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Does anyone ever read the comments on blogs???

posted 7/2/2007 8:54:52 PM |
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It's not a new thing I know, but come on, does anybody ever read the comments made to a blog before they post their own little bit of insight?? Prime example is the hot attention blog of the afternoon, by our little multiple personality gal from down south, oh wait allegedly a male wrote it, yeah and pigs have wings too. But back to my little question at hand, there are lots of comments alluding to the fact that we know it's her in drag, and suddenly in the middle of them there'll be a gallant stand made by someone telling the imaginary husband "what a no good he is"! C'mon, read comments folks! They're fun, they'll make ya laugh, make ya smile, maybe even piss ya off, sometimes depending upon the blog they might make you cry or sit up and think about something, but keep in mind someone took the time to post the comment, the blog writer may have even had to take the time to approve the take a minute or so and read them! You might actually enjoy yourself! Just my own little insight.

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Does anyone ever read the comments on blogs???
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Jul 2 @ 8:58PM  
I normally do..

Jul 2 @ 8:59PM  
and it's appreciated Veeruinus! It always shows in your comments too.

Jul 2 @ 9:03PM  
Yes, I usually read them. One thing to consider........ check the time stamp. When I saw your blog, there was no comments. By the time I clicked on it there were already 2. By the time I post this, it will be interesting to see if I am #3..... or how far down the page.
I'm on dialup out in the country and it takes a long time for the squirel to run up to the house with the latest messages.

Jul 2 @ 9:07PM  
I always read all comments first. Mostly to see what others have had to say, but also in an attempt to not repeat something that has already been said (or to 'quote' it and then document my agreement). Often I learn as much or more from the comments as I do from the actual blog!

I also Preview my comments before I post for two reasons: one is to check for spelling/grammar errors, and the other is to scan through the comments one last time before I post (perfect example, slohand's comment got posted while I was writing this).

Perhaps AMD should move the 'Post a Comment' link to the bottom of the page. It might encourage more people to read the comments if they have to scroll past them to add their own!

Jul 2 @ 9:14PM  
scooter the comments are often times better than the blog......... but not on yours of course........

Jul 2 @ 9:17PM  
ok, slohand, I understand about slow connections I too live in the BF boonies and have to rely on dial up. I can relate to those, I mean the ones where there are more than 40 comments, the blog may have been going for hours and suddenly in the middle of it all is one stupid out of place comment that is so obvious they didn't read a single comment above their own!
Sum.....way to suck up baby!!

Jul 2 @ 9:17PM  
NO, scooter its apparent they dont read the whole blog or the comments. Sad but true maybe we should just do pictures in crayons for those who cant read or at least cant keep an attention span going on long enough to read the whole thing,

Jul 2 @ 9:20PM  
Yeap, I always read the posts. But I have to agree, sometimes by the time mine gets posted there is already one or twp before it. Damn

[QUOTE]but not on yours of course[QUOTE]

What're you sayin Sum, they are on mine? LOL Now you know you just got yourself in a lot of trouble with a lot of women... Think you can handle it all?

And pigs do fly LBS, I saw it on a commercial...... LOL The multiple personalitites lately are just getting out of hand.

Jul 2 @ 9:23PM  
hey now Casually! don't pick on Sums, he hasn't sucked up to me in days, it was time! and that's right, we did have another little she/he last week didn't we!! Think she might have moved to Arkansas???

Jul 2 @ 9:23PM  
i read them most of the time...but sometimes i just want to answer the blogger...especially when they turn into a conversation that has nothing to do with the original point, it's easy to just skip past all all the other opinions and post my own. it has nothing to do with attention span, it's personal preference!

Jul 2 @ 9:23PM  
wow looking n i were JUST TALKIN BOUT THIS .....and nope ....apparently they don't cause they'd not post the comment..makes em' look stupid........hmmm wonder what the odds are that someone posts a comment here tonight without readin comments n yet again makin an ass of themselves...and ohhh YES i read em all or nuthin..........hell some of the comments are the real killer

Jul 2 @ 9:28PM  
One point though: they may have read the previous comments and did not agree with the theory put forth in those comments. Just because a contrary comment was posted does not necessarily mean that it was made without considering pre-existing ones.

Jul 2 @ 9:28PM  
Yeah!!!!!!!! That guy's a real piece of work aint he!!!! He's lucky he ain't........what was the question again....oh....yeah I read these here comments....

Jul 2 @ 9:30PM  
Awwwww Christ!!!!!!!!!! ben has no freakin' idea!!!!!!!!

Jul 2 @ 9:31PM  
He obviously glanced over my blog, posted his own opinion and then moved on. Ah well, he has a point about posting their own opinion, but I'm glad the rest of you know what I meant in this!

Jul 2 @ 9:32PM  
Yeap... I read the comments. Honestly, 99 times out of 100 the comments are more entertaining than the original blog was.

Jul 2 @ 9:33PM  
umm what did i say would happen??

Jul 2 @ 9:36PM  
I read thru all of the comments before I posted mine. But, normally, like Kozmik_Wave said, I want to answer the blog right then and there,so I usually post my comment and then read down the list until I get to mine.....Ya know??

So, I can see where the comments end up being redundant and I don't think most the time it's intentional.

Jul 2 @ 9:42PM  
Perhaps you read my comment and did not understand what I meant. Let me explain: I did read all the comments on your blog and on that alleged husband of ASA's blog. What I'm saying is: some of those people who responded to the husband as if he were not really ASA may have seen the theory about him being a profile originating from ASA. But ... they may not have agreed with that theory. I'm just putting forth another possible explanation for why there were comments contrarian to your theory. Not everything is necessarily explained by people not reading comments.

Jul 2 @ 9:52PM  
Good thing you're cute BEN!! LOL


Jul 2 @ 9:53PM  
No Bentan, I understood perfectly what you were saying. And yes you have your right to have a differing opinion than mine or anyone else's on here. I was speaking of comments that are so oblivious to any comments above them or even the blog itself for that matter, that you know just by reading them, that it's not a case of differing opinion, but of inattention to any previous comments posted.

Jul 2 @ 9:55PM  
Just for the record ... I agree with you that many don't read comments. I was, as usual, considering the more esoteric possibilities. Zena c'mere!

Jul 2 @ 9:56PM  
I'm more like Sunshine...sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on my mood, depends on the blog.

Jul 2 @ 10:43PM  

When ever I read a blog or comment on it.
I like to read everything pertaining to that
blog including comments. That's the only
decent thing to do.

kudo darling.

Jul 2 @ 11:31PM  
Yaa...ya see what I mean? Nasa didn't design panties for normal use...oh shit....sorry....wrong blog

Jul 3 @ 11:40AM  
hey ladyboots. where did holly go? did you have her banned?

Jul 3 @ 3:01PM  
Featherone, just a gentle reminder that your question is however in answer.....hmmmm I would have thought you would know where she was as she was your best friend.

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Does anyone ever read the comments on blogs???