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Seeking input...

posted 7/20/2007 12:17:49 PM |
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tagged: heart ache

OK, here goes. I met a guy from another horny site in January. We met, fell in love and were grooving just great! He was eager to get married and move in together. I was hesitant, but not against the latter. We had many long term plans in the hopper.

We were supposed to go downstate to meet his family. I was stressing out about meeting them, but looking forward to getting out of upstate NY for awhile. Instead of telling him how much I was freaking out about meeting them, I started to perseverate on money issues. There were a couple emails that I said some stupid things. Nothing really bad, but just downright stupid.

The last email that I received from him was around 1pm at the end of May that said he "loved me, appreciated all that I am and wanted to be my soft place to fall". By 6pm, I was blocked from his cell phone, myspace account and he has not responded to my email or IM... I haven't contacted him since that night. I'm not a stalker.

My question to the great cosmos... Should I go see him? Should I ask what the fuck happened? If I went to see him, it would have to be at a gig of his. This is where it gets sticky for me... Yes, it would be a public place and it's public knowledge that he would be there, but it's also his work.

I really need some closure on this... but I'd honestly be going to try to get a second chance. But, if I could even leave him with some kind of understanding of why he could just drop me off the face of the planet when he claimed to love me so much.

This all happened in May, so I have cooled off a bit and believe I am thinking with a clearer head.

What do you you think? I'm very curious!

Peace and MouthLove,

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Jul 20 @ 12:34PM  
well...........had something similar....and for much as closer is helpfull...........gota figure he knows where you are...? me? i let it go...........wasn't realy that EASY BUT .......needed me i'd tell you keep stepping FOWARD........

Jul 20 @ 12:36PM  
just how stupid were those "stupid things" you said? the answer may be in that answer. sometimes love isn't enough.

Jul 20 @ 12:47PM  
First off, I'd not worry about it being anything you may have said that was stupid. As we ALL say stupid things now and then, and IF he loved you. Then if you had said something that was very stupid, rather then he doing what he did...he'd have asked you about what it is you had said, and would have given you a chance to explain it...So it has to be something much deeper than saying something stupid.

I can fully understand you wanting/needing closure, but on the other might be best you don't find out. For what you find out, may hurt you even deeper than you're hurting now.

Personally, I have a feeling it'd be the latter...

Whatever you decide to do, do it for yourself...and good luck in whatever you do decide to do.

Jul 20 @ 12:54PM  
Sweetie if he can forget you that easily then he must have not really loved you anyways. He knows how to contact you. If he doesn't then it sounds like his loss. NEVER chase after a man. Make him come to you if he wants you. I understand that you need the closure. But sometimes it's easier to just move on in life a hold on to the good memories. Maybe it wasn't you at all. He could have been married and playing you for the fool. Forget about him and go make some other lucky man happy! Best of luck to you.

Jul 20 @ 12:54PM  

Not knowing what those stupid comments were you say you made in your emails,
it's pretty hard to answer. They may have been the reason and your hesitancy to
meet his family or move in with him. I'm sure they all played some part in it.
Without knowing all ? I will not and can not offer any advise.

Jul 20 @ 1:10PM  
To be honest, I wouldn't give it much more thought. In a real relationship, people work out their differences despite challenges and conflicts. It obviously must not have been a real relationship to him if he just walked away.

Jul 20 @ 1:23PM  
Hey girl ...My personal opinion....I'd want to find out what happened to make him go all weird but you can't go into it with the attitude of still wanting him....because if he really cared....I mean really....He couldn't have acted that way even if he wanted to...Real feelings will keep you coming back no matter what the person you love says or does.

Peace and Love
DC The Rain King

Jul 20 @ 2:00PM  
Wow! Well thanks for all the input. I like what DC said... real love will keep you coming back... that's why I am still thinking on all of this after two months.

The stupid things I said were about trading my body for money. Doubtful I would do that since I am a clean freak and disease phobic. But, time's have been tough of late. (Though I am working now, YIPPEE!)

Thanks and I'll let you know what I do...

Peace and Mouthlove,

Jul 20 @ 2:11PM  
Well something real close like that happened to me in April like you I needed closer. I cried ranted and raged around like an ass until someone very close to me said sorry he ain't worth your tears or heartache. Just move on honey and just let him be an experience you won't repeat!

Jul 20 @ 2:58PM  
not only is he not worth it...its probably gonna cost you if you stay...he is a user...he also probably had someone else that came across his path if she wasnt already there...He is disrespecting you and you should value yourself more than to go chasing after him...consider yourself lucky that you got away that easy....take a breath and meet someone else....ultimately if you can peg one guy you can peg 1000's.....its easy to get them...just not easy to put up with them!!..good luck

Jul 20 @ 3:15PM  
Isn't always the way we question ourselves before we question our loved ones In this case do not do that to yourself there are several clues that something else was going on .If a guy cuts you off as he did without so much a see you later he is hiding a secret life and used love to get sex UNLESS YOU WHERE BOILING RABBITS ON HIS STOVE LOL you aqre pretty you should have no trouble finding a decent man once you weed out the users and posers good luck girl

Jul 20 @ 4:35PM  
The stupid things I said were about trading my body for money

Hi beautiful...

This guy took you seriously IMHO, and just the thought of you being with someone else was probably enough to drive a wedge in, regardless of the circumstances.

Closure is great to have but my past experiences tell me that sometimes you just don't get sucks big time...wish I could help heal that girl in the mirror!


Jul 20 @ 11:43PM  
I feel it's just best to let it go, if he really cared he would have not blocked you calls etc and let you explain your "stupid" answers. It appears to me he is shallow. There are much better choices out there. Life is a journey, move on and experince what you can and the right one will venture in.

Aug 3 @ 3:22PM  
Maybe it isn't a good analogy, but it sounds like a nice sunny weekend morning in Hawaii when suddenly strange planes appear over Pearl Harbor and paradise turns into hell. Heavy casualties result. Many of the missing are never found.
Closure, sometimes we get it, other times we don't. We all have unanswered questions, Kristen, even decades later. Sometimes there are no answers, only more questions.

May 21 @ 8:05AM  
Move On....!!!

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