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More life in NC...

posted 6/25/2007 10:35:59 PM |
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Two things happened this week...

First of all, I mentioned before that I work in a small stained glass studio. Most of the people who work there are fact it's only me and one other woman among 10 or so men. One of the guys, Marv, is true country. He talks really fast and barely moves his mouth...and is always throwing in things like "...'n this'n'that" or "...mumma'n'diddy did..."
So, he lives with his wife, 2 daughters and various critters...couple/three dogs, buncha cats, rabbits, ferrets...ect (I know...don't want to go there!) and a 5 year old guinea pig. I know...that's what I said! Guinea pigs don't live that long! Well, he swears he's had this one for 5 years. Anyways...he called in to work on friday cuz he had to take Biggirl and Bo (2 dogs) to the vet for shots...and told the vet that the guinea pig had a "swole up butt". He'd mentioned this to me before, I told him to give the thing some olive oil in it's food. Well...the vet said to bring it in...
This conversation took about 15 minutes...while he described in detail about the toilet habits of this damned rodent! I was rolling!! Funny thing is...Marv shoots stray cats that get into his yard, but he'll probably have the vet put this guinea pig to sleep!

Second thing happened on Saturday...PK's blog on Thomas reminded me of this. I also have a demented cat...but he's not stupid. He's bi-polar. He's always hated everyone but me since I got him from one of my cousins...until I moved down here and he met Canu. He has scratched both of the kids at least once, the younger one because he (the kid) insists on trying to get the cat to like him. It just doesn't work that way. Most of the time, the cat hides when the kids are over, but now they're here for a week at a time, and he has to come in and eat once in awhile. we have a puppy! Oh...that cat despises the puppy! And the puppy is worse than the kid...determined to make that cat like him! The cat has gotten him good more than once...sending him yelping bloody murder all thru the house. Well, the cat was on the back of the couch, under a window, with the puppy running around. Cat was growling under his breath when the kid walks up and cat starts hissing. I tell kid to leave cat alone, start petting cat. Cat starts to calm down a little, then...cuz he's bi-polar...suddenly lashes out at ME! Oh hell no!! He realized too late what he did, and went tearing down into the basement, with me chasing after him screaming "you mutherfucker! I'l kick your fucking ass!!" He hid under a couch until I lifted it up and let it slam back which point he ran back upstairs and almost went thru the plate glass door. I ran after him...still cussing him up and down...opened the door and he tore out of the house. Bastard!
Three hours later, he shows back up at the door...very contrite, and of course hungry. Did I mention on top of being crazy, he's also HUGE!

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Jun 25 @ 10:41PM  
Personally, I think your cat is just desperate for some feline companionship. In the spirit of an almost 40 year old friendship with YOU... I will immediately BOX up Thomas (I may even punch a few airholes in the box) and ship him, via USPS to your fine abode. I'd tape your cat's ass shut if I were you though, Thomas doesn't seem particularly discrete as to whom he will hump. SEE!! THIS is what friends are ALL ABOUT!!!

Jun 25 @ 10:42PM  
He Sunny he needs to call into the Animal Hotline and see if they can help him, and if not ship his ass to PrincessKissys house.

Jun 25 @ 10:43PM  
Hmmm y'allzins mean ass tom cats need to come meet Abominisis.. she's ready for some company.. and she is meaner than both of em put together.

Jun 25 @ 10:47PM  
Er...have I mentioned that Lincoln SCREAMS at other cats who dare to invade his territory? Not meows, not howls...SCREAMS!!! Like a fucking fishwife! So please...keep your cats far, far away! He really doesn't like anyone except me...and Canu. That includes other cats.

Jun 25 @ 11:06PM  
Like a fucking fishwife


My Mommycat, who I had for 18 years used to scream like that, I miss her!
KittyKitty is a good cat and so cute.......Wuv him to, I am thinking of getting a persian kitty now, well someone is giving it away, but KittyKitty like his territory so we may have to do a trial run........

Jun 25 @ 11:17PM  
I so love cats like that....

Jun 26 @ 8:52AM  
fuck a goddamn cat!!!!!

Jun 26 @ 11:04AM  
your killin me here...
and your right..shootin cats but payin the vet to 'put down' the pig......

the cat? hey he/she just lets you stay in HIS/HER house

seems to be the nature of them...i had one let me stay with him for years an only scratched me once in a while

Jun 26 @ 11:32AM  
It's just a cat for chirst sakes.

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More life in NC...