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You Are Not Allowed To Comment?

posted 7/4/2007 3:22:02 PM |
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What is it with you CHICKEN SHIT PEOPLE not allowing comments from everyone? To the others who don't approve decent comments after I write them, you can go to hell too, you pick and choose people, you know who you are.

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You Are Not Allowed To Comment?
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Jul 4 @ 3:26PM  
Well at least he didn't call the blog Loveyoulongtime2!!! He won't let me comment either the cowardly bastard!!

Jul 4 @ 3:28PM  
He's changed his settings, I'm guessing he's someone with a double profile as Dayna suggested.

Jul 4 @ 3:29PM  
i don't care if they don't approve me but when they won't allow me.......that pisses me off.......

Jul 4 @ 3:34PM  
Personally i think this guy is a closet homo fantasizing about have about a 9" cock shoved in his ass and he is jealous women here can get cock anytime they want and he cant. Further, i believe, that he is pissed at you men because you dont want to fuck him in the ass. Just my opinion.

Jul 4 @ 3:36PM  
Jackass deleted all the comments on his blogs

Guess he can't take the truth?

Jul 4 @ 3:38PM  
now I know why I loveyoulongtime Soooo glad you didnt leave

Jul 4 @ 3:38PM  
I don't care if someone deletes my commen't if it's nasty, probably would be a good thing for my benefit, but I don't remember posting anything that bad. This blog is about as nasty as I get.

Jul 4 @ 3:39PM  
OH PK, mommy told him too. YOu know losers like that usually still live with mommy, never had a girl friend, and only interaction with ppl is being nasty. Pent up frustrated He-virgin!!!

Jul 4 @ 3:39PM  
he deleted 2 blogs too......i reported them before he did......don't know if they will be able to see them though........

Jul 4 @ 3:41PM  

Jul 4 @ 3:45PM  
He just created a new blog thinks this is bothering us.

Jul 4 @ 3:49PM  
I told this to Boot and Peach yesterday -stop picking on me and that includes all of you.

Jul 4 @ 3:50PM  
His new blog...........
to rile up bunch of women that set at computers all day and get the blood boling in them so fun so keep sending coments we know who you are the real women do not have time for this lol
allow me to translate.........

gawd!!!! where do I begin????!!!!!


Jul 4 @ 3:53PM  
Ok, for just this once Bentan maybe right, just step over the pile of shit and eventually it will dry up and blow away. Ok Ben didn't say it that way's a southern translation doncha know!

Jul 4 @ 4:02PM  
He's 54 and hasnt decided if he wants kids yet!!! Aint got much time buddy!!!!!!

Jul 4 @ 4:03PM  
just step over the pile of shit
But sometimes I like to crush the pile of shit with my boots.......

Jul 4 @ 4:05PM  
Fuck boy changed his essay too late hes already been reported

Jul 4 @ 4:19PM  
He's got a blog about me now........I just love being attacked by a man!!!!!

Jul 4 @ 4:32PM  
Gee he ain't the only one that doesn't allow comment;you know who you are!!!

Jul 4 @ 4:49PM  
I have my settings to auto approve comments. However, some folks has written to me saying they are "not allowed" to post. As far as I can tell I don't have any preferences for this. If there is one and I am missing it please alert me so I can change it.

Jul 4 @ 4:54PM  
Generally speaking... 'Not allowed to post" means "This user has blocked you"

Oddly enough the delusional cunt who has me blocked has commented on my blogs since she blocked me so I know she's still reading what I have to say.

Jul 4 @ 5:03PM  
Personally i think this guy is a closet homo fantasizing about have about a 9" cock shoved in his ass and he is jealous women here can get cock anytime they want and he cant. Further, i believe, that he is pissed at you men because you dont want to fuck him in the ass. Just my opinion.

well being the gentleman i am ..........i OFFERED........

Jul 4 @ 5:12PM  
I agree LOVE

If you're gonna pick and choice, why the fuck do you blog? Let everyone have their opinions and if you don't like it, deal with it!!


Jul 4 @ 5:17PM  
I'm with ya, if you can't take it, don't make it.

Jul 4 @ 5:21PM  
Grabs a and a lounge chair and sits back and watchs the bashin....

Jul 4 @ 5:44PM  
I vote BF as having the coolest animal picture. Wait ... this is not the Animal Planet photo contest?

Heh ... anyway, holidays and weekends are prime time for troublemakers to wage guerrilla warfare. No one to delete their sorry asses for a day or two.

Jul 7 @ 11:51PM  
Don't be so harsh. It seems my blogs have the same issue with some people. My settings are correct and STILL some folks get the "not allowed to comment"

May 18 @ 4:00AM  
Tell us how you really feel, Kari!

May 18 @ 8:36AM  
Sometimes it doesn't matter how often you adjust your settings on this site. They still won't "allow" people to post.

Nice to see the hating continues on

May 18 @ 10:06AM  
Really? This shit happens, this guy came to my space to find me bcuz he said my profile wouldn't allow him to send me any email and nobody is blocked on my settings!
Oh and blocking people from commenting is just a childish game people play, the best thing to do is say fuck it and go around to every blog but that's person's and comment! That's what I did because some asshole did the same thing to me, but he sent me an email saying "I don't like you, so you are blocked... how do like that" I don't even know why this dude didn't like me, but I took the attitude of fine I won't comment on yours just everyone elses!

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You Are Not Allowed To Comment?