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a bad day getting worse

posted 6/28/2007 6:16:01 PM |
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tagged: dell

okay now i think that i am going to be really really pissed off..... not only has this been the last 24 hrs from hell it just doesn't seem like it is going to be getting any better for me. To begin with i decided that i needed to go and get my ass off line last night and do something to take care of the frustrated feeling that i have been having. well since i didn't have the energy to drive to kingman and have tom take care of me (which i know that he would and it would have been awesome sex) i decided that i would pull out one of my $50 strategy games that i purchased and go and kill some things on it. Well i get started on my strategy game and not even 3 minutes into the game i get the error that my video card is not responding. Getting more and more agitated by the minute i then call the wonderful company that i purchased my computer from, in order to walk through tech support with one of their reps ( who yes you guessed it is in flipping INDIA) first the rep took control of my computer and deleted the drivers for the video card then he had me get the disc for the operating system ( which i would not have but i did have enough sense to tell them when i ordered the computer that i had to have an operating system disc) he then re-installed the drivers for my video card (which was a specific upgrade to my computer). at this point the moron tech told me that the noise that my system was making (which sounds like an airplane taking off inside my tower) was because my tower needed to be vacuumed out and all that i would have to do is on the air ports in the back take the vacuum and pull the dust that was on the fans out. and that would solve that problem... well guess what... the noise is still there and if i would have to wager my guess as to what it is i would say that it is either a bearing going out in the hard drive, a bearing going out in the dvd rom drive, or a problem with the power supply. well of course these idiots from INDIA that they have doing the tech for this company that truly are not trained tech support people but that can only read from a manuscript do not understand this. now to the problem of my computer not wanting to load up.... the tech tried to claim that it was due to my printer being connected to my computer (mind you this is the printer that i purchased with the computer when i ordered the system) this insightful tech then had me unplug the usb cable for my printer from the tower and then had me re-start the computer and go in to change the bios on my system. then he tried to tell me if it keeps happening then i will need to make sure that my printer is shut off at all times. .. This idiot could not get it through his moronic mind that the printer had not even been turned on yesterday or for 3 days previous to that and it was turned on for me to print something off and then i turned the flipping printer back off again.
Well thinking that he got the problems solved the best that he could i got off the phone with him and then proceeded to try to play my $50 game again. Low and behold not even 5 minutes back into my game my computer decides that it is going to give me a "blue screen" and remember i just had this computer built to order on DEC 21, 2006. after receiving this blue screen in regards to my video card again i proceeded to call tech support back again. at this time the 2nd idiot from India took control of my computer... she then proceeded to download and install the updated driver (well that is what she told me she was doing) onto my system. well i don't know if i got the updated driver or not but from what she did i am now getting a new error on my computer.... at this point i go to her supervisor who claims that even though part of the warranty that i purchased with my computer includes in-home service that he can not send a service technician to my house in order to fix my computer since his tech support agents are screwing it up worse. after fighting on the phone with him for another 30 minutes i decided that i had enough of his excuses and his lies to me. At this time i decide that i am going to give it one more shot and take a deep breath and call these idiots again. Well i decided to call them again and low and behold i am no long in India but now i am in the Philippines ( YIPPY FOR ME~~~~) well this idiot that i am talking to i decided that i would be smart and bypass him and go directly to the supervisor thinking that hell maybe the supervisor might actually have some knowledge of computers. Well the supervisor tells me that they can fix windows xp (which is where my problem is and not only that he is going to do it in a way that i won't loose anything on my computer) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA well i walk through the steps with his little subordinate cuz he is to busy to talk me through it himself (thinking ahead i made sure that i got all of my pics at least saved back on to flash drives lord knows there is evidence there that could get me lots and lots in blackmail money.... LMAO..... pssst david that one was for you ) well he had me create 2 versions of xp on my pos dell computer.... reallly smart if i do say so myself... when the 2nd one was installed i asked him again about the error that i am continuing to have and he at that point stated that the error is not a hardware issue anymore that it is a software issue (even though they are the ones that changed the drivers and the software on my computer) and that if i wanted to trouble shoot it then i would have to call back to the department that deals with the software issue and that it will cost me to get technically support through them.... (yeah right like i am going to give this company any more of my money). Well since i was suppose to receive the call from the "executive offices" today before 5 pm and hadn't received the call yet i decided that at 4:30 that it was time for me to call them again. Come to find out the 3 morons that i talked to last night didn't update my account information from when i moved to KS , so when this person supposedly tried to call me at 1pm today they were not calling the right number...
well thinking that things are going to get better i figured that i would attempt to get onto AFF and chat with my friends.... and go figure... the day from hell continues on.... AFF is flipping down again.............
well that is dell calling again.. i will post on here what goes on with them...

hope that everyone else is having a better 24 hrs then i am....

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can someone please tell me that it won't be getting worse??
a bad day getting worse


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Jun 28 @ 8:10PM  
Welcome to Customer Disservice.

Jun 28 @ 8:52PM  
Wow!! Customer service at its best. At least they almost speak english.

Hope this cheers up your day.


Jun 28 @ 9:25PM  
i hate computers too.

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a bad day getting worse