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What the fuck??

posted 7/23/2007 7:11:54 AM |
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Man I joined over at that regular MD site and well....Aren't THEY just bitchy???

I posted a blog there saying good morning and asking what people's plans were for the day and my first response to it was this:

"I see another one forgot the read the blog rules.

Check out the forums for questions and answers. geezzzzz "

Why are people so dang rude there? Or is it just me?

Others jumped my shit too for posting it in the blogs and not in the forums.

I feel so welcome there lol.....

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Jul 23 @ 7:26AM  
Because some people lead sad lives and need to stomp on other people to feel superior.

Jul 23 @ 7:44AM  
I visit MD once in a while, the moderator is enforcing blog rules, deleted blogs and took away posting priviledges from some members. It's a little different there, and most members there think you are a total pervert if they know you are on AMD.

Jul 23 @ 7:47AM  
and most members there think you are a total pervert if they know you are on AMD.
Couldent have hit that nail on the head any harder.

I think because people take md blogging more seriously, and yes, I do to over there. the other site if filled with a bunch of hipocrites. Not everyone is bitchy, just a few, you picked a bad week to join, lol.

Jul 23 @ 7:51AM  
Yeah I see that!!

I replied to her personally, and said I posted it in the wrong place by mistake and got told to grow up and stop acting like a five year old lmfaoo

Maybe I will ask her out!

Jul 23 @ 8:07AM  
Thats why I am a rebek here and post weird chit, to get it out of my system.

Things are more...laid back? over here, MD, is more serious. Just two exact opposite extremes, I love em both. There are more blogtards over there though.

Jul 23 @ 8:19AM  
Lover, dear, it seemed like that because they are bitchy a majority of the time. Yeah, I'm over there too and just try to lay low and stay out of their brawls. I do find myself spending more time over here these days. I love the laid back attitude of it all.

Jul 23 @ 8:24AM  
Hell, we can get bitchy here too!!

But I feel bad that they were nasty to you so


Jul 23 @ 8:27AM  
I think its rather....funny!!

And how is everyone doing? (OOPS...WRONG PLACE FOR THAT!!!)

Jul 23 @ 8:36AM  
Your blog is YOUR BLOG - if you're not breaking the rules, it's no one's place to tell you what you can or cannot post!

I started out over there and never really felt comfortable - even before I started with a blog or playing in the forums. When I found this place, I also found total acceptance (and let me tell you, when I got here I was practically a virgin compared to many here...I've evolved quite a bit!) *laughs wickedly* People talk about a clique over here? That place seems like a huge friggin frat house or some kind of exclusive club! I went back to check things out a few months ago, found some forum threads about AMD and saw some pretty negative attitudes...Yeah, I spoke up - and then I dragged a few bodies over here to see for themselves that AMD is not a nasty place full of loose women and horny men! (Um...okay, so I lied about the horny men, but HEY, I was doing my best! :)

I might not like all that I see here in the blogs, but I will always maintain that we are the masters of our own blogs. Follow the rules and anything goes!

Now, come over here, Lover, and let Sxze massage your bad feelings away...

Jul 23 @ 8:38AM  
OMG! I just realized the title of this blog! I clicked on it because it was yours - didn't read the title...Did YOU really say "What the fuck???" *giggle* I knew I liked ya for a good reason!

Now, about that massage....

Jul 23 @ 8:42AM  
Ooh baby....

Lets both massage each other and use lots of hot oil and whatever else we feel like

Jul 23 @ 9:03AM  
Innocent my sweet ass! Like I come off SOOO sweet and innocent but that's just a cover - I see that now! You're home is here on AMD. Screw MD! (or, screw...ah, I'd better shut up now! :)

Jul 23 @ 9:24AM  
Sorry that you found that! I found this side first years and years ago, wandered over there...........naw, not for me, I rarely go there anymore at all! It's just a lot more friendly laid back atmosphere here!! And I like the people on this side much better!!!

Jul 23 @ 10:10AM  
Yes, MD has become really a bunch of tight asses and fighting and bitching....

however that being said, I could leave my comments wide open there....

here I can't ........ say no more!!

Jul 23 @ 10:16AM  
loveulongtime...that is not really true. There IS a moderatior over at MD who has his own "I'm the King" issues and enforces the rules to the nth degree. Must be his only place he has any power. MD does utilitze the rules for their stated kids don't just fill up the blogs with "Hey, ya'll...what color flowers do you like today?" stupid questions. IT works for them and just because some kids gets his boxers in a wad then runs back to AMD to cry shows he needs to choose a that appreciates him and stick with it...Governator!

Jul 23 @ 10:26AM  
IT works for them and just because some kids gets his boxers in a wad then runs back to AMD to cry shows he needs to choose a site...

What? Please explain because I'm not sure this meant how I "heard" it...

Jul 23 @ 11:11AM  
As I have said it the past - I've got to get out more. I didn't know there was a Match Doctor. I thought If this is ADULT Match doctor for over 18, then the Match doctor has to be for under 18. Somebody mail me my sign.

Jul 23 @ 12:24PM  
There is one rule here that isn't found in the handbook.
But it's a very important rule. And Lookin4funat45 can tell you that if... '' THIS RULE IS BROKEN " everyone in here probably will come down on you like a duck on a june bug.

Naked car pictures break down the entire e-mailing system, which causes people to go crazy in here.

A few weeks ago looking4funat45 sent in her car pic for approval,to be added to her profile, it didn't have a bra on.....
That pic stopped the entire e-mailing system, causing excitment in this site like we've never seen before!

After futher investigation it was discovered that Ash's tit clamp pic got hooked on the bumper of the car and the heat caused a software melt down.


Jul 23 @ 1:08PM  
lol @Governator screen name

Jul 23 @ 2:23PM  
'Tis true, as i hang my head in shame, My naked car (Pic prior to putting a bra on) did knock down the mail system down, thankfully we never did get the mail from that weekend or i would still be writing letters of apology but you have to admit it is a beautiful car--sorry about mail, again!!


Jul 23 @ 2:32PM  
People talk about a clique over here?

I've heard AMD referred to as the "Clit Cliquers"

Jul 23 @ 2:37PM  
"Clit Cliquers"??? Are you SERIOUS??? I'm not sure if that cracks me up or pisses me off! Clit Cliquers, indeed...

Jul 23 @ 5:12PM  
I am still getting MD hate

Jul 23 @ 9:19PM  
gee.........maybe I should hop the fence and stir the pot a bit....

Jul 23 @ 9:25PM  

Jul 23 @ 10:28PM  
I'm not even gonna address the ones who think they have this whole thing all figured out and choose to email me with their insults and think I give a rats ass!!!

I don't really care so piss off!! (That's for the aforementioned--see my above sentence)

Jul 24 @ 3:11AM  
Hey! We're not all bitchy and rude.

Pssst...betcha can't guess who I am.

Jul 24 @ 3:40AM  
I have a profile over there too and used to post blogs over there last year from time to time. Last time I posted a blog it was just right after Christmas asking people in my blog what good and bad stuff they got for Christmas, and how did their Christmas go. I did get something from the MD moderator saying that if I wanted to ask a question I should go with the forums over there. I changed it around a bit saying to the people with they would like to talk about what they got good and bad and how it went feel free to post it on my blog. I then replied back to the MD moderator and ask if my blog was okay, and they told me it was. They were very nice about it. I did check the rules over there and it did state that people couldn't ask questions to others in the blogs. But I went back looking at peoples blogs over there right after I did that and noticed that so many people were paying no attention to that rule and asking questions in their blogs. As for people being rude to me over there, I would have to honestly say I haven't had that problem, they were nice to me.

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What the fuck??