not easily given. Secondly, she must have one to start with. Thirdly, the same reason women do the same thing to men...and again I ask..

You tell me?

OK, this is the last male (or female) bashing blog I will reply to. The others will be IGNORED and so will the person posting it. If people don't have the mental capacity to realize that there are distinct differences between the sexes, that we are all individuals and if you don't direct your questions directly to them you will only receive conjecture and analysis rather than a true answer, that categorizing any gender shows your inability to effectively communicate with people, then you are a hypocrite by definition and failing to recognize these simple aspects of human nature only reaffirms my belief that there are alot of people out there that could spend thier time more wisely looking for these answers within themselves.

For example: What would be my own reasons for not posting a picture, why do I not feel comfortable posting a fully naked picture?

When I see a man I'm not attracted to, why can't I just walk up and tell him that he's ugly?

Why do I find myself looking at men in a sexual manner when I know not their hearts?

As one of my favorite authors said, "'Tis a consumation devoutley to be wished"


Jul 23 @ 5:32PM  
There could be lots of legitimate reasons to not post a pic. For me it was not taking chances with some manipulative people who could use knowledge of my presence here against me. It's silly but possible.

One man's dog is another man's princess... always.

And when a man who is worthy sees the heart, then he learns it is the most priceless part of any woman.

Jul 23 @ 6:46PM  
Three questions, okay. But first one for you...why did you post this blog twice?

Why are guys so scared to post a pic???

It isn't just guys. Older folks may hot have a digitized pic, or people may be a bit shy about it. But that is probably secondary.
I think the real reason that people don't do that is they don't want their family or friends knowing that they are on here.
I have ten pics, I think, and they are all dated as to when they were taken (one goes back 30 years ago to college).

Why are guys just not honest enough to tell you when you are a dog???

Well, some people follow mom's advice, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
Besides I made a blog post a few days ago about people with screen names that did not look like them. I got so much shit for that! Hell, one woman called me a troll and wanted to hang me as if she was a real dog and I was Michael Vick.

Why do guys only look at the outside of a woman and not at the heart ?????

I don't think that is gender specific either. We all know what appeals to us physically and where we draw the line. The visual is easy and a quick deal breaker if below the line.
But I assure you, if the heart is not there, that is a deal breaker also, but that takes a lot more time to determine.
I am not saying I would not live with a good looking bitch because I live with two but they are canines :)

Jul 23 @ 9:15PM  
my blog was not to was a simple to why this is don't have to be mean about know who I am speaking of

Jul 23 @ 11:22PM  
Nice Kosmik. Seriously. Although I might have said what you stated in your own personal blog rather than replying here as that could very well be perceived as bashing the individual. That perception alone is enough on here to vilify one to the masses on here. I any event, I understand what you are conveying and I hope others do as well.

Redmex.... In reply to your questions, let me add the following and I will attempt to be objective.

Why are guys so scared to post a pic???

There are as many women on here, relative to the numbers of all members, who are reticent to post pictures of themselves. The same question could be asked of them, whether they are naughty pictures or not.

Why are guys just not honest enough to tell you when you are a dog???

While this is the net and therefore, all normal social mores seem to not apply in most situations, I do think there are some rules people still adhere to. Calling somone a dog via email or their face is one of those rules. Furthermore, one on here risks the slings and arrows of others when the "dog" decides to post the email and sender's profile link in a blog or on the forums, thus ostracizing the emailer from the site as an insensitive dolt. That applies to men as well as women.

Why do guys only look at the outside of a woman and not at the heart ?????

Dating and/or internet introduction is not unlike something one is selling. Think of it in rough terms as a commodity. If one is going to sell a house, the exterior of the house must be pristine and the photos thereof must reflect that. Otherwise a prospective buyer will not even want the realtor to take them by no matter if the interior is a palace. The same applies to the internet or to any social setting where one might meet another prospective suitor.

Jul 24 @ 12:54AM  
What you see is what you get, take it, leave it, i'm sure i'll live with out you

Sep 7 @ 12:20AM  
thats because not many girls accually open up to guys untill they get to know them and guys just want to do them so if girls were more wiling to show there heart at the beggining guys would accually care

p.s. i have a pic up and if you talk to me i'll talk back

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