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Well I reckon it does matter after all

posted 6/26/2007 6:33:14 PM |
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I used to think ah age is just a number too..However I have been discovering lately that yea ummmm it does matter..... I have found that our minds dont even run in the same circle, things that he/she has already done will be boring to them and still new to me.....Music is another thing...... I like a mix of newer / a bit older.... where as I find myself talking to them about music my dad liked, and yes I still like it but not as a norm....theres just a big gap I am finding from my generation to the last ..... cuddling and snuggling is nice but I think my goodness is that all ?Makes me wonder about stamina too.... I dont know the age range thats right for me anymore ...... have you found yourself wondering the same? Do you just suck it up and make out like your happy ......Do you tell him/her the truth and risk ruffling feathers?

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Jun 26 @ 6:45PM  

Your guess is as good as mine

Jun 26 @ 7:23PM  
Well,everyone is differant,yes,be truthfull,ask them what they like,or even tell them what you like,no harm in sitting together snuggling or even just side by side discussing things,honesty is always best

Jun 26 @ 7:49PM  
I keep trying to say to people "Age isn't just a number" and not just a state of mind. your the first to see that view on here that I have witnessed. I liked your points

Jun 26 @ 8:02PM  
It all depends on the age range you are referring to...a slight 'gap' is usually never a problem, until you start to widen the gap by 10 or more years, then some things change.

Widen it even more, say 20 years, and yes, I can see how people can find themselves no longer interested in the same things.

I have also found that age doesn't make that big of a difference as well...when you have both parties interested in many of the same things you are interested in, then it makes it that much mroe enjoyable for both as you appreciate the other's ideas and input on certain topics of mutual intereste and enjoyment.

I had a live-in G/F that was 20 years my junior...I was 43 and she was 24 to be precise.

We started a bit rocky, but once we 'found' each other's niche, it went pretty smoothly and I think we may have caused a small town scandal in some places we go, mainly because I was robbing the cradle so-to-speak.

Comments from people like that are never taken seriously, but I do feel those that make such comments are in fact, jealous.

I am currently attempting to begin what I hope, is a life long relationship with a gal that's 4 years older than I am.

She's highly active, has almost all the same interests and loves I have as well, and for the short time we've baan able to spend in each other's company, it's been a wonderful journey so far.

I am looking forward to 'the day' we actually finalize our relationship, it's taking a lot of time, but for me, this is the ONE that is actually worth the wait, and I've been patient for 20+ years already, what's another year or two...right?

I wish I could step it up a little, but I don't want to risk pushing her away over my immediacy wants.
I'll give her the time and space she needs to become comfortable in my presence first, and see what transpires.

Thank goodness for Email, messenger and the phone!

We talked just today, but I tied her up on the phone for a good 1/2 hour and she had to get back to work, but said we'll have to do this again tomorrow*smile*, so I know she hasn't lost interest, and if she had, I am certain she'd let me know up front as she's not the sort to beat around the bush to get to the meat of a problem or issue that needs attention...I admire her for that.

And tomorrow can't come fast enough for me...

Jun 26 @ 8:04PM  
i can relate to some degree...

finding someone at any age that i can relate to fully is quite a task. i'll settle for a few things in common and be happy with that. for this site's purposes being sexually in tune is fine with me. in the "real world", a different story.

most people in my generation that i've met are still listening to classic rock and god help them disco too. it feels like they're stuck in the past and i have a hard time relating...other than the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa my tastes have drastically changed. none of the music I listen to is EVER on the radio because it's too hip.

after traveling Europe, Scandinavia and Japan and getting turrned onto REAL dj's that actually know how to mix and sample music, (not clubby techno) it energized me beyond belief. now my cd collection varies from Austrian, German, British and American electronica dj mixes to reggae and my standby, the Dead.

another subject, sports. i have NO desire to watch or participate in any competitive games. i don't compete at work, play or any other aspect of life, just do my best and if that's not good enough, whatever! i blocked all the sports channels on my tv's using parental controls.

being a more spiritual natured person, i have no desire to own land or a house. the typical all-american dream is the farthest thing from my mind. i don't care to be rich, famous or keep up with anyone, much less the Jones's.

when you talk about stamina...well i can honestly say mine has been increasing for 30+ years...i laugh at myself when i think of my feeble attempts as a teen. having never married, my sex life has never stagnated and always progressed...have been fortunate to meet some incredible lovers and learn all i can from them. there have been very few women in my life that could outlast me.

kids...they irritate me. don't want any, don't have any, never think they're cute or humorous and no matter what people say i will never want to be around them.

an anomaly, yes...age differences don't matter to me at all other than the legaliteis of be able to relate is a wonderful thing. life is too short to pretend. i'm honest to a fault and if feathers are ruffled so be it! at least you know where you stand as do the other people in your life...they can accept you for who you are or move on.

age range? impossible to define. everyone is different depending on thier own experiences in life...some have had great teachers and benefitted from them, some have the audacity to think they have nothing more to learn.

i know this doesn't really answer your questions but i tried ;)


Jun 26 @ 8:24PM  
the truth is always the .02.......

Jun 26 @ 9:04PM  
I’ve personally found that the progressiveness of the individual and the point in which they developed majority of their persona matters more then the relative age group in which they developed it in. Loosely meaning that some people act their age, others act older or younger and still others reinvent themselves constantly… This ultimately gives you a wide range of variance, when dealing with the individual tastes and experiential differences that come out of an age gap. So if you can find a person whose core persona meshes well enough with and or otherwise enriches your own; at that point the age of person matters much less. With a few pessimistic exceptions dealing mostly with the quality of life within the relationship down the road after the body has given in to the inevitable effects of aging.

As for sucking it up, A person can only suck up so much before they start to be bogged down under the weight of a belly full of doubts and melancholy thoughts. At which point that person soon runs out of room to swallow any more of it and then are left with the hard choice to drown in the excess or starts to deal with it properly. Either way the partial or full truth has to surface at some point.

I never quite sure where to set an age range for myself; so I tend to just go with the flow and enjoy, what I can, when I can. Besides I know if I did set myself up with a hard line rule on age I’d end up breaking it just to spite myself anyway….

Jun 26 @ 9:15PM  
I don't think that i am too old or too young for you?

Jun 27 @ 12:25AM  
Star Wars..I dated someone 6 years younger than me once...she had never seen Star Wars. My entire childhood was based on Star Wars. We had nothing to talk about.

So in answer to your question. If you plan on keeping him, then you tell him...a little ruffle > a little heart ache.

If you're just casually dating...then you have fun and enjoy it while it lasts, we only get one shot at this planet.

Jun 27 @ 1:05AM  
You've heard this before I'm sure, 'age is but a bumber'. And that my friends is the absolute thruth, that's all it is, it's just a number. I've gone out with and had serious relationships (well, moderately serious relationships;) with a girl who was 25 years older, to one who was a decade younger. I chose who I was happier with and connect with the most.....(oh yeah, and who I thought was hottest, at the time;) Age had no factor in my decision....well, there was and is an age requirement (and I'm sure you know what the requirement is;), but the difference in our ages had no factor......Although when I was 21, I was dating my boss who was 47, then when was 29, I was going out with a 19 y/o. But, I didn't look at, or really give a damn what thier age was, I went out with who had was attracted to the most. But I guess subconsciously, I could have wanted to be, or missed being that age that I was attracted to; be it the mature lady, or the young lady. I don't think so, but I really don't know for sure......nor do I really care. Because if they're's on!

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Well I reckon it does matter after all