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posted 7/4/2007 5:58:00 PM |
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Something this afternoon got me thinking about past lovers and their qualities.... and I thought.... damn.... I have had some good experiences, and I have had some bad experiences, but it is the really funny ones that I thought that I would share. I figured that way when everyone is done drinking their holiday beer, they would have something to keep them entertained....ENJOY!!!!!.....

Guy #1 - He owned a flowershop. I stopped by to buy flowers. Before the transaction was done, he had locked up shop and we were in the basement, and he was getting the blowjob of his life. So, everytime I needed fresh flowers, I just went and rendered my services. Does that make him a blooming idiot?? (pun intended)

Guy #2 - I worked at a grocery store. My favorite manager was getting transfered to another store. I stayed late at work that night, and when everyone else had gone home, we fucked right on the breakroom table!! After that, I could never eat at that table without smiling!

Guy#3 - I went to shop for a car. The salesman came out onto the lot and introduced himself. I am thinking that it was probably the best test drive that I have ever taken! So good, that I ended up marrying the man! Now I wonder if he made commission on that sale.....

Guy #4 - One night I was out at a beach party. I was getting bored of my boyfriend, so I told him that I wasn't going out that night. I hated my husband, so he was at home. My boyfriend showed up anyways, so I got him angry and then he left. His nephew then came up to me and invited me out to his truck. So, I went to his truck... fucked him silly.... but then the bastard played a game of kiss and tell. So, needless to say... I didn't have to worry about that boyfriend who was boring me anymore!!

Guy #5 - One of the best fucks I ever had I met while working in customer service. He was a customer and needed servicing.... need I say anymore?? .... actually after our little fling I found out that he was a crack addict.... no wonder he was on top of me so much!!!!!! lol!!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

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Jul 4 @ 6:20PM  
I like the way you think, hon.

Jul 4 @ 6:38PM  

Jul 4 @ 6:40PM  
While I disagree with her use of her sexuality, I am glad she enjoys it.

We have too many stuck up prigs in this country. I know, I'm one of them

Jul 4 @ 6:45PM  
Revenant.... thank you! A kudos to you. I like the fact that even though you don't agree with my sexuality, that you can be open enough to see it for what it is!

AshleyDawn420 - as I told someone else on an earlier blog.... you are too young to be thinking that you got the whole freakin' world figured out. Come and see me in about 10 years when you have lived life a little, and then we can talk about your views.... oopss... but I don't mind your comment.... being called a whore actually turns me on!!!!! lol!!!!

Jul 4 @ 6:50PM  

Jul 5 @ 12:49AM  
Now to be a whore dont you have to get paid? To ME you sound more like a total fucking slut... Now soon you may get the chance to become a real life whore; because I know a LOT of guys with plenty of money and not a thing to spend it on...So in honor of you being the best example of the freedoms we have in America; I am going to start an official Hopon Fund! To be used for the moral of all.. Thank you young lady for yet anouther GREAT blog!

Jul 5 @ 1:24AM  
"Does that make him a blooming idiot?? "
No! No! No! It just means that you're a blooming whore!!

Jul 5 @ 2:02AM  
Well to steal a line from some one else Jesus Christ in a side car so she fucked five men you pretentious self serving idiots SO WHAT?? SHES 33 yrs old, what did you expect a virgin? Did she say she did all of these guys in the same fucking day? ANd who the hell are you to judge her anyways. Dont like what she says move on to another fucking blog easy as that!!!! I may not necessarily agree or disagree with her choice of lifestyle but she has as much right to be here AND TO FUCKING BLOG ABOUT IT as anyone else. I cant believe the self righteous ppl thinking they are so much better than everyone else. TAKE NOTE:: YOUR ON A FUCKING SEX SITE!!!

Jul 5 @ 2:08AM  
Now to be a whore dont you have to get paid?
Nope, that would be prostitutes.
I'm not that young, and I've seen alot of life in my 44 years. Where I come from (Dallas btw, not bf boonies MO) if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and fucks like a duck..........well then it must be a duck!


Jul 5 @ 3:29AM  
Well,if it hasn't hurt anyone,who are we to say?At least she had fun,so there.

Jul 5 @ 6:56AM  
WOW! Some of the people on here are amazing...To be able to take the fun out of a SEX site! You know; myspace is just a click away...And they have all sorts of filters you can use so you will not meet the "wrong" type of people. To be fair to the people who can actually read on here; a SLUT is sexually promiscuous, a WHORE has sexual intercourse for money. BOTH can be used to referance a prostitute! OK...Then if we use that definition; Hopon is neither...That is until after Jan...After THAT she will be very satisfied, a little richer...And a LOT of soldiers will have had the time of there lives!

Jul 5 @ 1:06PM  
If ya asks me......yeah ya didnt.....but, I think we're just tired of having to reply to

your cunt......can we talk to yer tits for a while??

Jul 5 @ 6:13PM  
To inwoodnow......start that fund baby! I will give you all the time of your lives... we can start with some beers, some lapdances, some bj's, and then for the grande finale a gangbang!!!! Start rounding them up honey.........

To looking4fun and lunanegra...... you are right.... I haven't hurt anyone,... but oops.... I thought that I was still a virgin... lol!!!! .... thanks for letting everyone know that I can fuck if I want to!!!!! I appreciate your support...

To ashinatrix..... sure.... I can remove my pussee pic...although it is a nice one so I have been told ..... at your request, I will change my profile pic to show off my titties!!!!........

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