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Your first drink

posted 7/6/2007 7:22:45 PM |
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Ok folks.... it's remember when time. What was the first alcohol you remember drinking, and when. (a sip of your dads beer does not count) Did you get drunk or just silly. Anything else happen? Mischief, sex...... C'mon spill it. lol

When I was... maybe 13.... I went camping with an older cousin. He smuggled along some cigarettes and a bottle of Ripple Pagan Pink. Got tipsy & silly but that was about all. There HAS to be some better stories than that out there.

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Jul 6 @ 7:30PM  
a sip of your dads beer does not count

What if dad pours an amount that is significant but not too much to get you sloshed into your own cup? I guess that means the whisky on my gums while teething doesn't count?

Somewhere, a child protective services person just had a tizzy and passed out. Kids these days, the only fun they get is prescribed dope to keep the little darlings from being overly active or having attention deficeit. Too bad that only zones them out into compliant little buggers, and doesn't actually get them anywhere.


Jul 6 @ 7:51PM  
My first serious drink ... I went out with girlfriends one night .. we went to a little pool hall ... 1 woman for like every 12 men ... first impressions counted ... so I went up to the bar and I ordered a Corona with a double shot of tequilla and then I decided to do two double shots of tequilla ... I downed the first double shot with my friends cheering me on ... I sucked that lime for all it was worth ... then I downed the second double shot ... and then a long swig of beer ... I wanted to die ... guys noticed ... along with my low cut lacy cami tops, wet crimson lips, and four inch heels ... double shots of tequilla introduced me to my first few one night stands ... from then on I never had to be asked what I was drinking when I went into the bar ... the bartender just new ... double shot tequilla and a corona ... and it is all good

Jul 6 @ 7:54PM  
Bartender...... we need a couple doubles of Cuervo Gold over here.

Jul 6 @ 8:12PM  
my best guess is before i was 10, my grandfather was a moonshiner in harford county, md....adn not only did he make some damn good shine, he made the best dandelion wine i've ever had

Jul 6 @ 8:55PM  
Do I remember? I'll never forget it!!! Summer of 1969, Lubbock, Texas,at the drive in movie. Ten beers in about 2 hours,got sick as a dog,and puked all over friends car, which I had to clean the next day,LOL. I couldn't even smell a beer without getting sick for almost a year.

Jul 6 @ 9:01PM  
I was about 4, my grandfather's moonshine (thinking it was a glass of water he had left sitting on the table as a matter of fact) and I don't remember.

On the other hand... I can honestly state that I have *never* been drunk... Hell there was only ONE occasion that I qualified as mildly tipsy.

Jul 6 @ 10:18PM  
I'm very competitive when it comes to sports or games. I never give in or let other's win. I never really drank alcohol though as my brother is a major alcoholic, so I saw how it could ruin people.

That was until 3 months before I turned 21. I was at college. We were at a party and everyone was playing beer pong. Me, being the competitive person I am, couldn't resist playing. I just had to play it and win. I ended up playing 13 games that night and got wasted like no other. Now I'm in love with alcohol (in a good way). That night I learned alcohol can be fun as long as you don't over do it. I drink in moderation with friends on occasional weekends now. It rocks.

Jul 7 @ 7:43AM  
I was 7 yrs old and we were having the only new years eve party we ever had. We were celebrating our neighbors son who had just returned home from vietnam. My mom let me have wine highballs that had maybe an 1/8 of an inch of wine in them and my one cousin put shots of corbys whiskey in them. I didnt even get a hangover tho i did blackout and eventually pass out.

Jul 7 @ 10:57AM  
I was 12 built like I was 18 went in the bars with my girlfriends folks I ordered coke and they put the booze in needless to say I was always chaparoned properly but was allowed to drink! still haven't figured out why??? but oh well it is a great memory for me (mom would shit if she ever found out)

Mar 7 @ 11:15PM  
Country Club Malt Liquor..what a beer to get weaned on, huh?

And screwdrivers...

first time I drank anything other than a sip I actually got hit by lightning (indirectly) ...boy, was that a shocking experience. lol

Mar 8 @ 12:20AM  
There HAS to be some better stories than that out there.

Well I can't help you there, as my first time is quite boring as well...

I didn't start drinking any kind of alcohol until I was 22, not even beer...hell, unlike most young children...I never even took those little swigs from my parents beer.

Why I ever started drinking, I've no idea...and my very first night of drinking, as I said...I drank about 20 Seagram's wine coolers. Why wine coolers, because I at first had a beer, and didn't like it. So I thought I'd try one of the new Seagram's wine coolers, well, they were new at that time...

And of course, I had to try all 6 flavors, I think there was 6...maybe it was only 4. Anyhow, I drank about 20 of these damn things...and ended up puking the whole damn night, and woke with one fuck of a hangover...and told myself...I will NEVER drink again!

Well, that only lasted until the next time I drank...a couple week later... Told you it was a boring ass story...

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Your first drink