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Rumors, Lies and Innuendo XVI Part Two

posted 6/24/2007 8:49:32 PM |
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tagged: whig

World Champion Master and International Troll Slayer Dominus has been making quite a name 4 himself outside of AMD. He wuz spotted just last week on an episode of The Jerry Springer Show, where he had this one poor son-of-a-bitch on a leash and some naked broad whipping him with a switch. Then he popped up on Access Hollywood, where he wuz explaining 2 Pat how he just wouldn’t be able 2 make it through the day without his Chinese Meditation Techniques. Finally, I saw him on The View the next morning, where he discussed with Barbara and the ladies the joys of killing trolls, and the need 4 more chivalry in our world 2day. While onset he also showed the girls some submission techniques, which prompted Elizabeth 2 quip, “I sure wish I knew this when Rosie wuz around!” Well after that one thing led 2 another and (remember U heard it here first, people…)…that’s right…the Master of the AMD Universe himself, Dominus iz in talks with ABC about replacing Rosie O’Donnell as host of The View!!!! It’s not official yet and nothing iz set in stone, but just between U and me I think this one iz a lock!

Do U guys remember when that lady astronaut drove from Texas 2 Florida without stopping supposedly 2 kidnap and kill some other astronaut bitch? Well this reporter has discovered that that really wuzn’t what had happened at all! The main evidence against the crazy broad wuz the discovery of a bag containing a wig, sunglasses, duct tape, a taser and a bottle of liquor hidden in a nearby dumpster. She claimed she had never seen that shit B4, and now it iz starting 2 look like she may have been telling the truth! As it turns out, that dumpster sits behind a little bar there in Orlando called The Wet Spot, and that bar happens 2 be frequented by none other than Sunshine79, who uses it as a spot 2 hide the disguise she wears whenever she goes out cheating on her man, The Italian Stallion (actually the man’s name. He had it legally changed last October…), in the hopes of avoiding detection whilst doing her dirty deeds. Apparently Sunshine79 keeps the wig and glasses 2 wear whenever going out, and she keeps the duct tape liquor and taser just in case she meets Mr. Right…

I’m still trying 2 figure out what 2 say 2 totallytaboo that will convince her that the fact that I am old enough 2 be her grandfather izn’t creepy at all! I mean…look at George Burns…Look at J. Howard Marshall…Look at Michael Douglas…Nothing creepy going on there, right?

Well, folks…I have recently been able 2 verify the validity of a certain rumor which has been circulating around AMD 4 quite some time (No…not whether or not Pudge2you iz a cock smoker. But we do have a date 4 dinner and a movie this weekend, so I may have more on that next time…). It turns out that here iz some truth the rumor that the scoundrel Argit01 has convinced the lovely PrincessKissy 2 abandon American soil 4 that of the UK after their nuptials next year. I’ve been told PK agreed 2 it becuz she read somewhere that cats can’t swim, but it would appear that the logic behind this decision lies in getting the other half of the continent and a fucking ocean between PrincessKissy and myself. Personally, I think it iz kinda silly, but dixxxbitch seems 2 be backing the idea %100, and has even offered 2 buy PK a White Trash 2 English dictionary as a bon voyage gift…

Still no word from Ur favorite flasher and mine, belle1010. When we last spoke she wuz still getting settled in 2 her new place, and hadn’t yet found the time 2 send me any pictures of her pussy. Hopefully that situation will change soon, as I have the three she already sent committed 2 memory and need some new stimuli 2 get me going (especially since fucking lintroller won’t get up off of any dick pills. I ask U, what good iz it knowing a fucking doctor if he won’t hook up the pharmaceuticals? U really need 2 check Ur priorities, son…)

If tlc0766 iz planning 2 attend the Vegas Birthday Extravaganza, perhaps U can spin by Chattanooga and pick up jandoe 4 me. I’d really appreciate it! While Ur at it, maybe U guys could snatch up Blueyesprklin and bring her along as well. I’m not sure exactly where Blueyesprklin lives, but I know 4 absolutely certain that it izn’t Kentucky…

I am also hoping that Looking4ever will be able 2 find the time 2 make it 2 the Vegas Birthday Extravaganza, and while she iz at it bring her friend LadieDarkStarr with her. The two of them driving across the desert will be a lot like Thelma and Louise – the Porno… What I wouldn’t give 2 be a gas station attendant somewhere along that route…Hey – With a little luck, maybe I’ll finally get the chance 2 play Brad Pitt in the movie, instead of the other way around…

Keeping U posted


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Jun 24 @ 8:57PM  
dixxxbitch seems 2 be backing the idea %100, and has even offered 2 buy PK a White Trash 2 English dictionary as a bon voyage gift…

She's such a giver!!

Jun 25 @ 12:38AM  

Jun 27 @ 2:04PM  
i know you love me....

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Rumors, Lies and Innuendo XVI Part Two