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Who's been watching Big Brother 8 tv show?

posted 7/16/2007 6:21:10 PM |
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tagged: tv, straddle

Every summer starting in July Big Brother returns with a new batch of people living together in the house. This batch seem to be very petty, self centered, and back stab a lot of people. I think they could have done a better job with their selection this year. I think the two oldest members in the house are a 38 year old woman and a 42 year old guy. They used to have a few people in their 30's and 40's, with maybe someone in their 50's. Looks like the show has gotten younger with more buffed up people this year. I'm already turned off with one woman named Jen who is 23 years old. She seems to be very immature, shallow, and has been caught in a few lies already. Then there is another one named Jessica who comes off very immature as well. She tends to talk to someone face to face like their "old friends" and then cuts them up behind their back to other people. You have another woman who is 38 years old and tends to like the younger men in the house. She in fact has teamed up with the three younger guys to rid everyone else in the house. Seems like she wants to get rid of the females in the house first. One of the younger guys has even referred to this woman has "Mrs. Robinson" from the Beattles hit song back in the 60's. The only interesting people that seems to be the interesting ones is the father-daughter in the house because of their situation. They haven't spoken in two years and this gives them a chance to maybe try to work out their differences in the house. This Jen is head of household since Thursday night, and Sunday night she put up the father-daughter for eviction for this Thursday night where one of them may be going home depending on the veto competion Tuesday night. Anyway, that's a quick summery of a few people in the house. Has anyone else been watching this show, and if so what's your take on some of the people in the house?

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Who's been watching Big Brother 8 tv show?
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Jul 16 @ 6:28PM  
Yes, I have been watching and Ya, Jen is a total fucking idiot! She only one the HOH competition by fluke! She is self centered and needs to be thrown out NOW!

Jul 16 @ 6:36PM  
Yeah, Jen needs to go!!! I forgot to mention that Joe needs to go to.

Jul 16 @ 6:37PM  
I watched the first ever series of Big Brother UK and thought it totally crap then. Nothing but nothing about the previous god knows how many series has changed my mind and I think that the idiots that go onto these shows should be locked away for their own good. And who the fuck made the previous dickwads celebrities???? a less talented bunch of fuckwits I have yet to meet.

Jul 16 @ 7:07PM  
I watch the first season. Most of the people on there were good people. I stopped watching when the Doctor won and the Asian girl won. Both lied and cheated. If I want to see that I will watch Congress on C span.

Jul 16 @ 7:09PM  
I watched Big Bird on Sesame Street the other day... Seriously, I did...but seriously...

No, I don't watch any of these so-called "reality" shows. I have watched a few minutes of a few of them, and...well...

Anyhow, I love how these shows are called "reality" shows...when ALL of them are 90 some percent...


In other words...ALL these "reality" shows are exactly like the...WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Jul 16 @ 7:14PM  
Oh shit...I take that back. As I did in fact watch 2 of these reality shows...

Surviving the Nuge!

Both seasons!

Was that show scripted as well...yes, much of it was....however, who cares?!!! After all it's the...


Oh and for anyone who doesn't know who the Nuge is...well, crawl back under your rock you've been living under your whole life... The Nuge is none other than the greatest rock-n-roll animal, wild man, whackmaster...


Jul 16 @ 7:37PM  
This is the torture I have to put up with...he makes me watch with him. As if Survivor and Reds games weren't bad enough now there is 3 nights a week of Big Brother. I refuse to watch football season I can only take so much

Luv ya babe

Jul 16 @ 7:48PM  
I watch the reality shows and Big Brother. Thanks for the update, I missed the end of it Sunday. I like Survivor better than Big Brother.

Jul 16 @ 9:14PM  
Joe has to go, as well as Jen... cannt stand all the t-shirts she has... all with JEN something on them... that and the diztzy blond has to go.. her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard....

Jul 16 @ 9:22PM  
This is the torture I have to put up with...he makes me watch with him. As if Survivor and Reds games weren't bad enough now there is 3 nights a week of Big Brother. I refuse to watch football season I can only take so much

I sincerely feel sorry for you....

Jul 17 @ 1:01AM  
I've always enjoyed the Big Brother show....its like putting human nature under a microscope...didn't know it was back haven't seen the beginning but I'll start watching now..

Jul 17 @ 3:43AM  
Oh, and FYI Stradle, the song was from the movie "The Graduate" and was sung by Simon and Garfunkle, not the Beatles..... for those that are still wet behind the ears... lol.. man you are making me feel old, just cause i know that trivia.. and remember when it came

Jul 17 @ 4:35AM  
Oops, Ed, I guess you're right. That was a little before my time.

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Who's been watching Big Brother 8 tv show?