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posted 7/20/2007 1:27:26 AM |
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tagged: erotica

Rembering your voice, the last thing I heard before boarding the plane, and the words you said..."I'll be waiting for you." Anticipation brings a shudder, excitement barely contained, breathing irregular with nervousness. I can't wait to see you, feel your hands in my hair, your breath on my neck...damn, thoughts of you interfere with walking at this point. Getting off the plane, fear deep in my stomach...this is it. In a few minutes you'll be standing in front of me...I've been waiting for this moment for what seems like an eternity.'s here...and so are you! I see you standing there, my heart pounds in my chest. You slowly walk towards me...after a few seconds, I move towards you...both of us stopping just short of our bodies touching. No need for words, your eyes say "Let's get the hell out of here, quick." You pick up my bag, wrap your arm around my waist...leading me outside to your car. You stop to put my bag in the trunk...I look around to make sure there's a bit of privacy and wrap my arms around you from hand on your chest, one hand curling around your cock...feeling it immediately go hard in my hand. A low rumbling growl vibrates through your chest. I push my body in closer, my hard nipples against your back...God, how I've waited for this!

You slowly turn around, plant a quick kiss on my shoulder and guide me to the front passenger's seat. As you walk around to the driver's side, I try to rein in my lusty thoughts and regulate my breathing. You get in the car, start it...turning your head, your eyes capture mine...for a few seconds I'm lost in their heat. I know exactly what you're thinking, I can see it in your eyes. You reach out, your hand touches my hair, so softly...then you take a handful and wrap it around your hand. Your free hand pushing your pants down. Pulling my head closer to yours, face to face, then pull my head down so slowly....down....down. My mouth sucks your semi-hard cock in deep, my head bobbing up and down...feeling your cock grow in my mouth...your hand pushing my head down hard. For several minutes you just let me have my way...enjoying the feel of your rock hard cock pushing against the back of my throat. Suddenly, you hand tugs my hair, pulling my head mouth shocked at the emptiness. A security guard is walking towards the quickly put your cock away as I'm smoothing my hair down. He gets in the car next to us and backs away. You turn to me and we both laugh, the tension eased enough to leave for your place, but the air still thick with lust.

Barely able to get in the door of your apartment, my hands start tugging at your clothes, I want to feel your bare skin. You lean in to nuzzle my neck and capture my hands with yours..."Slow down, baby. There's plenty of time." Your control is thoughts are chaos and you stand there telling me to slow down. My hand still in yours, you lead me to your bedroom...I'm amazed at what I see there. Soft candlelight and single long-stemmed white rose on the pillow. My breath catches in my intend to romance me! My heart pounds with the excitment of a slow seduction and my mind is racing with anticipation. You turn, running your hands down my arms then lifting them above my head. My blouse seems to slide off by itself. Your hands running back down my arms, barely touching...down the sides of my breasts, planting kisses along the way. Then my pants...slowly sliding down my legs under your gentle guidance, lifting my feet up out of my sandals at the same pants on the floor.

Your hand covers mine, pulling me toward the bed...your arms wrap around me and in one smooth movement I'm on my back, under you. Your hardness pressing against my stomach. My hips leave the bed, grinding against you, my hands in your hair...pulling your face closer to mine, my tongue gently traces your lips, urging your mouth open. Your tongue responds to the teasing...capturing your tongue between my teeth, sucking it into my mouth...deepening the kiss, feeling your chest vibrating against mine...your growl deep and gutteral. Your hand captures both of mine...holding them above my head...your free hand gliding down my arm, pausing on the side of my breast, then so slowly curling, barely rubbing my nipple with your thumb, lifting a bit, bringing my nipple to your mouth. Tantalizing circles with your tongue...your eyes locked on mine...immediately my pussy responds...throbbing...moist. Suddenly your mouth covers my hard nipple, sucking hard...then you pull away and gently blow, making it harder. Your thumb goes back to teasing, your mouth moves just below my breasts...leaving a trail of slow, gentle kisses. My thoughts return to chaos...the only coherent thought is the sweet ecstasy of your mouth and body against me.

[cont. in comments]

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Jul 20 @ 1:28AM  
Your hand slowly glides down my side, tracing the length of my body...down...the heated trail driving me crazy. In one swift movement you have your pants unfastened...pushing them down and using your legs to remove them so deftly. The weight of your body returns. Your rock hard cock pressing into my abdomen...feeling you grind against me...letting me know I'm responsible for it. Your hand moves down...pushing on the inside of my thighs, one at a time...pushing them wider so you can nestle between them. As your mouth covers my nipple, your hand moves downward...gently swiping a finger against my wet pussy...teasing. You slide your body down, leaving a shiny trail of precum on my stomach...your hand curls around your cock...gliding the head up and down between my pussy lips...preparing for invasion. Positioning your cockhead, you pause...your hand moves up to join your other hand, holding my arms above my head. You lean in and kiss me deeply, forcing my mouth open with your the same time your cock slams inside my pussy, my muscles tighten, squeezing around your hardness. The double assault wreaks havoc on my thoughts...the only thought is to keep you there as long as possible.

Slowly you pull out...almost completely, then slowly start pumping in and out. Agonizingly slow....and so deep. My hips work to meet you stroke for stroke. Your mouth slowly and gently assaulting mine...capturing every moan. You speed up the rhythm slightly...fucking me like I've imagined for so long. Keeping the pace slow, pumping in and out... your mouth leaves mine. You raise yourself up a bit, shifting your weight to one knee, so you can watch your cock move in and out of my pussy. Nothing is need for words...just the need to be. You move your mouth to suck my nipple in, fast and hard...bringing my orgasm so fast I can't stop it. My pussy squeezes around your cock, my hips buck forward off the bed...a scream builds, your mouth moves to cover mine, muffling the sound. My body thrashes and shudders...covering your cock with my cum. You pump in and out slowly until the waves calm...then with a gentle kiss you let my hands go...using your hands to lift your weight off me to fuck me faster. My hands grab your ass, legs wrap around your waist...urging you...whispering in the dark..."Harder...fuck me harder". Hearing my voice, you pump faster and harder...bringing me closer to another orgasm. Just when I think I can take no more, you pump your cock deep in my pussy, holding there...feeling your cock swell inside me, my pussy cover my mouth again to muffle our screams. cumming together...feeling your cock throb as you shoot your hot load inside...making my pussy throb more. One last thrust, and you finish...feeling your cock soften a bit, my pussy still squeezing with aftershocks. You kiss me and tell me "Ssshhh,'re going to need it."

Jul 20 @ 1:32AM  

Fucking delicious.

Jul 20 @ 1:36AM  
very nice linnie, damn the tourture lol

Jul 20 @ 1:38AM  
Damn Lin your sure know how to give a man a WOOD just always it was right on....

Jul 20 @ 2:06AM  

Jul 20 @ 3:00AM  

Damn Lin; You going to give me another heart attack.
But what a way to go.

Jul 20 @ 3:36AM  
OMG great job. damn that was intense. shit makes me want to talk shit on here and then meet someone at an airport. lol

Jul 20 @ 3:54AM  
Very nice

Jul 20 @ 4:09AM  
hawt dayummmmmmmmm .......*jumps in da car and races to da airport to wait on someone*

good one linnie

Jul 20 @ 4:19AM  
I will never talk to you the same way. Only a few girls in the whole world would reach around and grab his cock like that; first time, brand new at the airport. a girl with moxie. You aroused me sweetie. did you take those sunglasses off; or did they just get spilled on the floor when you found a perfect place for your lips.

Jul 20 @ 9:09AM  
wow what great morning reading. Definately get the heart pumping

Jul 20 @ 10:10AM  
Wow!! When you decide to start writing erotica you certainly do an awesome job!!

Kudos to you!!!

Jul 20 @ 10:20AM  
What a way to start my day! Dayum Linnie I sure hope you write more
Kudo to you!

Jul 20 @ 9:34PM  
Ooh Linnie I really liked this one..... muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Jul 20 @ 9:36PM  
Ya no Linnie, I do love your blogs.........but..........i'm so freekin horny after i read um.......... kudos my Linnie

Jul 20 @ 9:38PM  
Whew!!!! That one was awesome!!!!

Jul 20 @ 9:40PM  
Kudo's Lin... waiting for more

Jul 21 @ 11:31AM  
I just had to re-read this blog ................ smokin baby!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 21 @ 11:42AM  
Very good linpooh, now to get that visual out of my head... NOT

Jul 28 @ 2:06PM  
finally got around to reading this one..heard about it from others...just one question..what time does your flight arrive, so I can be there to pick you up. Excellent!!!

Jul 31 @ 9:45PM  
uhhhh...that's hawwwttttt

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