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Bait and Switch...

posted 7/12/2007 12:27:50 PM |
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Sometimes I think I hate that brunette bitch.

It started when we were just kids. She always tortured me. In little league she'd stand in the outfield and taunt me when I was trying to pitch. She'd sit in a stupid shack and charge me a nickle for worthless advice. Everytime I asked her out she'd always have plans with that blond piano player. (Incidentally HE turned out to be gay. Nothing wrong with that, just sayin'...) She always belittled my efforts to be a nice guy and wost of all... she could always trick me. How many fucking times did I fall for the old "Hold the football for a kick then pull it away at the last second causing me to fly through the air and bust my ass" trick? I think she liked my dog better than she liked me.

But none of that compared to what she did when we were older.

It's no secret that a brunette girl in a blue dress makes me lose my fucking mind. I was home from college one summer and who did I just happen to run into? You guessed it. She was beautiful, she had a body that you couldn't even draw well enough. She stood there in front of me in the smallest blue sundress you have ever seen. Then, she actually spoke to me!

She was all "cooing" and "helloing" and "you look sooo gooding" to me. She invited me back to her place and told me that no one else was home and we could be alone together like I always had wanted. She told me she was hoping to see me because she had learned a few new tricks since we were young. I was horny. But, I was also skeptical. That's when she showed me a big Cuban cigar and asked me to guess what she could do with it. Ok now I'm thinking about nothing but cum on that blue dress so I go along with her.

She takes me up to her room and sets up a video camera! "Whoa this chick has really gotten kinky!" I thought to myself. She then started to run her fingers through my little tuft of hair and nibble my neck. Well needless to say, I found myself lying naked on her bed in no time at all.

She tells me to close my eyes and keep them closed. She says there's something she's been thinking about doing to me for a long time. My eyes snap tightly shut.

I feel the most amazing sensation run over my know throbbing cock. Warm and wet, perfectly touching me everywhere. The sensation is moving over my shaft in an increasing tempo. A moan escapes my lips. She tells me to keep my eyes closed or she will stop. There ain't no way I'm peeking now, because I'm peaking now! The bliss of orgasm overtakes me, then stillness...

I open my eyes. She is gone. The video camera is gone. On my lap sits a pumpkin from my favorite patch...

I wonder what she did with that fucking tape.

I think I hate that brunette bitch...

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Jul 12 @ 12:35PM  
you would thinnk you men would learn... but nooooooooo you always gotta go back for more !!!! lol

Jul 12 @ 12:37PM  
Girls in blue dresses... will men never learn?

Jul 12 @ 12:38PM  
Damn Pudge. I think you have been watching to many Charlie Brown movies bud LOL.

Jul 12 @ 12:40PM  
Now that is funny!!!

Jul 12 @ 12:45PM  
pumpkins are

Jul 12 @ 1:00PM  
Don't worry about her, karma always comes full circle and she will have gotten hers...and well if you haven't seen it on the internet.... I think that she kept you in her private collection...

and think with out that experience, you wouldn't have this blog to write about

Though thinking about.... in order for the pumpkin to be moved, she would have had to be in the video as well...

Honey, truly I wonder

perhaps this gal really did like you and did want to fuck you .... and this was the closest she could without actually doing the deed

How do you know that she didn't use this film of you to masturbate to?

I don't see that you wrote that you heard her laughing

As well, she could have stopped anytime and told you to open your eyes, to humilate you in front of her....

Why did she perform on you with the pumpkin until you had your orgasm?

Did you hear any rumors about the tape?

In the end, you can't change the past.....but I have to say... I'm not a big fan of porn cause I want to see is a naked man ... that's it...

and what you described... honey..... I'd like a look at the film and it would not be to laugh.

just sayin'

though it was not right without your permission, that was betrayal of trust and that itself was abuse -emotionally and physically. VERY, VERY WRONG!


Jul 12 @ 1:06PM  
I think she just did it to torture me again.

Jul 12 @ 1:08PM  
have I got to teach you everything pudge??? NEVER NEVER with a video camera

Jul 12 @ 1:34PM  
You neve told me this story before dad!

Jul 12 @ 2:01PM  

This was good Pudge. But umm, yeah you might wanna cut back on the Charlie Brown cartoons before you go to sleep. Just sayin'. lol

Jul 12 @ 5:17PM  
Charlie Brown Cartoons? No way y'all he's been hanging out with Apple Man! It was bound to rub off on him a lil bit.

Jul 12 @ 8:56PM  
Pudge ---saw the tape the look on your face when you came was not near as priceless as the look when you opened your eyes

Jul 13 @ 12:59AM  
I think pumpkins are hot...

Jul 13 @ 3:00AM  
I think she liked my dog better than she liked me.

Dear CB,

That's 'cos I'm awesome compared to you ... after all I'm a World War I flying ace. All the chicks love a handsome flying beagle. Kudo for mentioning me but for future reference ... I pwn you.

Sincerely, SP(Ace)

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Bait and Switch...