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Being up Somone's Ass

posted 7/14/2007 1:46:36 PM |
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How much is too much???? Why do some people see it as a bad thing??? Is it jealousy? Or, is it that they just don't understand?

No, I am not talking about anal sex here...... as a matter of fact..... I am talking about love!

Okay.... here is the scenario..... my husband and I cannot seem to get enough time together. As a matter of fact just the other day, he stated" You could come with me everywhere, and I would LOVE it" . As a matter of fact everything we do is together. But, it is to the point that when he has to go to work, we both have a hard time getting through the twelve hour shift.

We even do all of our "extra" activities together... i.e... American Legion, Marine Corp League. He even goes to the hair salon with me if he is available. On his days off from work, he volunteers at the school where I work. Now don't get me wrong.... I love this! I hate being without him, and vice versa.

Some of the other teachers I work with have made comments, and have questioned me on how I can stand to have my husband around all the time. Some of them have said "I would kill my husband if I spent every minute of the day with him". "I wouldn't want my husband to come to work with me". "I told my husband to leave the house the other day because I didn't want to be around him". (These comments are all from different people).

How does everyone else see this? All comments will be posted. And before anyone can ask, no.... this is not a new relationship. We have been together for five years.... you know.... time to where the cutsie stuff should be all over and done with!

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Jul 14 @ 1:51PM  
You are a lucky woman to have a love so all encompassing...everyone should be so lucky...

Jul 14 @ 1:56PM  
My husband and I do everything together and we love it. We never argue about anything, we have always compromised if there was a disagreement. We have little time too, we both work so I will say that if something happened to him and I were not there it would kill me

Jul 14 @ 2:00PM  
since I am single I must say I would LOVE IT!!!! Enjoy your husbands company maybe your co-workers will take notes on how to keep their marriages happy

Jul 14 @ 2:07PM  
While I have no problem spending a great deal of time with my significant other I find (for me at least) that it is healthier to spend some time apart, doing things I enjoy, which I can then bring back to the relationship. I have always needed a little "me" time.

Jul 14 @ 2:09PM  
Just make sure to always do outside activities and be with other peoples, and make sure both of you are meeting your goals and interests. It works so long as one party doesnt feel they are giving up anything to be with the other, otherwise it leads to co-dependency.

Jul 14 @ 2:15PM  
Of course the reason you guys like doing things together is simply because you love each other and like each others company...You BOTH are very lucky! All married people should be so happy!

Jul 14 @ 3:08PM  



I SURE THE HECK AM, though very happy for you two

Jul 14 @ 3:31PM  
Different people need different things. So long as you are both happy who gives a fig what anyone else thinks!

Jul 14 @ 6:41PM  
this morning in the grocery store I saw a couple in their mid seventies holding hands and giggling like school kids while picking up their groceries " Please note the cutsie stuff should never be over" Hope yours goes on forever God bless

Jul 14 @ 10:52PM  
Personally, I think that every relationship should be like this. At least everyone should "want" to spend all of their time together.

You guys ROCK!

Jul 15 @ 12:57AM  
My first husband and I were like this we did everything together we held hands where ever we went it was wonderful.
Dont worry what the world things enjoy your relationship.

Btw I love your new photo.

Jul 15 @ 1:11AM  
I guess it would depend on how much togetherness you mean. I was in a marriage like that we did everything together we had all the same friends we did things that interested both of us and somewhere along the way I lost a very important part of me. Suddenly our marriage went down the drain, for reasons i wont get into, but i found suddenly that i didnt know who i was, what i liked to do because a lot of the things you do as a couple you dont do as a single. Friends who said they wouldnt take sides, took sides, and so I walked away from it all. I do believe that if your in love you should spend time together you should show your love but i think you should always take time for yourself so you dont lose who you are. Just my 2 cents.

Jul 15 @ 10:18AM  
Thank you to all of you for your support!!! I appreciate the comments. This blog was out of sorts for me. I very rarely blog about something non sexual, and as close to home as this one was.

P.S.... thanks for all of the great comments about my new photo!!!!

Aug 7 @ 10:50AM  
Of course the reason you guys like doing things together is simply because you love each other and like each others company...You BOTH are very lucky! All married people should be so happy!

He hit the nail right on the head.

Sep 7 @ 12:27AM  
I think it is wonderful that you and your husband want to be together all the time. it sounds like me and my hubby. You see we are both now disabled. For different reasons However, before he became disabled his job would take him out of town for 30 days at a time. This upset me and our son very much, But for as much as it upset us it was killing him. It got so bad that his boss rented a house where they were working and sent two of his workers to come and pack just our clothes and some of the baby's toys and take us down there to be with my husband. That day when my husband got off work, his boss told him to go and pick up some things from the house where me and my son were at. I will never forget the look on his face when he walked in and saw us. He called his boss to find out what was going on and was told that for as they were working away from home we would be staying there and his boss would pay the bills on that house. I know for the first week we let our son sleep in bed with us just because my husband needed to feel us with him and to know that we were really together. I didn't mind because I felt like I was whole again.and to this day even though it has been 2 years my husband will still sometimes go and get our 4 year old son and put him in bed with us just because he needs to know his family is right beside him. And as far as the both of us doing everything together, We include our son which makes three. The only thing we do as man and wife that our child doesn't join in is make love. Which isn't that much anymore because like I said we are both disabled for different reasons, but that doesn't slow our love down. You see we have been in love for over 18 years ,. And we will love each other until the day we die. So Good for you and you and your hubby.

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Being up Somone's Ass