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A Story

posted 7/18/2007 3:49:16 AM |
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tagged: flat tire

With nothing to do and nowhere to go, I got in my car and drove around the country roads just to get out of the house. The sun was high and the clouds were few, a perfect day to drive around with the top down.
I came over a small hill and noticed another vehicle a small distance ahead of me. The car was pulled to the side with the hazard lights blinking, as I got closer I saw that the car had a flat tire. I pulled up behind that car to lend a hand.
The trunk lid is up on the car infront of me hiding the driver from my view, I get out to see if the driver needs help. As I come around the rear of the other car I spot the driver. Her long dark hair is draped over the headrest of her seat. Her graceful arm lays along the window sill of the car door, long red finger nails tapping against the trim. I could tell that she wasn't ready to get her hands dirty. She saw me walking up in her mirror but didn't turn her head untill I asked if she had any help coming.
"I called triple A just a few minutes ago," she said "I'm not sure when they'll get here, but I won't turn your help down."
She pulled her sunglasses off as she turned her face towards me. I almost tripped when I saw her large blue eyes and her slender face, her lips matching the color of her nails which also seemed to match the color of her car. Infact, her clothing even matched her car, red and leather. She was beautiful.
She got out of her car as I was getting the jack and spare tire from the trunk. This woman had a set of legs that would not stop, from the stiletto heels to her micro skirt, they were perfect. Her top buttoned tightly around her mid-section and opening up to show her cleavage. Her breasts seemed almost too much for the stitching of her top.
I placed the jack under the car, I'm not sure how I was able to with my eyes not wanting to leave her form. I looked away from her long enough to get the lug wrench on the nuts, but glanced at her between each lug. My stares did not go unnoticed, as I saw her lips curl into a grin as i fumbled with the tire.
We bantered back and forth ( I think), I think we even exchanged names. That part seems lost in a fog, all I really remember was thinking that I was still in bed, and this grinssom goddess was just a figment of a wet dream. Reality crashed back to me as the wrench slipped and sent my knuckles into the ground. "Ouch!!"
Nope, I wasn't dreaming, but I still could hardly believe the vision standing beside me.

I stood up shaking my hand, looking at my knuckles I was happy to see no blood. The woman grabbed my hand and asked if it was ok. I told her that it was just fine, but she kissed my hand anyway, such a delicate kiss. I thanked her. I go on to finish changing her tire. all the while she leans against her car smiling at my joke, making more small talk.
Her celphone rings and she leans into her car to grab her phone. ( Yes, she's even wearing red panties, lace.) She's explaining her situation to someone, I don't know and didn't care. As I'm putting the spare tire on, all I could do was look up at her, and my eyes couldn't seem to get past the perfect curve of her ass.

I finished tightening the lugs and let the car off the jack. I put the bad tire and the jack back into the trunk. I closed the lid and my eyes met hers again. (if I had shut my thumb in the trunk lid, I don't think I would have felt it.)
"Thank you oh so much." she said to me. I told her that is was no problem and she was most welcome. And I think her top had lost a button.
"How can I repay you?" she asked me. All I could think was that her standing there was payment enough. "You don't owe me anything, I'm just glad I could help you." I replied.
She stepped closer, "No really, I must owe you something?" And as she moved closer a heal had broke on her she, toppling her over. I was able to catch her, through my arm around her slender waist. Her arms fell around my shoulders and suddenly our faces were just inches about.
" I must thank you again it seems" she said. I smiled, but only for a moment as she pulled my face closer to kiss me.
Our lips met, it was a quick kiss. but our eyes locked onto each other again. I leaned in to kiss her now, pressing my lips hard against hers. I sucked on her lower lip and she pressed back against me I pressed my tongue against her lips as her mouth seemed to open for me. She pressed her tongue agaisnt mine, and then into my mouth. My hand was sliding up along her side, underneath her breast.
I sat moved her against her car, and she sat slightly on her trunk lid. My hands seemed to move on their own as I was groping both of her breasts, and unbuttoning her top. Her bossom seemed to jump from her clothes as I let loose a few buttons. My thumbs rubbed against her hardening nipples as her legs wrapped around me. ( nope, no red bra, go figure) ( we also did not notice the service truck pull up)
I took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking on it. Her hands were undoing my belt and rubbing my swollen package. My lips moved to the base of her neck as she had undone my pants. My hand had moved to her pussy. I rubbed my thumb against her wet panties. I pressed against her clit and I heard her groan. I pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties off of her. My fingers now rubbed against her naked pussy. I rubbed them between the lips and slowly into her wet slit. She place her hand on mine, as if to shove my fingers deeper into her. She grabbed my cock now, her hand rubbing along the shaft, her thumb rubbing over the head, sending slight chills up my spine.
She spread her legs for me, as I was still finger fucking her. I grabbed her long hair and gave a firm yank, pulling her head back. I kissed her neck again with my fingers still cramming into her pussy. I kissed her chin as she told me that she wanted to my cock.
I gladly obliged her.. I ran the head of my cock along her slit before pressing the head into her love hole. I felt the head open her up as eyes rolled back into her head. I felt the walled of her vagina surrounding my shaft as I pressed ever deeper into her. Her moans were almost a scream as I shoved my rod into her.
My balls finally reach her pussy lips when we finally notice that we have company. The service truck driver had gotten out and was standing several feet from us. I stop but just for a minute, as he asks us to please go on. For some reason I didn't feel ashamed, or just didn't care, nor did she, we continued.
The other man is rubbing his crotch as I was ramming my cock into her pussy. It seemed that being watched was turning her on more as she rolled her hips with my thrusts. She grabs my ass, as if to force me deeper as she is watching this new stranger. She beckons him over.
She asks the man to take his pants off, she wanted to see his unit. He pulled his swollen rod out and starts to rub himself. She ca

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