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Broken Trust

posted 7/15/2007 3:46:46 PM |
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I wonder just what someone has to do to you,to just what extent do they have to go , for you to be able not to trust them again? I usually have a great tolerance level for foolishness, I dont harbor grudges, lmao the stroke wont let me, for t hat I am thankful, you know before I became ill I did alot of mending fence, apologizing for things I knew I should not have done, even if it was something minor, hey made me feel alot better to say" I have not always treated you as I should have , but ... I will try and do better this time around" I have eaten my fair share of CROW (and no it does not taste like chicken)

How bout yall? How do you handle things such as t his?

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Jul 15 @ 3:51PM  
I drink.......

Jul 15 @ 3:53PM  
Same as ash..drink...

Jul 15 @ 3:55PM  

Jul 15 @ 3:55PM  
well it depends on the infraction i generally am not too forgiving ( a definite personality fault) but if someone was as gracious and sincere as you apear to be i would most definitly forgive anything

Jul 15 @ 3:59PM  
I alway forgive it is the forgetting part I have a problem with...

Jul 15 @ 4:01PM  
I forgive but I don't trust them again. Unless it's the bastards that hit the World Trade Center. I don't forgive them nor will I forget.

Jul 15 @ 4:18PM  
forgive and forget do not go hand in hand..does that make me bad ?

Jul 15 @ 4:21PM  
I'm kinda with Lisa on this one.. forgive, that's easy.. forget? not going to happen.

Jul 15 @ 4:25PM  
I dont know that I ever forget but I tend to maybe push the situation aside and try again but if someone fucks me over the second time there is no forgive/forget but there is a forget in dont come near me again. Someone who has to say they are sorry and keeps repeating the same thing im sorry im sorry over and over, well than they are only words, and holds no value. Shit on me once, shame on you Shit on me twice shame on me. And I dont like the shame on me.

Jul 15 @ 4:55PM  
Fortunately for me I have only experienced the lack of trust a few times. I have generally thought about the situation carefully before making a decision on how to handle it and try not to react emotionally.

Everyone, myself included and at the front of the line, make mistakes. But if I feel or sense there was malice or forethought that is not a mistake and it's deliberate. Then, I simply cut them from my life, mourn and move on.


Jul 15 @ 4:58PM  
I'm with L4F on this. I will forgive once... but next time? Not just no... but OH HELL NO! I don't suffer fools gladly, and I will never be made a fool more than twice.

Jul 15 @ 5:27PM  
I am like most, forgive, but not always forget. I also have the three strikes and you are OUT.... for all time. That and i HATE to be lied to, if you did something, be honest and just tell me. and we can work things out... BUT.. NEVER lie to me...Gettting my trust back is alot harder, once it is gone.

Jul 15 @ 5:35PM  
Ed has regularly told me I am way to forgiving and I let people take advantage of my good nature.
But even I have my limits and recently they have been reached. I will not forgive someone who lies about something then tries to blame others for their mistake and calls them the liar.
A person has to admit their mistake to get my forgiveness. I can not just brush it aside anymore and I will definately not forgive a betrayal with out repentance.

Jul 15 @ 6:32PM  
Trusting again... depends on the issue...

if the risk could involve my life, directly or indirectly -- ONE TIME ONLY
- no second chances.

It's a tough call... mostly look at how it feels to you inside when you think about that person.

Good Luck

Jul 15 @ 7:12PM  
lie to me or screw me over once, shame on you
lie to me or screw me over twice, shame on me for still being there.
Forgive, sometimes, forget, never.

Jul 15 @ 7:42PM  
Somebody breaks my trust....they are going to have to prove to me by there actions, not just their regain my trust. I'm sorry doesn't cut it...actions really do speak louder than words...

Jul 16 @ 12:57AM  
If someone cheats on me it is very very difficult for me to trust them again. I am one for monogomous relationships and that just is like the relationship getting hit with Zyklon-B...a one way road to relationship death.

Considering that I have never cheated on anyone in my life it just doesn't seem like it is something that is hard to do (staying faithful).

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Broken Trust