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First Bi-Experience

posted 9/20/2006 3:21:44 PM |
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I've got a little time on my hands this afternoon and thought I
would share my first experience with you.

It was when I was in college. I hadn't really thought much about
women... in fact I had heard some horror stories about lesbians in
the dorm, trying to force girls into sex. Which at the time I
believed, because I was rather naive.

There was one girl, Kim, on our dorm floor, whom we all thought was
gay but couldn't prove it. She dressed manly, wore no make-up and
never had a guy in her dorm. Nor showed interest in guys when all of
us would go out. Yet, we never saw her with a girl either. Mostly
she just hung in the background, watching or listening to us.

One night, after a wild party at a Frat house, I found myself
walking back to the dorm alone. My roommate was gone for the weekend
and all my friends had hooked up with frat guys. I somehow made it
back and as I walked down the hall, Kim came out of her room. She
asked if I had fun and followed me inside, after helping me with the
keys. I was rather sloppy drunk. She laughed at me. Watched as I
called a few 'boyfriends' to see if they were home, because I was
really horny. After giving up, I decided to go to bed. Kim offered
to help me with my clothes, because I kept getting the zipper on my
jeans skirt stuck.

After I was dressed for bed--in panties and a tank top, she tucked
me in and turned the lights out. I was asleep before she shut the
door. I don't know what time it was...only that it seems as if I had
just went to sleep when someone was licking my inner thighs. I
remember sighing and parting them. In my drunken state, I assumed it
was a boyfriend--not quite realizing I was in my dorm room alone.
Hands tugged down my panties and as soon as they were off, a mouth
covered my pussy. This mouth was different. The lips were soft on my
pussy lips, on my thighs. I heard a murmur of pleasure that wasn't

My eyes flew open. In the light from the open dorm window, I could
see it wasn't a guy, but Kim...licking me. She was intent on my
pussy and didn't realize I was truly awake. I shut my eyes
immediately. Shocked and not knowing what to do... but as she found
my clit, and licked me like no guy has ever done before, I stifled
my cries of protest and let little sounds of delight slip out.

When I did, she paused for a moment. Probably thinking she was
busted, but I whimpered out, "Bobby, don't stop," pretending it was
a boyfriend--one of the ones she heard me call. She dove back into
my pussy, licking me until I came violently. I think she never
realized I was awake the whole time. When I calmed down, she laid
her head on my stomach, playing with my nipples. I felt myself
falling asleep and didn't wake up until mid-morn.

First I was confused, trying to remember the night before. Knowing I
had gotten drunk, because of the hangover I had. Normal morning
rituals called, so I pulled back the covers and saw I was only
wearing a tank top and it was pushed up over my breasts. My panties
were in a ball on the floor by the closet, where they had been tossed.
Sudden memory flooded back and I realized I hadn't dreamt it.

At first I was peeved, because at least she could have put my
clothes back on. Pulled down my top to hide what she had done. I'm
thinking she was relying on the fact I had been so drunk and
wouldn't remember much of the night before. Later on, I saw her and
she acted very non-chalant, as she always did. I started to doubt
myself, that maybe I had fantasized the whole thing...and
masturbated instead.

It wasn't until a few weeks later that it happened again. My roomie
was out of town and I had been to a party, but I wasn't that drunk.
Kim met me in the hallway and followed me to my room. She thought I
was plastered and insisted she help me get to bed. I let her. And
once in bed, I pretended to fall right to sleep. When she left the
room, I realized she didnt' lock the inside lock...and sure enough,
about 30 mins later, I heard the door open again.

She had returned...and was very careful about getting on the bed
with me. She whispered my name to see if I was awake. I tried to
breathe deeply, like on in slumber. She eased the cover back...and
when I would move, she would go stiff, until I relaxed. Once again
she devoured me and once again I pretended I thought it was a guy,
whispering "Bobby or Tom or someone's name." And she had her way
with me.

This happened about 4 times in all. Never once did she take her
clothes off. Never once did she try to get me to lick her. All I
know is that I let her take me, have me any way she wanted. Fingers
inside me, tongue inside me...mouth on my clit, fingers pulling my
nipples and I loved it. We never spoke of it. I somehow managed to
play as if things weren't happening. But a few times when we passed in the hall, I would catch her watching me with a look of desire that would make my pussy throb.

I still masturbate to the memories of Kim's ravaging this day.

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Sep 20 @ 3:49PM  
Thank you, now you are not the only person masturbating to your memories!

Sep 20 @ 3:56PM  
Great! now i am sitting at work with a hard on. Thanks for the story.

Sep 20 @ 5:04PM  

Sep 20 @ 5:15PM  
*sigh* thank you for the orgasm!

Sep 20 @ 5:37PM  
Ohh man, if I had a schwing it woulda schwung! Thanks for sharing.

Sep 20 @ 6:34PM  
Wow! Ummmmmm....... Wow!

Sep 20 @ 7:38PM  
Sounds like a very interesting experience. Have you ever thought about contacting Kim again?

A fun story nicely told, thanks for sharing :)

Sep 20 @ 8:06PM  
that is awesome blog it got me turned on only because i love girls that was hot

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First Bi-Experience