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Old Habits Die Hard

posted 7/19/2007 11:11:59 PM |
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I've heard this cliche all my life, but it never hit harder than tonight. As of 4:15 p.m. today I had my last cigarette! After 31 pleasurable years I've laid them down. I've been cutting back for some time. There was a time when I smoked 2-3 packs of full flavors a day and lately a pack of ultra lights would last me several days.
So I've traded one nasty habit for yet another..........sugar free cough drops! Yeah I know their weird but I like that cool menthol taste!! So if I get a little bitchier than usual in the next few days, virtually spank me, tell me off or ignore me. Just apologizing in advance!

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Jul 19 @ 11:13PM  
Good luck hun!

Jul 19 @ 11:19PM  
I know you can do it, LBS You are able to do anything you set your mind to!!

BTW just so you know i will be be out of the country for a week and yes i know there will be times that the yellow face will show im on line, but i did tell my cat he could use the computer while I'm gone. I'll check back in with ya in about a week

Jul 19 @ 11:23PM  
Thanks Ya'll! Lots of reasons not to quit, but several good ones that I need to!

but i did tell my cat he could use the computer while I'm gone

Did PK ship you Thomas?????

Jul 19 @ 11:24PM  
Did PK ship you Thomas?????
Thats part of the reason I'm leaving the country, I dont want to be here to sign for the package from UPS.

Jul 19 @ 11:30PM  
I dont want to be here to sign for the package from UPS

I sent him "no signature required"

Jul 19 @ 11:30PM  
virtually spank me,

as you wish ..................

Jul 19 @ 11:37PM  
I sent him "no signature required"

looking grabs suitcase and starts throwing clothes in, wonders if she can get out of here before the UPS man stops by.

Jul 19 @ 11:39PM  
as you wish ..................
I haven't gotten to that point of bitch yet have I?????

Jul 20 @ 12:20AM  
Good luck hun I truly hope you make it. Hugs.

Jul 20 @ 12:24AM  
Boots, when you have trouble fighting back that craving, I have the secret; I quit last year after 14 years smoking with ONE, SIMPLE tool....

The scientifically proven fact that nicotine gets completely cleaned out of your system, naturally, with no help whatsoever, regardless of your health or level of habit, in THREE DAYS.

Three frickin' days. And everything else is mental. EVERY TINY BIT OF IT. You gonna let your mind beat you, knowing that?

Good luck. Wanting to do it is the hardest part; you've got it beat already!

Jul 20 @ 12:41AM  
I'm down to about 6 a day... from almost 2 packs a day. So I'm not far behind you... and hey I have people nagging me to quit.

Jul 20 @ 12:44AM  

You go girl. Bitch at me all you need too.

Jul 20 @ 1:08AM  
haven't gotten to that point of bitch yet have I?????

nawww but i like to beat the rush n start early sometimes.......ya'no like xmass shopping in oct......

by the way i did what your doing in summer of 2000.......the best way is ...replace that oral fixation with another one

ok ok...i HAD TO DAM IT.........shhhh...

you REALY do it like any alcohalic becomes sober .(no joke) ....i can control ANY ONE MINUTE in my all i did ......was NOT SMOKE RIGHT NOW........that moment i thought to smoke thast what i told myself..............and was summer of 2000 is all i know you n i was a 2 to 2 1/2 pack a day smoker..........soooooo..........dont stop its too big an emotional undertaking.............just ........DONT SMOKE RIGHT NOW ......dont worry bout tomorrow or next week or next year or next damn hours.....hell you might smoke in 20mins BUT .......RIGHT NOW all your gona focas on and right now YOUR in controll

Jul 20 @ 1:19AM  
Thanks for all the encouragement ya'll! I bought one last pack this afternoon, they are in my purse unopened. If they are still there in a month, I will give them away or thow them away. I've needed to for a long time now, and the prices just keep going up, and my new car is smelling like an ashtray even though I don't use the ashtray. Doc says it would help the circulation in my leg and I know my son will be happy for it. I do appreciate your encouragement and will apologize now if I get REALLY bitchy!

Jul 20 @ 2:52AM  
Wishing you the best of luck, Stormy. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to.
As far as getting bitchy, Bring it!! We all know it's going to be pointed at the ones who deserve it anyways....... lol But umm, just in case, I think maybe I was going with Dayna. I need a vacation.

BTW, congrats Ynot............and good luck Angel.

Jul 20 @ 4:51AM  
Good luck to you! I know from personal experience that it is not easy. I was smoking close to two packs a day, and had to quit cold turkey, because I found out that I had a brain tumor.... good luck to you!

Jul 20 @ 5:40AM  
Just remember Boots...if you get really bitchy...your old friend Borty ..sure could use a damn good thrashing...

Jul 20 @ 6:15AM  
good luck scooter......

Jul 20 @ 8:21AM  
Good Luck! You can do it!

Jul 20 @ 8:27AM  
Great Job, proud of you for quitting. It will make a big difference. I work in open heart surgery and I see the devastating effects smoking has on the body every day and it's not pretty.

Jul 20 @ 9:15AM  
If you get bitchy.. I'll letcha bitch. Prolly bitch back atcha but.. you got free reign to be bitchy!

Jul 20 @ 9:53AM  
you are much stronger than I......i have been smoking for years....i have yet to go past a pack a day....Im usually more of a 3/4-packer....and yes I know it aint no better....just sayin' proud of you girl......I be lubbin' you

oh......just realized somethin'.....that pack a day comment....does not hold if Im drinkin' in a bar....felt the need to clear that up for some reason....

Jul 20 @ 10:31AM  
you go girl !

Jul 20 @ 10:31AM  
Good luck!!
bitch away!!

Jul 20 @ 12:30PM  
UPDATE: Well it is now 19 hrs 23 mins since my last smoke! The hardest part so far was driving to work this morning! What the hell do I do with my left hand now when I'm driving?? Any suggestions are appreciated!! Only about 1/8 of bag of sugar free cough drops have gotten me through the morning. I might make it this time! I've warned coworkers and apologized in advance!

Jul 20 @ 1:20PM  
20 years from now when you are still alive and not dragging around an oxygen tank, you will be SO glad you made the decision to quit.

Stay with it.

Jul 20 @ 1:31PM  

Jul 20 @ 2:15PM  
Best of luck to you!!


What the hell do I do with my left hand now when I'm driving?? Any suggestions are appreciated!!

I have only one...I'll ride with you everywhere you go...and I'll leave it hangin' out whenever you feel the urge!

Course you'll have to replace your left for your right hand... Which also works, as you'll be driving with your left hand...and.............with your right!

Jul 20 @ 2:17PM  
Hey...we all need to be bitchy from time to least you will have a damn good reason!!

Good luck and bitch away when necessary!!

Jul 20 @ 5:18PM  
UPDATE: 1st Twenty four hours down! Doing pretty good, only one coworker in danger, haven't opened my pack yet, just carry it around and rub it, at this rate, by the end of the 30 days, there will be a hole in the side of the pack!!

Jul 20 @ 5:44PM  
Damn, if you can do it, I can do it. Keep us posted - I'm in your corner!!! I'm down to a few a day myself...slowly but surely...

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Old Habits Die Hard