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Hello all, Grandma here...

posted 7/13/2007 9:32:11 PM |
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tagged: grandma, family, birthday

Well, well. Today sucked - and not in the good way, either. My husband had to call off work because he is having another bout with cellulitis. You can find out what that is here,
If you don't know and you'd like to.

Of course it had to coincide with a low pay week anyway because they called off work due to a failed power grid on Tuesday. Not to mention he'd already been off since Friday because he had bereavement leave. Yes, Granny finally passed away. At least they paid him for that, but nevertheless it messes with our groove. I like to have him gone for those eight hours so that he isn't in mine and Becca's way while we clean and buff and polish our abode. Then we go outside to the backyard, or to the pool, or if it is raining to somewhere with an indoor play land so that she can get some energy out. That didn't happen a lot this week and my poor child was flat FULL of energy today, even with a cold, so we decided to go to Chick Fil-A and let Dan have some time to rest and recoup. We were going to go to the park but it started pouring down rain on the way there. It was already wet but I was going to let B. go get muddy and dirty at the park anyway.

Long story short, we're at Chick Fil-A and I've had some coffee and B's been playing for about an hour and a half. She always likes to play before she eats and then she'll come out and tell me she's ready to eat. About an hour and a half in, I start having contractions. I am going to be 33 weeks tomorrow, so needless to say it is a bit too early to deliver. I am shaking all over and fidgety, so I figure my sugar is out of whack as well. I call Dan and tell him he needs to come to Chick Fil-A and bring my test kit and some insulin just in case. He gets underway but due to traffic it takes him almost an hour to get there and in this amount of time I've already had four contractions, and the last one lasted nearly two minutes. When Dan arrives I call the doctor and they order me to the labor hall. We get B and Dan some food to go and off to the hospital we are. We're in the elevator with B and an elderly woman in a wheelchair enters the elevator with her son. She and her son compliment B on being so pretty (beaming here, she is BEAUTIFUL) and I tell her to tell them Thank You. The lady then proceeds to ask Dan and I if we are her Grandma and Grandpa.

Now Dan is almost forty. It's perfectly logical to assume he could be the grandfather of a three year old. As for myself, I will not be over the age of 29 until the 27th of this month. Not to mention I am nearly eight months pregnant (Yes, I AM chubby, but Hells Bells, even in Dan's big shirt and my baggy shorts you can tell I'm not just fat, I am also with CHILD!)

Even after being asked if I was my sister's baby's grandma when she was in the NICU (my sister does look fourteen, even though she is older than me- so I really wasn't THAT offended) I wasn't feeling particularly bad about turning 30 this month. After all, what's to feel bad about? In the last four or five years I have made nothing but improvements to my life. I've went to Tech school and gotten my CNA liscense. I've saved for nursing school and plan on going to get my LPN next fall. I've bought a new house, gotten my liscence and a car, even though it's a hoopty- it's MY car, I don't owe any one a dime on it- had my daughter, gotten pregnant with son, and celebrated my ninth anniversary with my husband. That's a BIG deal considering we nearly divorced several years ago. The point is - I am no longer the flighty, crazy kid that married Dan. I grew up a little. I grew up a lot. I am proud to be the wife and mother that I am today, because I left the wild child I was behind a long time ago.

After I informed the woman that we were Mom and Dad, she looked at me with raised eyebrows and said "Well" - like, well you must have adopted her, you old Bag! And it doesn't help that I am in the middle of another contraction and at this point I want to cry!

The contractions stopped, and they advised some rest. My daughter's actual Grandfather came to pick her up while were there and I couldn't help but wonder if I really look that damn old?!?

I think it's soon going to be time for a Mommy makeover when our little G. is born. New clothes, new haircut, some new shoes for me and B. We're gonna strut our stuff. I don't even care if she calls me Grandma!


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Jul 13 @ 9:38PM  
Kris your beautiful!! that old bat was just jealous!

Jul 13 @ 9:40PM  
That old lady must have needed her eyeglass perscription fixed cause you DEFINATELY DO NOT look at all OLD, fucking rediculous! Im sorry you had such a rough day, and week. Im sorry about Granny passing away!

You look gorgeous as always! Big Hugs your way, and take it easy with that new little one so close to joining our big scary world!

Jul 13 @ 9:42PM  
Don't let it get you down girl! If she was that old, she was probably blind as a bat anyway, or she could have seen you for the beautiful young woman that you are!

Jul 13 @ 10:10PM  
she thought YOU looked like a grandma? Oh puhleeeeeeze.. I have trouble believing you are above the age of legal consent.. she must be either blind or a total redneck where in their family all the babies are born to 14 year olds.

Jul 13 @ 10:35PM  
Thanks for all your comments, ladies! As usual, they made me feel much better! You guys are great!


Jul 14 @ 1:34AM  
Kris she had to be totally nuts or just jealous. I think you are without doubt one of the most beautiful women on here both inside and outside. I love your photo. Don't let anyone ever make you doubt yourself again. YOu are hot and very sexy even pregnant......... Hugs Kimmie.

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Hello all, Grandma here...