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Dell Technical Support Strikes AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted 6/29/2007 5:41:00 PM |
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Okay it is time to scream and scream some more... i thought that my day was actually going to go good.. what a joke to think something like that could actually happen to me today. Well the day started out at 8:15 am ( yes what an un godly hour, haven't people ever been taught that mornings are suppose to happen in the AFTERNOON?? ) that is when the dell technician that was going to fix my computer called and said that he wanted to schedule the appointment for today!! yippy dancing around the house all excited and all thinking that my computer was actually going to be fixed and then i wouldn't have any more problems with it. Well he sets the appointment for 11:30am (whooo hoooo) by the time that he is done then i will still be able to take a nap and not be awake all night long and get some sleep at a resonable hour (as most of my friends and family call it). Thinking that i have some time to kill i decide that as soon as mom drops off the dog (so i can dog sit yet another damn day) i will put a movie in and kill some time that way i don't fall back asleep. Well get part way through my movie (and mind you it is only 10:25am) the dog starts going crazy... WTF... the dog never goes crazy unless someone is near my door. So i look outside and what do i see.... it is the DELL TECH GUY!!!! Yippy i start to do my lil dance again because he was actually EARLY and not late... i am now thinking that "it really is going to be a good day" ha ha ha ha ha ha talk about the joke being on me.
Well the Dell Tech guy gets here and i tell him what the pc was doing and what all tech support had me do and what they did.... the whole time he was sitting there shaking his head in disbelief... (not a good sign) So of course since he wasn't understanding what i was meaning by the computer freezing up on me at the beginning logo i of course have to shut down the computer and re-start it... go figure the damn thing won't freeze up with the tech guy here... well finally after him going in and checking a few things and trying to update some of the drivers he restarted and low and behold the computer froze up on HIM..... yeah some actual physical proof to show the tech guy that i wasn't loosing my mind. Well he then proceeds to open the box of goodies that Dell sent to him ( mind you that this box of replacement parts is bigger then the box that the whole tower came in to begin with) the dell tech guy starts shaking his head again... and begins to wonder why they sent a new power source... (like i am going to be the one to give him the answer to that one ) he then begins to look at the innerards of my computer. seeing what all he is going to be replacing. and he sets out to replace the parts that they sent him to replace.
Mind you when he touched the video card that was in the computer he burnt his fingertips... last i knew that they weren't suppose to be that hot... but hey what do i know... i am not a "Dell Technical Support AGENT" oh before i continue.. i gotta tell you... all that they were allotting him for the job of working on my computer was an hour.
At this point he is an hour & a half into the job of fixing the POS that i paid $1800 for. he has to pretty much take everything out of the case with the exception of the power supply in order to change out the fan and the other components that they sent for repair. Well things seem to be going really smooth.... well i guess that i should have knocked on wood at that point... the new dvd rom drive that they sent me is already broken along with the wires for it!!! (mind you this was a BRAND NEW NON REFURBISHED DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
well he decides that he is going to put the old dvd drive back into my computer and put it back together and take it from there.. lord please let this work, pretty pretty please.......
he hooks all the cables back up and hits the power button.... low and behold.... the computer froze up on the logo screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i have this tech sitting here saying that i am probably going to have to need a new mother board and a new processor. talk about me getting mad
The tech decided that he was going to call dell and talk to them about the problem. Thinking that since he is a tech and has a "special" number that there isn't going to be a problem with him calling in. Well... here he goes..... and what do we get.... can we all say PERMA HOLD??? ..... and i thought that the perma hold music for the customers was bad.... let me tell ya... the music for the tech's is WORSE. he gets on the phone with the first rep..... explains to them what is going on and then is told that he needs to call the number specifically designed for the techs to call... at least he is as much of a smart ass as i am with these "agents" and tells them that was the number that he called.

oh hell dell is calling again.. will have to finish this later

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Dell Technical Support Strikes AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jun 29 @ 5:47PM  
Well i am truely amazed YOU HAD A TECHNICIAN COME TO YOUR HOUSE??? What happened to the good old days where you sent your stuff in waited 6 weeks for them to send it back to you........still not working?

Jun 30 @ 12:33AM  

hell i don't know how i got so lucky as to have a technician come to the house.. maybe it was cuz i threatened a lawsuit against them cuz the warranty that i bought includes "in home service" but believe me... it didn't do me much good

Jun 30 @ 3:54AM  
Hey, you know you can call this tech when you need one too!!!!!

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Dell Technical Support Strikes AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!