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Early Morning...

posted 7/15/2007 4:56:37 AM |
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tagged: erotica

It's early morning. The sun is just showing its brilliant colors in the distance. As I stare out the bedroom window my hand caresses the soft hair covering my pussy. I can hear the shower in the distance and it occurs to me that I’ve been waiting for you to return to our bed for quite some time. I decide that I will try to hurry you along and head toward the bathroom. I am wearing a black, sheer nightshirt that barely covers my ass and no panties. There are long strips of black satin tied to each of my wrists. My pussy is moist from touching myself and there is a definite empty feeling there.

As I walk into the bathroom, steam surrounds me. I breathe in the warm, moist air and turn the hot water tap on to wash my hands. I assume the water temperature changed slightly because your head peeked out from behind the clear shower curtain as if you didn’t realize I was there.

Without saying a word, your eyes tell me that you’ve been waiting a long time for me and you put your hand out. I slip my nightshirt over my head and toss it on the floor. I put my hand in yours and with your help step over the edge and under the stream of hot water. The shower is a large box shape. Big enough for two people to sit on the floor comfortably. Level to my ass, there is a 6 inch wide ledge that circles the stall. Looking up, there are four rings, one each, anchored to the four walls.

You adjust the showerhead so that the stream of water cascades over my shoulders and then pull me to you. Not too close but close enough that you can reach behind me. You rest my hands on your hips and then you take the soap in your hands and create a good lather. Your hands first go to my hips and then move slowly around to the small of my back and pull me in tight. Your cock is semi-hard but a definite presence between us. Your strong, firm hands move slowly down to my ass and move in agonizingly slow circles. The tip of your index finger slips ever so slightly between my ass cheeks and rubs the flesh there. Back and forth. I can feel a tingling deep within and push my body ever so slightly toward your growing cock.

You turn me around so that I am facing away from you. Your hands run softly from my stomach up to my breasts and you pinch each one firmly. Then as one hand continues to knead one breast the other is teased ever so lightly by a finger tip. My nipples are growing hard and erect. I long for you to suck them. Your hands move along the side of my body and then begin to lift my arms up above my head. My head turns sideways and I find your lips and kiss you deeply!

As you kiss me back you have looped the black silk attached to my right wrist into one of the rings and then the do the same to the other. Your cock is pushing against me while you tie the ends off leaving quite a bit of slack. As you kiss me you tighten the restraints so that as you push me against the shower wall, allowing my ass to rest on the ledge, my arms are pulled tight once again. I so want to touch you.

You take the soap between your strong hands and create a lather. Between my legs I continue to feel the familiar longing. Your hands clasp around my ankle and move slowly, firmly up and inside to the top of my thigh and then moving to the other ankle. Each time you get closer to my pussy when finally your hand grazes my lips and then is gone.

My hips move off the ledge in effort to move me closer to your mouth. You push me back into position and guide my legs apart. Your lips lightly brush my stomach and I moan. I beg, softly, a whisper, suck me please! A hand is moving slowly up the inside of my thigh and rests just between my pussy’s lips. And a soft cry escapes me.

As you continue to kiss down my stomach your finger slips past my lips and finds my clit slick and hard like a marble. Your finger dips into my pussy to moisten it and returns to my clit. You rub with small, agonizingly light circles and my hips again move up and forward. You push me back. When your tongue finally joins your finger my body trembles. Your lips cover my clit, taking it in your mouth, and suckling. Your pointed tongue continues the circles your fingers started. Now two fingers are sliding easily in and out of my pussy. You add a third and thrust firmly. My body lurches forward, begging for more. You refuse to let my ass leave the ledge. As your fingers move quickly and firmly in and out of my pussy, you continue sucking my clit. Complete and total ecstasy!

The waves begin to surge forward, crashing into some imaginary wall within me. One finger goes deep and gently swipes forward and with that one movement I am cast forward and my juices flow from me as if the flood gates were opened. I plead, almost screaming, please will you fuck me. I want you; I need you to fill me! You stand up. Your cock is rock hard. You tell me you are so hot and that you are ready to fill me. In one hard, fast thrust forward you enter me raising me to a standing position.

You are so worked up that you don’t hear me when I whisper harder, fuck me harder. Your movements have become slow and determined. Each time you go deep and then pull almost all the way out. Each time I grip you, holding you firm, my pussy squeezing around your cock, whimpering. My orgasm is still surging forward. Your finger finds my clit and rubs it up and down in time to your cock thrusting forward and forward. Your cock is throbbing. The sensation is incredible. And then with a deep moan you release. You thrust softly a couple more times and then you hold still inside me, waiting for the last of your sweet, hot cum to fill me.

While you are still in me you release my arms and I wrap them around you. Finding your lips, I kiss you deep and slow, as you remove your cock slowly from me.

You turn off the shower and pick me up and carry me to the bed. We lay in each others arms and fall gently off to sleep.

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Jul 15 @ 5:07AM  
WOW lin very good writing..... gave me a wood

Jul 15 @ 6:26AM  
Yes, wow! Writing talent...feel like I'm there!

Jul 15 @ 7:52AM  
ahhhhh Lin luv you've been dreaming of me again.......told you it would be great!! Who loves ya baby

Jul 15 @ 8:23AM  
wanna take a shower........ very good tease.....

Jul 15 @ 8:40AM  
I would deffinatly want to shower with you

Jul 15 @ 8:58AM  
wow girl your good!

Jul 15 @ 9:07AM  

That was pretty good...but.

where's the car crashes?....explosions n stuff?

*opens Budweiser*


Jul 15 @ 9:33AM  

love those filthy shower's..............

Jul 15 @ 10:21AM  
I need a shower NOW!!! Anyone care to join me?

Jul 15 @ 1:43PM  
showers running...........just sayin

Jul 15 @ 3:42PM  
Damn girl

Jul 15 @ 4:33PM  
wanna take a shower........
Wow, makes me want to take a shower too.......with sumdaysoon

WOW!! Linnie it just keeps getting better and better. Kudos to you.

Jul 15 @ 4:36PM  
Get a life and a vibrator while you're at it.

Jul 15 @ 4:39PM  
Get a life and a vibrator while you're at it.
Ignore him, Linnie, sounds like another one off his meds.

Jul 15 @ 4:46PM  
Get a life and a vibrator while you're at it.

hey linnie baby...don't pay no attention.......he/she/IT's just mad cause you can get a man n IT cant.....but....funny thing....bitchboy mutha fucker like that were in the right place....he COULD have a man........make mutha fucker humm the Campbell Soup song............but....guess IT will just have to keep sittin on IT's vibrator n dream...........

Jul 15 @ 5:07PM  
Get a life and a vibrator while you're at it.

I have both, thank you very much. As I'm sure you do too.

Does it bother you so much that there are intelligent women out there that can make something erotic and sensual without ever sending you a wannafuck email????

Why don't you drop the dildo and move out of mom's basement????

Jul 15 @ 6:40PM  
Very hot lin made me moist.... lmao

Jul 15 @ 6:42PM many woody's n so much work here is done!

[raises hands in victory!]

Jul 15 @ 8:27PM  
Damn !!! Sorry I missed that Blog ! I wasn't up yet ! But I'm UP now !!!

Jul 15 @ 9:38PM  
lin baby had to read it again man you are good still have the wood muahhhhhhh

Jul 15 @ 10:37PM  
I noticed you used the word head alot in this blog . Oh and the word strong once . Hmmmmm . You didnt by chance write real slow when you made this blog did you ?

Jul 15 @ 11:48PM  
rock on I like it in th

Jul 15 @ 11:49PM  
Shower sex is the BOMB especially in the morning......

Jul 15 @ 11:51PM  
*thwaps Hymen* Lin....damn it I've gotta go take care of a few things

Jul 15 @ 11:53PM  
lin, that is awsome, i hurt now AGAIN lol but very good read, keep u errrr i mean them comin lol

Jul 16 @ 12:21AM  
OMG lin this is very good. hell had me wanting to do it and I dont even have a man here. Great Job sis. hope you make it to the top.


Jul 16 @ 2:34AM  
well that's it...i can't read it anymore ..... wore out

Jul 16 @ 2:55AM  
actually XXX stories are a big turn to me... and this is!!!! I owe you something dear.

Jul 16 @ 7:17PM  
I noticed you used the word head alot in this blog . Oh and the word strong once . Hmmmmm . You didnt by chance write real slow when you made this blog did you ?

I did write it real slow...and with my eyes closed...jus sayin

Jul 16 @ 7:52PM  
WOW!!!!! That was HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a shower!

Jul 16 @ 8:49PM  
Get a life and a vibrator while you're at it.

Wow where does all that anger come from ?
Could he be sexually frustrated ?
Gee I wonder !

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Early Morning...