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A bumper sticker slogan?

posted 7/1/2007 10:39:13 AM |
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I hope, because of the e mails being lost, most of us have had a chance to glance at the news. Do you see what has been happening in England and Scotland?
We are at war with terrorist.
We also have a politican saying the "WAR ON TERROR" is a bumper sticker slogan.
Now before all of you who don't want to admit it and say "IT's All Bush Fault" allow me to remind you that Bush is not is Glascoe, Scotland.
Hopefully our intelligence will protect the nation over the 4th of July Holiday. To my knowledge no one was killed in Great Britain. That is a good thing.

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Jul 1 @ 11:02AM  
They did find 2 car bombs this week in London. Put all of Great Britian on "high alert".

As for the "war on terror"... Sorry folks but you can't declare war on feelings. I don't see anyone handing out bottles of "handy dandy fast acting long lasting instant monster repellant spray" and fuzzy bunnies so I am thinking it's a "war" that is destined to be lost.

Jul 1 @ 11:33AM  
The peopel of London will not bow to terrorism as the IRA couldn't quell their spirits and the assholes planting bombs now won't either!

Jul 1 @ 11:54AM  
the IRA couldn't quell their spirits and the assholes planting bombs now won't either!

Ain't that the God's honest truth!

Jul 1 @ 11:59AM  
Unfortunately it is going to get worse before it gets better. The fued between the Christians and the Muslims goes back at least 1000 years when the Christians decided to drive the "pagans", (or whatever they called them back then) out of the "holy land". I'm sorry to admit I don't know my history well enough to know if the Muslims came to be there by peace or by force..... but the point is..... we will not solve in a few short years what has been going on for 1000.

Whatever opinion you have on the war with Iraq, do not for one minute believe the terrorist attacks will stop when we are out of there. The attacks started years before we went there. Embassy bombings..... the attack on the Cole...... the first world trade center bombing in..... 1992 I think..... that was also intended to bring it down...... This IS a war whether we like it or not.

What can we do? Well, at least try to be somewhat aware of what goes on around you. I'm not saying you should see a conspiracy behind every 7/11.... but just a little common sense awareness.

Jul 1 @ 12:28PM  
Was there not, just recently, 4 men arrested in a New York airport, for attempting to ignite airline fuel??

Jul 2 @ 8:29AM  
You know, I completely agree that there is no way to "win" this kind of "war"...

I also agree that things won't change after we leave the Middle East, because they have enough problems there, and enough people (beside themselves) to blame things on, so there will always be someone wanting to blame the U.S. for things.


What we need to do is to make everyone in the world so desperately terrified of what WE are going to do if they attack us, so they won't ever attack us again. Since they don't really care about our religious base in the US, why should we care about theirs? I believe that we ought to select one town in Iraq where the insurgents are hiding out, and give them 12 hours warning that the entire city and every building in it will be sprayed with pig fat. If they raise a hue and cry about it, we can tell them that's too bad. As soon as they turn over the insurgents, we'll stop spraying the countryside with pig fat. We should tell them that the next American serviceman or woman that even so much as gets a splinter, we will cover a whole city with a layer of pork grease. And every time they retaliate, we'll do another one. If there are any "Muslim terrorist attacks" anywhere in the world, we're going to cover a mosque with pig guts. Hit them where it hurts. They don't care if they die, they're going to get their 72 virgins when they get there. But if they think for a nanosecond that since they touched a pork product, that will prevent them from getting to heaven" then take away their weapon, and use it against them.

The time for playing nice is over. We gave them a chance to stand up on their hind feet and take care of themselves, and what did they do with it? They turned everything to be our fault. Well, it's neither here nor there why we are in Iraq, but since we're there, we ought to be so God-awful scary to everyone there, that no one would dare to even look crosswise at us. Because of Dubya, nobody respects the USA anymore, at least not in the Middle East, and most of Europe has this attitude of disdain for Americans, so if they already don't like us, what do we care? Do they send us money when we have a natural disaster? No. Do we send them money when they do? You bet. What's wrong with that picture?

Jul 2 @ 7:19PM  
Mick I realize this is all very important and yes I realize that I should be watching it with baited breath, absorbing every single minute of CNN that I can. But speaking for myself, my job is a slap of reality in my face every single day. I sat today through a sentencing in which a surviving victim told of every detail of the accident in which a drunk driver took the lives of her husband, their 10 yr old son and her 10 yr old neice. Of how she crawled across the highway to find her dead husband, to hold her young son in her arms as he died and of how they shipped her and her neice to the hospital in critical condition where her young neice died alone, at 10 yrs old. Then the testimony of her sister in law of how she thinks of her young daugther every single day and how she'll never get her first kiss, first date, prom, wedding or grandchild. How she thought of suicide herself after losing her daughter. Now I have to sit through all this stone faced, I can show no emotion, I have to wait until all is said and done, then I slip downstairs, sneak outside to a quite side of the building and have myself a good little cry. So when I come on here, forgive me if I'm not up on the most recent bombing, or whose ahead in the political races, I'm here for escape, to forget for a few minutes about the reality that slapped me around all day. Please don't take this wrong Mick, ya know I love ya, but you know what I go through too.

Jul 25 @ 9:34PM  
If you want to stop them from getting their 72, take a few of their people from different areas and dig a big pit. fill the pit with pigs, shoot half of them in front of the other half and put them in the pit with the dead pigs. let the others go. word will get arround.

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A bumper sticker slogan?