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Why not replies

posted 7/21/2007 4:39:29 PM |
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tagged: replying back

I was wondering why a member does not reply back even if they are not interested? I feel it is so rude for someone not to even answer the sender.
Here you are waiting for a reply and days go by and nothing,not even a NO.
When i get a message I read it and reply back.Now that don't take to much time out of my life.
How many people believe in replying back to the sender?

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Why not replies


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Jul 21 @ 4:50PM  
keep in mind that most people on here are free members... who only get 100 emails a day.

the average woman on here, that is active gets 25 or more emails per day... and that's just from the people she does NOT know... if she trades a few back and forth with people she DOES know... those 100 emails are gone pretty fast.

if you post a blog, and respond to everyone who posts a comment on it... those emails just disappear!

if you are responding to women who's "criteria" you are not even close to matching... those are probably the women who aren't gonna bother with using up one of their precious emails on here...

Jul 21 @ 5:03PM  
I can only speak from experience, but I do try to be responsive to the emails I receive. If I reply depends on the content of their initial email. If it is rude, insulting or just a simple "wanna fuck" there is not going to be a reply.

On the other hand, and I run into this quite often, when I do send a polite "not interested" the mere fact that he received a reply launches an avalanche of emails back to me asking "why whats wrong with me" or the proverbial "fuck you bitch".

It seems even with kindness you can't always win .

Jul 21 @ 5:06PM  
I can see your point of view...

however there are men out there that get nasty when a gals says thanks but no thanks...

there are some guys that expect with an email, that they have automatically scored.

So put yourself in the gal's place,

if she doesn't say anything..... everything stops.

if she says no thanks -- could get nasty reply back.

Why would a gal put herself in a position to get a nasty reply back?

Maybe the next question you should ask the fellas, why do they write nasty emails when a gal says "no".

Then again, I doubt that they would talk anyways.

I do make it a point to reply to all emails.... and so far, only a couple of cranky replies back.

Then again, I might change what I do in the future.....


Jul 21 @ 5:24PM  
I respond when I get an email that indicates genuine interest after taking the time to read my profile. Also, it helps if that person actually has something on their profile.

But the ones who clearly haven;t read it and just wanna chat.. why bother? They are just shot gunning any and all women. Like they think we areso desparate and lonely that we will talk to anyone.

The odds are against you guys. You have alot of competition. To get a response,

1) You need to read the gal's profile
2) You need to say something interesting in your message and make it personal based on what you learned from her profile
3) You need to actually write something on your own profile that could catch a gal's interest

Anything less desrves no response.

Jul 21 @ 5:43PM  
Here is where I tend to go against the grain of the female fabric here. I believe that anyone who writes a decent and respectful email deserves the same in return; it's just good manners. Would you not say thank you to a stranger who compliments you simply because you're short on time, or because you thought they were unattractive, or because you're gay and it's someone from the opposite sex? If you would, you're rude - I don't care who you are.

Yes, free members are limited in how many emails they can send, but 100 is A LOT. On other sites, it's as little as 5, and then I can see being very selective about who gets a response. But with 100 emails a day, I see no reason for no reply when someone has been kind and respectful.

Now, there are definitely times when a reply doesn't seem to be in order - and one of them is NOT when someone isn't exactly what you're looking for, nor is "because other men were rude when I said 'thanks but no thanks'". No woman wants to have what other women have done to a guy to be held against them, why would men be any different? I can only think of 3 reasons to not reply:

- If they say they're responding to your essay and refer to things that aren't even there - clearly they are lying and may not be deserving of a response. (I get those every day - go see what my essay says...)

- If they are crude they're not deserving of a response.

- If you've already replied with a "thanks but no thanks" and they try again later thinking you might have changed your mind. (However, I will say that ever since they removed the feature that showed if you had ever written to (or been written to) a certain member it is harder to remember after a while.)

I'm sure there are other legit reasons to not send a reply, but even if you get 25 introductory emails and reply to all, you still have 75 left. If you post a blog and get 50 responses - some of which are 2nd or more posts by the same member, that's another 50 "thank you's" or another reply. That still leaves 25 to say hi to your friends. Not enough? Well, let me ask - how many of us here are in contact with our friends (or some of them) offsite? You can't give up a few email to your friends to exercise good manners???

I'm not going to get on anyone's case for not agreeing with me - I KNOW my opinion on this is not the popular one, and I'm not saying anyone who doesn't do this is a generally rude person. But I do feel that, IN GENERAL, it's rude to not reply when someone has taken the time to read your profile and send a note.


Jul 21 @ 5:45PM  
I replied with a "no thanks, I am looking for someone closer to home" today, and his email back was "your loose bitch...his spelling, not mine. I replied. "yes I am sure it is, and I hope your find the one you seek. I will not sink to an ugly level (again).

Jul 21 @ 6:57PM  
I agree. I think a person should reply no matter what.
This keeps a person from waiting to hear from them.

I have had to write AGAIN to certain gals, to see if they got my
email....THEN they reply with yes....blah, blah, blah.

It can be frustrating! It's like; just send a reply ok!

The Oral-Master

Jul 21 @ 7:40PM  
I don't reply to emails from people with no picture unless I have played with them in the forums or blogs.

Jul 21 @ 8:43PM  
I always try to send a polite no thanks then half the time the idiot keeps writing so then I send one sentance replies then he still writes

Jul 21 @ 9:10PM  
I feel it is so rude for someone not to even answer the sender.
About the same rude as not posting comments on a blog huh????

Jul 21 @ 9:57PM  
I dont usually reply to wanna fucks either, unless its just one I have to be a smartass about...

I know some of you will find that shocking coming from me.

If someone has obviously NOT read my profile, I usually dont reply either, if they dont have interest enough in reading my essays to see who I am, then I dont have time to mess with them

I know, I know, I will probably get all kinds of hate mail over this one...destroy the bitch but thats ok too


Jul 21 @ 10:48PM  
Don't know if you people realise this but if you look in your outbox at mail you have sent you can tell if your email has been read or not. If it has been read and you received no reply you can pretty much assume they were not interested. While this doesn't stop the rude aspect if you sent a nice email it at least stops you wondering if they were interested.

Jul 22 @ 12:15AM  
hey bub I just read the replys, it seems the women see it as beeing okay to be rude to men, for whatever reason they see fit. But don't let a man be rude!

Jul 22 @ 1:19AM  
Look at it this way brother...

If you say hi and smile at a woman on the street and she doesn't acknowledge you, it's the same thing. Happens everyday, some are courteous and answer but pick up the pace, some will take you home and fuck you silly, some are afraid to answer and some are just snobs. Everybody is different. Thank goodness for that!

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Why not replies