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I just wondered

posted 6/28/2007 2:18:04 AM |
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tagged: sex, friends, women, men, longterm

when you log on here , what is it you really seek? Do most all of us hope for LTR, even though you may not admit it ....... its kinda funny when I think about this being a "sex site" probably less of that goes on than anything else.

Another thing I wonder when talking about LTR do you start making consessions right away , like he/she might have horrible spelling ,bugged ya yesterday , aww but today we can look around that and well he is 659 or so miles away but ya know we can travel ....its funny to me how easy it is to make consessions for someone you see any hope of an LTR.

Filling out a spot on the profile about what you hope to find, is really just a waste of time, cause it changes everyday ....... does it for yall??

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Jun 28 @ 2:59AM  
Depends on my mood...some days I just want to chat with people...if I'm in a bad mood I wanna read about fights and arguements...if I'm happy I just want to joke around alot....the romantic and long term realtionship mood is getting less and less...too bad...I would have been such a good I sound like I'm fishing for a pity fuck...better check my mood ring

Jun 28 @ 3:15AM  
I’m straight forward enough to just stick it in my profile and I tend to keep it fairly current. I’d copy it verbatim and paste it in but it’s almost 3am. So I’ll just say it’s about the 5th paragraph down if anyone really cares to read it… However the very short version would be no LTR right now, seeking casual relations only.

In contrast to that I’d still eventually like a LTR but not right now maybe in 2 years; you know just enough time to forget all most everything I didn’t like about the last one… hehe.. Before a LTR begins I tend to have a relative scale in which I let things slide. However with any concession it really depends to what extent am I compromising myself. I’m much more likely to let something small go then something large no matter the point in or type of relationship.

Oh and I think I tend to try to fill out all the sections in profiles..

Jun 28 @ 7:46AM  
How many come here seriously looking for anything? I come here to chat and have fun, I have no expectations other than that. So miles dont matter....

Jun 28 @ 8:45AM  
I'm not looking for anything, but yet, I want it all! Therefore I have no expectations, and in turn, I also have no let downs.

In other words, I'm not really looking for anything, or anyone. However, if someone were to come along, I'd not rule anything out.

Jun 28 @ 8:55AM  
Same as some of my friends. Not looking for anything. Just here for the blogs and say hi to friends.

Jun 28 @ 9:17AM  
When I first put up a profile on here, it was to meet guys for sex and nothing else. I have met guys, had sex and yet I am still on here. Maybe I am sub-consciously hoping to find "The One" on here. Maybe I am not satisfied with what I have found and want more.
All I know is my mood changes from day to day. One day I am looking to just chat with people and other days I am looking for a sex partner but I never am looking for LTR on here becuase I am pessimistic. I just don't think I will find my future husband on this site.


Jun 28 @ 9:19AM  
So hard, my intentions were for LTR, I've met a very nice guy who don't want a comitment but we have become friends. I'm like CC I do want it all. Just beginning to think its not going to happen

Jun 28 @ 9:32AM  
I think I've given up on any expectations of anything. Just keep in touch with friends, play in the blogs.

Jun 28 @ 10:26AM  
This is entertainment. A hook-up off the net happens,but usually from other sites.

Jun 28 @ 11:01AM  
I am upfront when a guy e-mail's me. I do want more than a one night stand.
I know most of them don't read essay's so I tell them.

First I read they profile and essay and see if it meets mine. I would like someone close to me. I don't want to travel 3000 miles to meet someone and if it didn't work out I would be stuck.

I also log on to play in the forum's. Have a little fun. Read the blogs.

Jun 28 @ 1:06PM  
I"ll be honest... I joined here 5 years ago looking for some action. Hasn't happened yet and really don't expect it to anymore. I just come for the blogs now.

Jun 28 @ 2:08PM  
First thing I look for on here is mail. I love getting mail from my friends then the bulletins and finally the blogs. I love keeping in contact with the friends I have made here and the blogs are really amusing and fun most of the time.

Jun 28 @ 2:24PM  
I assume by LTR, you mean long term. Maybe it means loving, tender, realtionships. It is very likely that I will be relocating to South Carolina within 6-7 months. Define long-term. So, I'm here for entertainment, and thanks to everyone here who has provided it .

Jun 28 @ 2:41PM  

I guess most on here know me so I will say this.
When I first come on here I was looking for love and sex both, but mostly love.
But after over six months on here. I have come to realize that is not going to happen. At least not for me. So I come on here mostly for the many wonderful
friends I have made and to read the blogs.

Jun 28 @ 3:03PM  
here's the skinny on my end with no bs...

i'm looking (ulitmately) a for a hot bisexual woman for a LTFWB...

not too much to ask is it?



Jun 28 @ 3:28PM  
I joined for a nice friends with benefits deal...if something more happened then so be it. But i am beginning to think that wont happen. The blogs are fun to read and will probably keep me hooked on here for a long time

Jun 28 @ 3:29PM  
I have found out that what I seek can not be found online and will only be found after I figure myself out if possible.

Jun 28 @ 5:47PM  
I can honestly say that I'm not looking for a long term. I've met more than one woman from this site and its been FANTASTIC.

Jun 28 @ 8:39PM  
we came on here looking for someone, by someone i mean a woman, and almost happened a couple times. now we just come on here to blog, laugh, and make friends, we are no longer looking.

Jul 25 @ 4:58PM  
great blog very well spoken I think alot about that myself I'm always open to the possiblity of a LTR but to be honest I'm kind of just winging it. Maybe some ass on the way might be fun to lol but seroiusly I have never been in a LTR relationship really I'm finding myself thinking about it alot more these days.

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I just wondered