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What is wrong with men??

posted 7/9/2007 11:39:17 AM |
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Do you men not read a womans profile? If you can't read or understand what a woman wants then do not, I repeat do not send an email.
And if you get a harsh reply then expect it....

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What is wrong with men??


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Jul 9 @ 11:44AM  
sry for the laffin but you have NO IDEA how many times we've seen this soo..short and sweet.......NOPE most of the dorks on here WONT or CANT know that based on your you can ingore the tons of bullshit mail you get n hit block or probably aught to just leave ...cause we have found NO options to make them stop writing you .....sry

Jul 9 @ 11:48AM  
I know that I will as many other women will continue getting email from men we do not want, And when we send them a harsh email then they start the name calling, funny, first email the would fly a thousand miles to fuck us but when they are rejected their true colors come through.

Jul 9 @ 11:53AM  
It doesnt matter if its harsh or not. I try responding nicely and their true colors have come out many times with comments like well take your fat ass of this site bitch. SO it really doesnt matter whether you respond nicely or not. I just no longer respond to them, if they dont like it too bad, They want to blame someone for my rude behavior all they need to do is look around at this site at some of the men on here. Just as a suggestion when they email you and you respond block them right afterwards they can try to get nasty to you all they want to and you will never know it LOL

Jul 9 @ 12:04PM  
At first I did reply in a nice way but that didn't work so being rude is more fun with these idiots and I do block them after I email them. Funny how some men can't take rejection even in a nice way. Like you said their true colors always show. I laught after they get mad, at first they would do anything to be with us but once rejected they loose it, do they not realize that other women read their anger and still they actually think they will find a woman???????

Jul 9 @ 1:31PM  
dont waster you time what I do......

click DELETE click DELETE click DELETE click DELETE

Jul 9 @ 2:10PM  
From ur looks u should be glad to even get "wanna fuck" mails, looks like U need to hit the cyber hyway

Jul 9 @ 2:23PM  
sfty...You are the poster child of why we women have such a hard time on these sites. Trust me, I get a lot of men that want to meet me and as for my picture, at my sisters in the heat no make up or anything and yet still get at least 5 emails a day from nice men.And then there are a few like you, can't get a woman, doesn't have a picture because if you had one posted no woman would answer you back when you send them emails. Angry men that can't get laid seem to flame us that want a certain man. Anyway, best of luck to you and rosy palm.

Jul 9 @ 2:32PM  
When ppl say stuff that is mean and nasty on your blogs you do have the right to delete them, tho i usually leave it up for all to see who is an asshole. But take my advice, with this one, report him for abuse. Maybe now is the time to report report report until he goes the way of all of them bye bye to the acct. But thats what your hoping for isnt it sftyeng/docvn just another new profile with a new name will be created by you won't it?

Jul 9 @ 2:42PM  
The same thing that is wrong with alot of women...just want sex, don't care what you're looking for, have the audacity to think just because you're here you're willing to screw anyone, think they're God's gift to humanity, have the manners of a regurgitating ape, the mouth of a sewer rat and the mind of a lobotomized sloth. The list goes on and on...get used to it.

Jul 9 @ 2:59PM  
The problem is that most of us want women...

Jul 9 @ 3:02PM  
From ur looks u should be glad to even get "wanna fuck" mails, looks like U need to hit the cyber hyway

You know...right now there is a function for blocking users...but when they develop the "block stupidity" button I'll never have to see crap like this again.

Jul 9 @ 3:12PM  
That is so true, they sould have an idiot button. He has been deleted, blocked, reported and if anyone else knows anything else to do to idiots like him please inform us....
Like my dad said, most men have to be hit in the head a few times with a 2x4 to get their attention then maybe, just maybe 50% of what you tell him will sink in.

Jul 9 @ 3:17PM  
There must be 100 men to every woman here...AMD wouldn't give me the statistics when I asked even though there are probably equal numbers of ignorant people of both sexes, the women get alot more of those responses. Look at it this have MUCH more to choose from, but the downside comes with the territory too. I'm looking for a site with 100 women to every guy!!! Anyone know of one???

Jul 9 @ 3:52PM  
Hey Koz, I do know of a place where the women out number the men. From what I've heard,the women at this place are well mannered,and even domesticate,they cook and clean and even work at a job

If you are ever down this way just check out the Womens State Correctional Facility.

Jul 9 @ 4:56PM  
sftyeng/docvn or whoever the hell you are or will be tomorrow I'm surprised that in 50 years you haven't learned anything or maybe you just like playing with yourself instead of having a woman do it for you. I guess the old saying they can't teach old dogs new tricks is true with you. If you live to be 100 which I doubt you will with your attitude you will still be a dumb fuck. Didn't your daddy if you had one that would admit to the mistake he made in you teach you how to treat women or did he just keep fucking you in the ass until you started to enjoy it and turned you against women? I just can't believe how fucking illiterate you are you pile of shit. If you don't like the women here then go away. Like I have told you before you won't be missed.

Jul 9 @ 5:01PM  
or you can just get shit like the one I just got.......I think I'm in love!!
yes i can leave the ass all swollen up. second of all if you were ready when i am then you'd be getting the meat put to ya right now

Jul 9 @ 5:04PM  
WTF? That didn't make you wet Ash?

Jul 9 @ 5:14PM  
>???????????somethin' 'bout that word "meat"....just gives me the willies

Jul 9 @ 6:18PM  
From ur looks u should be glad to even get "wanna fuck" mails, looks like U need to hit the cyber hyway
Sftyeng, why hasn't your racist asshole hit the cyber highway????


Jul 9 @ 6:20PM  
Making a note...don't mention swollen ass and layin da meat to Ash LOL.

Jul 9 @ 8:06PM  
always amazing how this type of blog bring out only 3 types ...a) real men...b)women and yes there is a third.....the fukkin douchebag mutha fuckers that helped to create the NEED for the blog....sighh stvy or docv or dickweed......jeeez....lets all take up a collection ...*passes da hat* so we can buy this bitchboy some baby oil or sumthin cause lord knows he's gona need it...............but ...maybe us MEN should thank IT....yes i said THANK IT.....why you say?? ynot *ducks the eggs n old fruit being thrown* because this type sure does alot to make an average guy like ME look realy good to da ladies after mail from a fuktard *thank you sunnyD for that word* like ladies am i right or what

Jul 9 @ 8:16PM  
Sum uv is is edecatted an kan reed cee I dint male you so there

Jul 9 @ 10:56PM  
I study women's profiles and nearly always see things I don't like, or I think she wouldn't like something about me. That's why I rarely contact anyone.

Jul 13 @ 5:40PM  
Stfy,nice way to resort to picking on someones looks when you don't even have a photo of yourself.How's that logic working for you again? Take a hike,you coward.

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What is wrong with men??