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posted 7/5/2007 5:00:20 PM |
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tagged: sex, sex toys

This is my first bare with me. I was just sitting here thinking about sex toys (don't ask ) and I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on them. Do you see them as something that you use alone to satisfy yourself or do you see them as something to incorporate into foreplay and sex with your partner? I have always wanted to use them as a means for foreplay and possibly even during sex, but the only guy that I ever tried this with didn't get into it at all. I would like to know other people's thoughts and opinions on the subject.

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Jul 5 @ 5:07PM  
Well nw ya said don't ask but don't ya know I'm going to LOL. I think toys are great before, during and after and any other time alone or with someone.

Jul 5 @ 5:13PM  
I concur with Max!

Jul 5 @ 5:20PM  
hmmmmmmmmm, made me think of something....oh yes now I remember! never used them on myself but my oh my...had some fun with them with a curvy partner! such easy access in a 69

Jul 5 @ 5:25PM  
Sex toys are kinda like jello.... there's always room (and always time!)

Jul 5 @ 5:29PM  
my pet and i enjoy using toys to enhance our sexual play. among the favorites in the toybox are a double-headed dildo, a large and a small vibrator, a couple butt plugs, and anal beads. the double-headed dildo is something she uses when she masturbates for me - and then squirts! i also use some hand made floggers on her (and she becomes very excited about that). toys are a great adjunct to our play.

it's a purly a mindset that accepts anything that gives pleasure.


Jul 5 @ 5:37PM  
Is there ever a time NOT to use them????

Jul 5 @ 5:39PM  

I think Toys are fine anytime.....As long as I am the Sex Toy.

Jul 5 @ 5:43PM  
we love it. sex toys add a whole new aspect to sex. she loves vibrators during sex and we also enjoy dildos, only on her, filling up both holes.

Jul 5 @ 5:43PM  
Toys are GREAT anyway you look at them. Before during and after. Now II just need a nice women to use them with LOL but really do!!!!!!!!!! and to the ladies.

Jul 5 @ 5:47PM  
I luv to incorporate toys into foreplay...........makes it really fun and sometimes actually silly......I also luv to use ice.......

Jul 5 @ 6:05PM  
They can actually be pleasureable for both just have to be sure to whip 'em out on the guy like it's second nature. They always like the element of surprise. It is ultrasexy when we take charge...........try it girl, you'll love it,and so will he...........

Jul 5 @ 6:14PM  
toys are fantastic anytime matter if you're using them alone, or with your partner.....

Jul 5 @ 6:29PM  
I love sex toys be it when they are used together (before, during, after), alone, or even just watching each other. Hell I even like them when they aren’t being used, something about the smell of them just makes me smile.

Jul 5 @ 6:52PM  
I think Toys are Great Anytime!!! Now My Ex Husband didn't approve of them.....his thoughts were "what can a toy do that my cock can't?" My Answer "NOT CHEAT"!!

Jul 5 @ 7:13PM  
What ever is benificial for both parties.

Jul 5 @ 7:32PM  
his thoughts were "what can a toy do that my cock can't?

Um, satisfy?

Jul 5 @ 7:33PM  

I may have been with women that used sex toy's ,
but they never played with them when I was there...............

I believe when your with someone there's no need to use them..............
or any reason I would wan't too..........


Jul 5 @ 7:39PM  
I may have been with women that used sex toy's ,
but they never played with them when I was there...............

I believe when your with someone there's no need to use them..............

Sometimes you can't be in all places at once or you don't have enough hands...OMG!!!.....

Jul 5 @ 7:43PM  
I think toys are great at any time.

Jul 5 @ 7:53PM  
never tried that yet sounds cool it does alot of cool stuff that I couldn't do why not sounds like fun. Plus us men don't need to look at it as a threat if were involved with it

Jul 5 @ 8:28PM  
They can be fun to use as a couple..... ...Damn now i am getting ideas...

Jul 5 @ 8:39PM  
Well now I don't feel so bad, I have always thought toys were to be used at any time, before, during, after, they just use batteries and last longer than I do, lol. Free the toys, it's always frees the mind!!!!!!!

Jul 5 @ 9:57PM  
The one who dies with the most toys wins!! I agree before during after alone or with your partner toys were made with the intention of use not decoration

Jul 5 @ 11:04PM  
Toys are a girls best friends!!! Hell I have even named mine....Frank...Vic.....Bob....oh yeah....Ricardoooooooooooooooo

Jul 5 @ 11:17PM  
quit callin 'em toys....... they are like brushes to an artist or instruments to a surgeon.......with the proper use they can create something........magical......

Jul 6 @ 1:19AM  
Sure, toys are a nice addition to an encounter. Dont' give up after one negative experience. Anything that gets a woman hot is good in my book. bare with me.

Woo hoo....... naked blogging

Jul 6 @ 2:17AM  
Can I be your sex toy? You can use me anytime, and when you are finished, just put me back in my box! LOL

Jul 6 @ 2:26AM  
I like the idea of watching a woman use them in a nice

mutual masturbation scenario.

Jul 6 @ 7:32AM  
I think that using toys with your partner can just increase the fun and exploration of sex. There are so many to choose from and that's the point of being open minded and enjoying your sexuality. If your partner is not even open to the idea then I would say find another one.

Jul 6 @ 8:00AM  
Toys are great when one is alone, but to me, the few times I've tried using them with a partner, it always seems to ruin things. Men are pretty sensitive and
some will see it as a out down of their own skills.

Jul 6 @ 9:56PM  
Is handcuffs and blindfolds also concidered toys?

Jul 8 @ 5:50PM  
Toys are great! There is no other reason they were invented other that to stimulate the whole sexual experience!

Jul 19 @ 12:15PM  
Sex toys always seemed like a wonderful add-on possibility for sex. Used during or as foreplay, toys can make the event all the more fulfilling.

Hell, just going over to Todd's with your lover to peruse their selection and try to decide what toy(s) to use that night on each other can be exciting foreplay.

Jul 25 @ 5:25PM  
Ive used them and she seemed to loved it.... bring em along we will play and see what you like the best!!

Aug 28 @ 6:09PM  
I LOVE using sex toys with an adventurous woman! They (dildos, vibes, etc) can be used during foreplay to bring her to orgasm a number of times before "the real thing" cums into play. It makes the whole encounter last longer...and is for me a great visual turn-on. I can't have my eyes and my cock both "down there" at the same time, but I can sure watch a dildo go in and out of her pussy...whether I am using it on her or she is using it on herself. And I love to have a dildo inside her while I'm licking her clit. I've found that most women love it too!

Oct 29 @ 3:20AM  
I like to use them with play.

sometimes its the whole play. and I'm sure you don't want to know just how crazy I get with them.

Feb 21 @ 10:28PM  
Well I have always wanted to use sex toys during sex whether it be for fore play or during sex. I had two gf in my life and both would not try it with me. But it is something I always wanted to try.

May 19 @ 8:08PM  
I have used sex toys on my partner(s); both they and I enjoyed it...

May 20 @ 2:08PM  
Since I'm alone now I use them all the time. They are great in foreplay but I've never had the opportunity to use them during. I'd like to try that. Sounds wonderful.

Jul 21 @ 5:39PM  
I'd LOVE to "bare" with you sweetie....

I'm absolutely not opposed to their appearance, the whole purpose of being naked with someone enjoying each others body having sex is to give that person a sexualy satisfying time. If a toy will get her moaning, bucking and writhing around with me I say let's play! One of the better aphrodisicacs I can think of is witnessing a woman lost in orgasm moaning and bucking in the bed with you, you just wanna keep that going as long as she'll let you, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Fukky, If you reached over and grabbed one from the bedside, I'd ask you to tell me what you liked, and we'd go from there

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