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Neighbors, thugs and sleezy ho bags

posted 6/25/2007 1:01:53 PM |
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I seriously need to rant about my living situation here, so you are warned, this blog serves no purpose other than me letting off some steam. Comment or not, they are open.

Moved into an apartment complex last November, when it was pretty cold out, school was in session, so wasn’t anywhere near aware of how many kids lived here, as they were inside for the most part. (Found out come spring that there are hundreds, or at least they make the noise of hundreds of kids) Neighbors immediately next door: Mom, Dad (who is dying of brain cancer and is in basically a catatonic state, yet is at home. 16 yr old girl who has a one year old girl of her own, 14 yr old boy who seems to be the sweetest kid and whom I assume takes care of Dad and his 1 yr old niece because Mom works and his skank ass slut of a sister runs the streets with her thug friends and a boy about 8 or 9 who is trouble looking for a place to happen and is apparently deaf as well as he seems unable to speak below a full scream.

Late April, first really nice spring Sunday. My roommate has some friends over to BBQ. The slut next door and her thug friends are sitting in her rust bucket of a car, honking the horn. Now, they are parked about 15 feet from our deck, so this is highly annoying. My roommate kinda hollers over, asking them to stop, they flip him off and continue. He allows it to go on for a bit, and then goes over to the car and says basically, hey, we’re trying to talk and enjoy the day here, would you mind not honking as we can’t hear each other speak. They tell him that they don’t have to, and to fuck off. Tempers flare, and the roommate and his friend that is visiting start trading some verbal abuse, then one of the thugs announces he is gonna “go get his boys” and the situation will result in my roommate and his friend getting their asses kicked. Enter maintenance man from the complex who lives across the parking lot and can here the altercation happening. He sends the thugs on their way and tells my roommate and his friend to call the office if there are any more problems and he will take care of it again. On Monday, I get a call from the management office, that we need to come up and talk to the complex manager, because she has been made aware of what happened, and WE are in danger of being written up (3 write ups and you forfeit your lease and must move out). Roommate is working 10 hr days and is not able to get over there immediately, so I head over to find out what the scoop is. The manager tells me that the mother of one of the thugs involved has filed a complaint about my roommate calling her precious little boy a nigger. That word was never uttered by anyone involved on OUR side of the story, though it was apparently thrown around by the thugs involved. We have this threat of being written up hanging over our head for literally weeks as the thug’s mom puts off interview after interview with the Apt Mgr. Finally the matter is dropped, as the Mgr tells the mom that if the issue was true or honestly important to her, she would have made time to discuss it with the manager. In the mean time, my roommate and I register MANY complaints about the slut and the thugs hanging out in the sluts car at all hours of the day and night, blaring their ghetto music with the bass so loud that we can hear it over our televisions, with our windows closed. Finally, after weeks of this, a note is given to all residents of the complex that there is to be no hanging out in the parking lots, no loud music and that all children, residents or not are to be indoors after 9:30pm. We are thinking YES!! Finally, some relief. Not so, as the slut and thugs believe this dictate does NOT apply to them. Now, not only are we subject to their noise, which as the weather warms lasts longer and longer into the night, but they make a point of parking directly opposite our deck so as to be the most annoying they possibly can be. They are giving us threatening looks if we attempt to sit on our deck, and say very disrespectful things to us as we park near them and walk to our home. These kids will drive around the complex with one of the thugs hanging on to the windshield wipers as he lays on the hood of the car and the driver attempts to throw him off by alternately racing through and slamming on the brakes, not watching at all for the younger kids in the complex who are playing or riding their bikes. The slut and her b/f will lay on her trunk, him on top of her in broad daylight, making out while small children play nearby. I can’t believe how little respect they have for others, and especially adults!!

(to be continued on first comment)

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Jun 25 @ 1:02PM  
Today, I went in and filed a formal complaint against them, including photos taken on my cell phone, time stamped at 10:15 last night and then again at 1:20am this morning, with all of them (including the 8 yr old boy) hanging out, outside our apartment. When I walked in, the manager knew why I was there, as she had just spent approximately 30 minutes retrieving messages off the answering machine at the office, complaint after complaint about this girl and her friends. Last time we went in to complain about them, we didn’t register an official complaint, as we were told that they had already received 2 written warnings and the next warning would result in the family being forced to move out. I honestly feel for the mom, she has to work fulltime to support her kids and her dying husband, and honestly, if it were me, the last thing I would want to contemplate is being evicted from my home at this point in time. But enough is enough. We have tried to talk to the kids. We have tried to talk to the mom. Nothing has changed, except that the situation has gone from bad to worse. We pay our rent here, same as they do, and it is not fair that we are subjected to this noise and this abuse, and now are feeling intimidated by these thugs.

Am I wrong in doing what I did, given the situation with the father? What would you have done?

Jun 25 @ 1:07PM  
Poured nitromoors over the car at 4am in the morning, punched out all of it's windows and punctured all of the tyres.

Jun 25 @ 1:11PM  
Gee I'm really sorry that my making out with my slutty gf offended you,but we are into this pbulic sex fetish thing,and it's a real turn on.

Jun 25 @ 1:16PM  
Hell no your not wrong. I don't know those people but it seems to me if their children lack that much respect it is because they were never taught it. Who's fault is that? If that child has so little respect for her family to end up getting them all thrown out--I say it is their problem not yours!

Jun 25 @ 1:18PM  
First of all your title with
sleezy ho bags
scared me i thought you were writing something about me

actually because the girl is underage I would have probably contacted child services they would have had to at least check into the conduct of her and her childs welfare. But in the end the results are the same. You pay your rent and you are there to live a decent life. Its not your responsibility to make sure that they keep thier apartment, and yes its sad that they might get kicked out, but whether the mother works or not there has to be some control and adult supervision there. The father being in the state he is in needs more care than a 14 yr old can do and someone had to bring this problem to the service. Dont feel bad You probably are helping them make decisions they have been avoiding doing.

Jun 25 @ 1:18PM  
I'd have done the same as you, PK. Most definitely, but I'd have done it a lot sooner.

Jun 25 @ 1:35PM  
Hell no you aren't wrong. I think if what you did doesn't do any good then I would let Smith & Weeson do the talking. It would be good target practice and more than likely no one would miss them. Hell they may even give you the key to the city and a parade for getting rid of them.

Jun 25 @ 1:44PM  
You did exactly what you should have done.
Best Of Luck

Jun 25 @ 2:07PM  
i live in an apartment complex........listen to the same kind of crap......they just don't threaten me the office and they say they have to catch them in the lease is up next month.......moving out to a much quieter place.......i hope.......would have and have reported annoying people........

Jun 25 @ 2:13PM  
I don't think you are wrong. I have had issues at a complex I used to live at of a similar nature, and here's what I did. Call the police while they were in the act. Contact child services and leave an anonymous tip. Harass the hell out of management until they are evited or given a "hush order." I don't know if your state does hush orders, but essentially, after a noise complaint, there is a written warning that says you must be "hush" for 14 days or you will be evicted immediately.

I think you have every right to do what you're doing. Part of a lease (in my state, NE, at least), there is a clause that states you have the right to "peaceful enjoyment." Clearly these kids don't grasp this concept.

Do what you need to do.

Jun 25 @ 2:13PM  
.......moving out to a much quieter place....

Shhhhhh i told you i wasnt ready to tell anyone we were running off together


Jun 25 @ 2:15PM  
Stick to your guns on this one. If these people are thrown out it's because of themselves. I don't have to tell you how a lot of society acts today in regards to being lousy neighbors. Seems like you find that behavior everywhere anymore. I'm with you on this one. My neighborhood is pretty bad as well, but not to the point where your yours is. Mine comes and goes because a lot of the riff raft that moves in and moves out to where ya never know what trash you're getting next. Me being a homeowner and everything our property value has dropped because of morons like that. Hang in there and keep fighting back, losers like that will never win! Best of luck with your situation.

Jun 25 @ 2:37PM  
Oh I think you were probably mild compared to what I would have done! I would have not only called the apartment complex manager, but also law enforcement and Division of Family Services. The 16 yr old, while a minor can still be arrested! As for the "thugs" they probably already have juvenile records, most do. As for DFS, well someone needs to step in and take charge of the kids and Dad! I feel for the mom, but she is enabling the kids to act the way they do! Kudos to you for sticking to your guns about it!

Jun 25 @ 2:44PM  
PK if they move out send Thomas with them

Jun 25 @ 2:51PM  
That's a brilliant idea. I told her to say that.

Jun 25 @ 2:57PM  
Dont feel bad people need to learn to pay attention to their kids more. Sounds like you manager does't pay enough attention though. I used to manage apartments I would have kicked them out long ago. Just hope they go peacefully it can take 30-60 days to get an eviction through the courts sometimes longer. Watch them alot bad tenants in the process of an eviction have a habit of trashing things before they go.

Jun 25 @ 2:57PM  
I'm not sure that even Thomas deserves that.
PK, I think you were pretty easy on them.

Jun 25 @ 3:09PM  
Having helped take care of my mother while she was dying of GMB (Glioblastoma Multiforme -- Brain Cancer) I have to tell you that there's NO WAY that a kid is taking care of that man adequately. Most days it took TWO of us to deal with my mother's most basic needs adequately in the 18 months between when she was diagnosed and when she passed away.

Personally... What I would do is place TWO calls... the first to Children's protective services and the second to ADULT protective services. The children aren't being cared for and there isn't a hope in HELL that the father in this situation is being adequately cared for either. Of course I am also the EVIL witch who would check to see if the city I lived in had a noise ordinance and if so I would file a police report EVERY time that it got to be 30 minutes after whatever time the ordinance kicked in and the noise level was still unacceptable (around these parts that's 10pm for the entire county by the way so check both the city and the county ordinance).

Nope... you aren't a "bad" person... and you don't have a duty and obligation to NOT complain about the antics of the neighbors because of their assorted personal and familial problems either.

Jun 25 @ 3:12PM  
sounds like Ocean City all summer...if I could get all the rowdy disrespectful kids (and adults) thrown out in June, July and August we would have one hell of a party to celebrate. Sounds like you're doing it right!


Jun 25 @ 3:25PM  
Shhhhhh i told you i wasnt ready to tell anyone we were running off together

i said " a quieter place"..........

Jun 25 @ 4:46PM  
i said " a quieter place"..........
Oh i see how you are now!! Well that will be the last time I pet your cock for you!! SO THERE!!

Jun 25 @ 5:45PM  
i live in an apartment complex........listen to the same kind of crap......they just don't threaten me the office and they say they have to catch them in the lease is up next month.......moving out to a much quieter place.......i hope.......would have and have reported annoying people........

It is quiet at my house. No neighbors close by. The only screaming is from me when I am having the big "O"...So it is really quiet here.

Jun 25 @ 5:46PM  
How can you be so heartless??????

Here is a poor man who is going to die, his little girl is so heartbroken she went out and had an unwanted child. Her friends, who you refer to as Thugs are probably unemployeed because they are a product of our failing education system and I am guessing they are black so they have to carry the shame of having ancestors who were slaves. People who were brought to this nation, against their will, built our nation and now don't enjoy the benefits.

What we must do is have our GOVERNMENT give them MONEY. We must them to feel good about themseves. Instead of yelling at them, praise them

Let's show some compassion.
Really can't we all just get along? You are probably one of the rich white people who think you own the world. Let's raise your taxes to give them more money.I am shocked by your attitude. You really think you are royality and are better then other people.

Jun 25 @ 6:19PM  
Well Pk I dont live in apartment, but still have the same issues as you do , its not a racial issue that we have its a ,gender issue, I have girls they have boys, and we share a driveway, do you know how miserable it can be to stand and stare at them five feet away and not be able to play? OMG makes for a mightly long summer,so I put up with the crap, occassionaly have a fit , then wit now, throw in that their dog had 14 pups and how dare me and my 3 kitties not be tickled pink so anyway what I was getting at is do what you can do ,cause if folks think you are gonna back down, they will make you even more miserable, and shadows right called somebody for the man , he does not deserve to die miserably just his wife has to work .......

Jun 25 @ 6:21PM  
wth I have had so many typos its looks like a code of some sort.... I may need to call someone .......... ummmmmm Dayna is your line busy?

Jun 25 @ 6:30PM  
ummmmmm Dayna is your line busy?
Can u give me a few minutes, i have one guy on the line for phone sex oops hold on yea baby yea that feels so good and one on hold than my line should be clear tho i think Thomas is calling me about PK again but he can wait.

Jun 25 @ 6:57PM  
Hell Crissy, I would have done it long ago!!! And I would have called Children's Services!

Jun 25 @ 9:19PM  
Personally, I don't take thereats from anybody, let alone some loud mouthed kid with some attitude!

If I had some kid blasting music and honking his car horn purposly under my window, I'd force him to way or another.

I don't care if he's a kid...he's old enough to drive, he's old enough for adult court....with a broken arm or nose...his choice!

I'd walk up to him and let him know if he doesn't stop, he'll have to have his car towed away because I'd destroy it in front of him.

Take pictures, record aounds....beat that kid's ass red, sounds like he NEEDS to learn from the 'BOARD of EDUCATION'...(paddle).

Next problem for that kid is if he pulls a knife...I carry a .45...kid gets thrown to the ground, teeth busted up and he gets to be charged with felony armed assault, thanks to my digital pictures.

I'd yank his ID and copy it and use a few ty-wraps to ensure my civil arrest isn't challenged.

That kid is nothing but a criminal and must be handled like one as well.

I'd also tell the 'manager' that if they try to have me evicted, they will be sued, especially if they try to force me out before my rental period is over...breach of contract suits are easy to win.

By law, you MUST be given 30 days notice of eviction AFTER your final paid rental day, unless excessive damages have been incurred, then a five day notice to quit can be filed.

But nobody can be put to the street prior to their paid last day's rent.

If your lease is up on say, June 30, then you can NOT be evicted prior to that date, no matter what anybody told you.

Federal housing laws supercede ALL state and local laws where housing for rent is concerned.

I'd also make a call to C.P.S as well as the local PD to inform them of suspected criminal activities and give them plate numbers, pictures and anything else you feel might be useful.

Use the law in YOUR favor!

Jun 25 @ 10:13PM  
Sounds like life in Novi Meadows! Gawd...I'm so glad I moved to a nice quiet small town.
Oh...btw, call me after 7pm...or anytime on the weekends. You still got my home phone?

Jun 25 @ 10:56PM  
NO, I don't think you were wrong at all. Good luck

Jun 26 @ 12:37AM  
I am probably the only one who feels like this, but have you or any of the other people complaining thought of lending a helping hand to the family? Obviously the family is suffering, emotionally as well as financially. How does a young girl cope with her father dying before her eyes? She acts out. Mom is doing all she can to keep things afloat and could use a bit of a break I am sure.

Just my 2 cents - no more - no less.

Jun 26 @ 12:42AM  
you did the right thing,oh,make sure you write down the plate number on the sluts car,i bet if they get evicted they may break some of your windows or mess with your car,be ready

Jun 26 @ 2:01AM  
While compassion for the mother is appropriate, the kids are not helping her, and as such, the course of action you took is appropriate. Stay the course.

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Neighbors, thugs and sleezy ho bags